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Is it possible to romantically love more than one person at once?

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Started: 2/14/2015 Category: People
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1) What is love? Love is a special feeling that cant be explained. Its the feeling you have for someone that you want to build with, love is the explainable feeling that gets you to do crazy things just to please that one or those you are in love with.

2) Because is such as explainable feeling that you sometimes get the feeling of liking someone or lusting someone confused with love.

3) For example or parents love us, but do they love both you and your siblings the same? No they don't though they might say they love you both equally they don't. There is always on that is loved more.

4) This feeling of confusion on weather you love two people is one of the person there are failures in marriages. Men or even women meet someone they think fit what they want in the opposite sex and you start to think about the differences you cant find in your spouse and you end up cheating leaving you spouse but with in months that relationship went down hill and guess what? You start to realize that who you truly loved is now gone and you can never get them back because you got your feeling of lust involved.

5) Just like how or mind plays many tricks on us it plays the tricks on us where we try to figure out weather or not we really love someone.

6) Some people tend to get real life confused with a fairy tale, the movies seen on TV shows people in love with two different people but if you look closely how everything happens in the long run 85% of those people do not end up with either one of those people they thought they loved because they found out little too late that they didn't love both.

7) Some people consider good sex as love it not. I ca have sex with you and say its great but that doesn't mean I am in love with you that just means I am in love with the thought that you reach my sexual needs.

8) The act of loving two people at the same time is a game set to merely confuse your mind.


1. I agree with the definition of love that my partner has brought up

2. I do not agree with premise two because how do you get confused with liking someone and lusting over someone. If you like someone its something about them that you can't explain and lusting you love their body features.

3. I disagree with premise with premise three because i believe parents love all their kids equally why would an parent rank their in how much they love them. Yes one might achieve something more than the other but an good parents loves all their kids equally.

4. I agree with premise 4 there are some cases when people love two people and weight there options but choose the wrong person.

5. I also agree with premise 5 people do play mind games in relationships

6. I don"t believe in premise 6 because people don"t really fall in love until their older and more mature everything else is puppy love which would be what my partner would call an "fairy tale".

7. I agree with the state people think good sex is love its not because when you're in love sex does play a part but its not major role in love , if you love someone and you know for sure you love them you are willing to make love with them.

Controversial:I do agree with premise 1,4,5,and 7 because they do state valid reason about how people do act in relationship"s but they do not support her as in why people can not still love two people at the same time

Non-Controversial: premise 3 is comparing how parents love their kids differently but you actually are not romantically in love with your kids. But if a parent has more than one child i'm sure they will love both of their kids the same. Premise 6 explains how people believe that relationships are fairy tales but I believe that only people that believe that an relationship would be an fairy tale would be kids because they do not know what love is. I mean think about it compare all the people you loved to your first love. I'm pretty sure it does not add up because when you thought you we"re in love the first time it was not really love.
Debate Round No. 1


2) There are plenty of times people have thought they love some one because the person who they are sleeping with makes them feel good.

3) Your parents don't love their children equally there's always on child that get the better treatment. For example your sister might get better treatment from your mom because they are closer to each other and vise versa.

4) I wasn't agreeing that you can love two people at them same time I was just saying that some get confused and think they love two people when they really just like one and they lose the one they really love.

5) Yes, people do play mind games but our mind and our hearts play tricks on us too that is why we tend to think we are in love and sometimes its not love.

6) I disagree you can fall in love at a young age, I would consider the first month of a relationship as puppy love.

- Your argument of your parents not loving their child romantically is correct but that doesn't mean both parents love their child equally.


1. Yes there are multiple examples of people being in relationship believing that they are in love with someone because the sex is great.

2. With your example with the parents not loving their kids equally because one child might be closer to one parent to the other does not necessarily mean that both parents do not love their kids the same all it means is that the child has stronger connection with that parent.

3. People do get to that point when they do love two people and get stuck trying to decide whether or not leave both of their mates. So they stay with both. I mean we are young we have our whole live to settle down with one person but while we are young who says we can't have two lovers

4. Try thinking this way , why would you you want to settle down with one person at an young age and settling down with one person for the rest of your life why not test the waters ? Experience something new with other people instead of being tied down to one person

-Your statement about people being confused about loving someone because they are sexual pleasing them is correct but this is not always the case some people just get used for sex
Debate Round No. 2


2) My example of parents not loving their children equally makes sense because it's true because you really don't love two people equally it's impossible. There's always something different between two people, even if they aren't u parents even in people we love there's always some difference.

3) When we love someone we see our selves building a future with them and if you are stuck between two people and you end up choosing the one who will build you up when your down. The other person who you thought you love is just lust nothing more.

4) Well honestly I don't think your asking the right person that question because remember I'm a female and female mature faster that boys do so while a guy isn't ready to settle down and female might be. And you saying experience something new makes you sound like one of those guys that just mess around with different girls with no intention of settling down.


1. I'm not saying that they are loving the kids for the same reasons. Of course you love people for different reason but the love you have for them equal out.

2. OK If you can see yourself with one person in the future why can't you weigh your options with another person. Just to make sure you are making the right choice. Some people don't get stuck they just play it smart and make sure they do make the right decision other"s just have someone to fall back on if their first choice does not work.

3. I agree, females to mature faster than guys but that's why females don't get across their head. Guys are young and hormones are all over the place. He does not want to be tied down he wants to expand and experience new things. And the reason he doesn't want to be committed is because he know"s if he try"s to stay committed to the female he will cheat on her. Not even just messing around with females just experiencing life you don't want to held down for the rest of your life at an young age. I'm 19 and I've been with my mate for 3 years and still counting. Do I have thoughts of being with other women yes but I'm happy where I am. It would be nice to be with her for the rest of my life but that would be a risk im taking on my life. I'm not saying guys should just mess around for girls and have sex with them and move to the next. I'm just saying be trapped under one female for the rest of your life you are missing out on life.
Debate Round No. 3


1) So your telling me you don't have a favorite cousin that you just love me that the other one ? When you have a favorite it just something in you that loves one more than the other thought we don't realize it it's true.

2) We all make mistakes and weather we like it or not we are all are humans . We are complex creatures who get confused, confused on love .. We might THINK we love someone when we don't because it was a phase . You can think you love too people and it be a phase . I think people who are in love with some and like or just some one else choose the person they love because they realize it was all a phase in the first place .

3) I think you contradict your self you agreed with me saying that you basically can't love two people at the same time. Your in love with your girlfriend so even if you were to find a girl who you like it attracts you. That would just be a phase nothing more . EXACLTY my point you can't love two people at once.

- It's impossible


1. No I do not have an favorite cousin i'm close to all my cousins and love them all equally but for different reasons. Even if I did which I don't I wouldn't want them feeling any type of way toward me because i'm extremely close to all my cousins.

2. We are humans nothing in this world tells us that we are not allowed to be in love with two people. It is your choice to do whatever you please in your life. But do know with you making certain choices in your life you could hurt someone or even yourself. But you have to be willing to put yourself and others in that position.

3. That's actually not true I am with my girlfriend and yes I have had girls that catch my eye but no I still weighed my options with an rule. The 80-20 rule which is when you will always be tempted to leave that good 80% that you know you have, thinking that you will get something better with the other 20% that you WANT. But as reality has proven, in most cases you will always end up having the 20% that you want and losing the 80% that you really need and that you already had. Now if why would I be idiotic enough to leave the 80 percent I need for the 20% I want that would not make sense at all. I'm leaving someone that I love and cant live without for a booty call. There"s no logic in that.

- Therefore it is possible to love two people at once just play it smart
Debate Round No. 4
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