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Is military action the only viable option for North Korea ?

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Started: 8/13/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Why don't they just use diplomatic way ? It would save million of life and prevent the destruct from warfare.


For years, the US and many other countries have been trying to make peace with North Korea. And importantly try to get the North Korean government to have peace with its own people. We are aware of what they are doing and it is horrific. It needs to be stopped. Violence shouldn't be the first option, first the US, China and all the other countries against NK should try and do things diplomatically. But the problem is that NK DOESN'T LISTEN.

NK is breaking the human rights treaty and is making people's lives a living hell. Someone has to be done - especially now they have a nuclear programme that is beginning to scare many countries. I am definitely against violence as a first resort and it's good that the US and China are trying to reason with NK. But the fact that they won't listen and instead are threatening is worrying to the countries who are trying to be reasonable.

I agree with China on this situation. China doesn't want trouble out of this and wants NK to calm down hence the trade sanctions. China is trying to solve this issue (along with the US, of course) but won't tolerate if either NK or the US strike each other. But at this rate, the fact that NK won't listen and is going around threatening Guam and the US just shows how they aren't listening. And diplomacy of course is about talking. You can't talk with somebody if you're not going to listen to them. And the US evidently won't tolerate what NK is doing.

In conclusion, I think diplomacy would be the better option where no lives are lost. But it seems like Kim Jon Un would prefer war rather than simply talking around a table to solve these problems.
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