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Is masturbation harmful or beneficial?

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Started: 6/3/2014 Category: Health
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Hello fellow debaters. In today's hyper-sexual society, most men and women have exchanged their emotional and psychological well-being for sexual gratification and pleasing of desires. Most people are taught to believe since we have sexual desires as biological based, hence it is perfectly normal to masturbate. Yet, have we ever taken upon ourselves to examine the side affects instead being dominated by our feelings?

The internet is a remarkable too, yet it is also deceptive. When people search for subjects, they pick the one that is most frequently agreed upon and forget that some subjects in search engines are optimized. Furthermore, search engines are based on popularity, not on whether the subject is truly beneficial or harmful.

There is a big myth around the web that masturbation is beneficial. It is not surprising because there is a big connection to all this: the sex industry is one of the biggest sources of economy and revenue. From magazines to tv commercials to the internet, we find sexual nudity and the use of women objectified virtually everywhere. Recall the 20th century when doctors recommended cigarettes are good for you, when now we can finally agree how detrimental it is to our health. Advertisements, tv commercials, shows and movies all portrayed cigarettes as good for you.

Let us debate on masturbation from a scientific and philosophical point of view.

Here is what I have gathered from my OWN experience based on experimentation:
(This is step by step effects of masturbation)


Following immediately after ejaculation are the side effects:
1.) a sudden sense of lost energy as time passes by after the moment of ejaculation
2.) After 30 mins to an hour, the throat gets somewhat clogged and it becomes hard to swallow your own saliva.
3.)After three to four hours it becomes apparent that the energy you had before masturbating is certainly lesser than the energy you have now. Furthermore, you feel tired as time passes.
4.) The eyes become a little dry as well as tired.

Now, these are the side effects I experienced after a single load of ejaculation. These experiences are fact to me, here's why:
1.) I do not count the days I was tired because of lack of sleep, cold or flu, etc. I ONLY count the days I had slept 8 hours, ate adequate and drank plenty(after ejaculating) and yet still experienced these side effects after ejaculation. This to make sure I am not bias to my findings and to ensure this experiment is as unbiased as possible. This allows me to be more open and to avoid confirmation bias.

Here are the side affects after ejaculating two or three times in a period immediately after the other or in a two, three or four day period:
1.) All of the findings from side effects 1-4.
2.) You start to notice your appearance is fatigue-looking as if you lack sleep.
3.) It gets harder to get up from sleep even though you have slept early and still get up late.
4.) Your lower back starts to hurt.
5.) Your metablosm increases in digestion and you get constipation.

Here is the results after ejaculating four, five or more times during a period ranging from a day to a week:
1.) Your eyes worsen in dryness and some may even see dark spots under eyes.
2.) Your lower back hurts.
3.) You look fatigued.
4.) Your metabolism increases in digestion.
5.) It gets hard waking up in the mornings up to the point it becomes apparent days or weeks you didn't masturbate were much easier to get up to. (keep in mind these observations are when I slept eight hours and I still experienced these symptoms, I do not count days I did not sleep enough)
6.) Your penis starts to get flabby and in some cases hurt.
7.) You become lazy or lazier than days you didn't masturbate.

Here is the recovery process based on ejaculation of one load:
1.) After three or four days, you experience normal patterns of sleep.
2.) Your throat no longer feels clogged.
3.) Your eyes no longer feel dry.
4.) You have more energy and can relate this energy to the period before your ejaculation (specifically in this case three or four days ago).

Here is the recovery process after two or three loads of ejaculation:
1.) After five or six days, you experience normal patterns of sleep.
2.) Your eyes are no longer dry.
3.) You feel more energetic.
4.) Your back no longer hurts.
5.) Your metabolism is not as quick as before.

Here is the recovery process(literally after the last ejaculation) after four or more loads of ejaculation:
1.) After seven days, you feel your sleeping pattern is back to normal.
1.) Your back no longer hurts.
2.) You feel extremely energetic.
3.) You feel sexual tension as well as a strong surge to masturbate.
4.) Your penis no longer hurts or is flabby.
5.) Your eyes no longer feel dryness.

Now, there is also a psychological as well as emotional toll I have experienced.

