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Is it wrong to keep pets? More like "Is it a sin to keep pets?"

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Started: 10/22/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Animals belong with themselves. Just imagine of a time where humans are kept as pets by aliens. It would be sad. We wouldn't know their ways. Our biological urges to act like a human will be suppressed and we will be forced to play life the way the aliens want us to. Why should a dog be with humans when it can play with it's brothers and sisters? Why should a dog be at home all alone through the day when the owners are away? Why should a dog be tied and it's movement be restricted? If pets are like family, why not just adopt an orphan human child and add him/her to your family? We have enough poor kids to take care of? Why animals? When we keep fish in a small aquarium, we restrict it's movement. Where it could be freely swimming in acres of water, we give it a few square meters of space. Why so? Some people argue that little fish might get eaten up in the ocean, and unless we humans keep it with us, they will die. I argue that it should be it's choice, than ours. It's like we decide what's best for it and ask it to shut up and play by our rules. I think it's unfair to have pets. I think we assume they like us, but we are just using them as slaves. If they could talk, I wonder what they would say. Perhaps they would unite and fight for their freedom?

I would love to hear the other side of this. I am open to changing my mind about things. I just want to hear your thoughts on this.


"Is it a sin to keep pets?" No it is not. One of the many roles that Mankind was created for was to be a guide and caretaker to the animals. If you are a bad caretaker, then I would assume that it is a sin. Being a pet owner is very similar to being a parent. You wouldn't raise a child in a unsafe environment if you had the choice (assuming you are not a bad parent).

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to safe keep every animal in the world and give it a happy life.

In a situation that we were captured and sold as pets to an alien race, I think many people will be better off. Again this is assuming the caretakers treat us kindly and lovingly. If they let us socialize with other humans, played games with us, and were just overall friendly, mankind would be living the dream. Think about it, no more murder, no more rape, you don't have to work anymore, all your needs are given to us, for just being a friend. This is a case where we would be sacrificing some freedoms for a something good. While we may be a pet put in a situation that we do not understand and dislike, sometimes we cannot see the big picture. Just like a parent may say "No" to a child-which would in turn anger the child-the parent is still doing what is best for the child. With pets, I believe this same line of thought holds true. Being a "pet" of an advanced civilization such as an Alien race would cause man-kind to become better overall. The reason for this is because those "natural biological urges" will be forced to be in check. We are suppose to keep them in check anyways because it would be sinful to just obey your urges.

In any case, I think an Alien Race "domesticating us" is unlikely because imagine how awkward that would be? The awkwardness would increase further if the aliens were humanoid, because then romantic relationships could form and that just opens up Pandora's box. I think the reason why the idea of "pets" works is because there is a hierarchy to nature. Humans are above other animals. We are suppose to be their guide and caretaker. If an alien race wanted to make us pets, they would require a level of intelligence that we cannot even imagine. If we could learn what they have learned, that would make us equals and not pets.

Of course, I do believe this topic is very circumstantial. Such as a fish in a fish tank. It could either live a very fulfilling life or be miserable. It depends on it's owner. There are thousands of situations where a pet may be miserable, I do not deny this, but there are also thousands of happy pets! Anyways, it is not being a pet that would make one miserable, it is being mistreated and isolated that would cause such sorrow.

I think the statement "using them as slaves" is also incorrect. Firstly, they would not be effective as slaves. Secondly, in the case that you are referring to mistreatment, this again depends on the owner. As such "keeping a pet" in of itself is not a sin. For example: Speaking is not a sin, but lying is. Sacrificing you life for another is not a sin, but suicide is.

As far as fairness goes, I believe it is extremely fair. As long as their owner is good to them of course. The owner raises the pet, feeds the pet, keeps the pet safe and tries to give it a good life. An owner and pet should be friends. Of course in cases with fish, they may not even understand what you are besides the weird hand that drops food. But then again, they are getting fed without needing to do anything.

I don't see how owning a pet in anyway shape or form would be sinful, unless the poor pet was mistreated. Another thing you might want to consider is: "Pets" are not a man made concept. It is an agreement between Man and Animal. A mutual respect and friendship, such as the days when the hunter would befriend the wolf. Those wolves were not domesticated, but had a win-win relationship with the humans. They hunted together and shared their food. Even if the animals were intelligent they would still remain as pet, because being a "pet" is just being apart of a certain families "herd", they are family. If the pets somehow became humanoid with intelligence on par with our own, then I believe they would be treated as equals with mankind. But at that point, they wouldn't even be the same species that we first made into pets. As I said before, there is a hierarchy which isn't something to be sad about. It is a good thing, as long as you have a good leader. Similar to how God puts rules down that we need to follow, that isn't taking away our freedom, but him telling us to CHOOSE to follow him. Choose to be apart of his family. Though I see as more as children of God rather than pets. But really a pet is just an adopted child who happens to be of another species. While that child isn't human and is lacking in intelligence, it still is a "Being" which has choices and desires of its own.

So my stance is that it is NOT wrong/sinful to be a pet owner, however, a pet owner should respect and love their pet.

I also enjoy knowing what people on different sides of a problem think. If I have missed anything I do hope you point it out to me so that my thoughts on the matter will either change or be reinforced.
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Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
Stonehe4rt's system is greatly behind. Its been a full week since my opponent didn't post their argument and it is still processing that.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
Stonehe4rt's system is greatly behind. Its been a full week since my opponent didn't post their argument and it is still processing that.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
Glad to see that you agree with me!

However, I do believe Kkab is very right IN THE SITUATION that an owner may be abusive or is neglecting the said animal. But that is a moral problem with the owner themselves rather than the concept of owning a pet.
Posted by SperoXVII 2 years ago

Some undomesticated animals develop a bond or a friendship with humanity so you cant think of it as imprisoning animals. you have to think of it as a bond between two species. And the same pets that your talking about even if not loved by the owners end of LOVING the owners. so to take us (humanity) physically away from the equation of opposite species companionship would be more of imprisonment to us. think of how a black bear, a lion and a tiger became best friends. Having pets is not taking them captive its creating a bond and thats what people like you don't understand.
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