After ejaculating one, two, three, four, five or more times during a period ranging from one to a week, I experience:
1.) Nervousness, only increasing when more than one ejaculation.
2.) Interest in pornographic material only increasing per ejaculation.
3.) Imagining of naked women and sex increases up to the point of mental discomfort when ejaculation exceeds four loads.
4.) Interactions with women become weird, increasing per ejaculation.(The first thought that would come to my mind when meeting a women is picturing her naked or having sex with her)
5.) Obsessions of fetishes and extreme pornography as casual sex videos become boring. (of course, this applies in instances when I choose to continual watch pornographic material)
6.) Extreme laziness and boredom, increasing per ejaculation.
7.) Impaired judgement.( After pornography)
8.) Weak understanding and reasoning.( After pornography)

Now, I used these findings to search what doctors and scientists of our community would have to say. While many claim it is a healthy habit, they will nonetheless advise you not to exceed a certain amount of ejaculation per week. And you can search 'side effects of over-masturbating' and will find most of it can relate to my findings. However, my findings point to the fact that we shouldn't masturbate in the first place because succumbing to our desires will lead us to over masturbation. Furthermore, even one load of masturbation can cause negative side effects, so why would I masturbate just to feel 'pleasure' for a few seconds and then spend the next three to four days feeling tired and lazy?

Doctors claim it is a healthy way of getting rid of stress and tension. Yet in the long run it creates more stress as well as a big health concern. The problem is, most people don't know avoiding masturbation is not as hard as it may seem. The first two to three weeks after recovery you will feel sexual tension, but as soon as you adopt a zero tolerance policy and avoid masturbation, soon you will shift the focus of that sexual energy to more positive things. After-all, you experience that tension because of high testosterone, which your body finds unusual because you have lacked that amount due to constant masturbation. In due time, your body will adjust and get use to it.

About me: I am an unmarried male with normal patterns and no significant illness. I do not drink, smoke nor have had sexual intercourse. I have taken this study seriously. The time span of this full study was more than six years. Yet I only count the most recent as evidences, from a full previous year to recent.


To begin with, I agree, over-masturbation is not a good thing, but I would imagine it being benificial, as it prevents nightly ejaculations. (I.e. wet dreams) On another note, I am left wondering what are the unstated variables, such as what kind of job you possess. This coupled with the time you have chosen may lead to the effects you describe. I am not a doctor so I can not make any educated recommendations. I apologise for my brevity, I am not a well trained writer.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello NicholasM,

I appreciate your understanding in this topic. I try to be as unbiased as possible. Note: This is only specific to male experience of masturbation.

I work part-time only three days which involves light activity and no exercise all week. The times I have masturbated are usually at midday and NONE of them that I have chosen are days while working or immediately after.

You see, I was thinking the same thing: maybe it might be because of work or flu or sleeping late, but when you put aside all those variables and choose days that did not involve such variables, you will find masturbation indeed makes an impact, depending on how often you masturbate.

Furthermore, you get 'wet-dreams' when you harbor sexual thoughts that pass on to your dreams. Your perceptions should be the first thing to change, because that will eliminate the emotions and ease the tension you felt was causing you to masturbate. If you change your view, you will no longer get wet dreams. It is a fallacy for a person to assume he has no choice to masturbate because he cannot 'handle' the tensions. It all comes down to your mind: if you change your view, you will feel totally fine, in fact feeling healthier than before. If you dwell on sexual thoughts, expect to face a tougher challenge than, say, if you didn't dwell on them.

Now, scientifically, when you produce excessive volumes of sperm, it will be broken down by your body and its nutrients used as energy. (1)



Well as I said I am no doctor, so I don't have a full understanding of the processes involved or the after effects. I can only say what I know or have found in research. (which is inferior to your sources I must add) Furthermore, in my research I read that masturbation reduces or can stop wet dreams from occuring.
Debate Round No. 2



While doctors may know more about a subject, it is incorrect to assume we cant take it upon ourselves and understand the subject. The internet is filled with information regarding such topics, I choose the ones that are credible sources, such as educational websites or researches. I have read scholarly works, both the Pros and Cons, and based on my own experience, I have compared the two and came to a conclusion.

As a matter of fact, doing your own research in a highly organized and unbiased way may lead to a more accurate decision than a doctor's word of advice. The research, however, may take from months to years based on subject. I would write my whole research in a more constructive way like a research paper but I just want to see what others think and if they have experienced the same as I have.

I do know that not all doctors agree with the common myth 'masturbation is healthy.' Some have advised to stay away from it. Again, wet dreams only occur if you harbor sexual thoughts. If you avoid masturbation, the excessive sperm would be re-absorbed in your body and used as nutrients.

*Note: I do not believe in the myths of masturbation, such as losing hair or long nails. I only state what is the obvious based on repetitive examination of events after masturbation.


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Martley 7 years ago
Is this male specific?? It seems by reading your position it is rather male focused, and that is a shame...
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