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Is our reality artificial/stimulated?

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Started: 3/22/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I will get into specifications later as the debate goes on, For now I will just outline my main points.

1. The virtual/artificial reality ideal is a hypothesis, Maybe even being a claim. It only makes sense if you make speculations about the exponential increase in technology. It isn't really well tested for, And as for as I know there is now evidence.

2. The virtual/artificial reality idea is similar to the ideas of a multiverse. There could be one, However chances are we will never know.

3. There is no real path for us to take to investigate if we are living in a virtual reality. The only thing we can do is start a stimulated reality ourselves. It doesn't prove that we are living in a reality ourselves, And that reality is in a reality (so on). Just shows us that making a stimulated universe is in fact possible.

4. There is no empirical evidence, Just incomplete speculations.

Keep this clean, Here are the rules:

1. No flaming (this only shows that there is huge immaturity, And my opponent cannot illustrate his points).

2. No trolling

3. No logical fallacies


Hello Joshua Yoon (my contender)

Here i m, My self Debate0ts "nice to tell u".

From ur topic ! Is reality artificial or stimulated!
First i not have a clear approach towards what r u going to say here.

The words u used artificial and stimulated r not
showing repulsion to each other.

I m righting to say that the meaning of both words r here just getting me annoying to catch the main stream of the debate. (its some like puzzle to me)

Based on ur post i guess (not clear enough) i get the idea that ur talking about
Is our existence is artifical/stimulated
Or just natures rules randomness creates it.

Now i here use the term artifical/stimulated which comprehend the topic which we r talking about.

Is this what r u talking about our existence in reality is artifical or natures paradox?

If it is so then im taking sides of natures (natural reality)

I m against artificial reality's concepts.
If u fine with it then make ur move.

First u start.

( By the way i m getting fan of yours.
Ur knowledge is expandable on subject.

Be caution!
I thinks,
u r not one that freak that just seeing any reality concept movies and making ur thoughts on such )

Fine then lets get started
My contender first introduce ur self. Oh! At least u have to do just like i intro myself)

( I speak lot of crap without getting into the Topic
Sorry for that,
Next post is totally ur points counter, Make a hard stand)
Debate Round No. 1


I mean a scenario out a the Matrix, Or specifically the brain in the vat arguments/thought experiments. Or there are sentient beings that created the reality around us as we see. If you needed more clarification on the subject.

I already stated my arguments in the first round.


First i concludes that, We r living in a real world
Praticale world (not in a stimulated universe created by other)

My points r follows.

1) its a real world which we r live in, If its artificial then imaginations, Invention and discoveries won't be the part of a program run by ur imaginative stuff.

2) we can see the outer universal (by hard work not just artificial) things like black hole, Proxima stars
Don't say these things r artificial also if it u think so, Plz be a science student learner instead

3 ) if the artificiality existed, We just a creations of other being,
Then there is no proof at all for these to support ur artifact.

And at last if u and i r the creations (some kind of in stimulation)
Then how would we know we r in a stimulators ( artificial reality)

Ur turn now
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by K_Michael_Tolman 3 years ago
MY philosophy is that as long as my perception of reality continues to be self-consistent, With no evidences that it isn't, In fact, Reality, I will treat it as if it IS reality.
Besides, No solution presents itself to me as to how we would escape such a simulation if the hypothetical scenario were to be taking place, Or even a way to prove that we were in a simulation. Since everything is just our brain thinking about things that aren't there, There is no red pill that can wake us up. Nothing in the simulation will affect our real bodies (The Matrix has a lot of flaws, Ok? ).
Posted by Joshua_Yoon 3 years ago
I was hoping for a good debate, However the Pro didn't know which side he was in the first place.
Posted by melcharaz 3 years ago
philosophy gave birth to science. Asking questions without a method of observing them.

Id say our reality is indeed constructed, Not by a biological organism, But a spiritual one. And we all share it together with different lensing of the spirit.
Posted by Debate0ts 3 years ago
Physiological science ( funny)
Posted by Debate0ts 3 years ago
i finally able to post a comment

it take so, A lot to me

i do with the help of PC this time
Posted by Joshua_Yoon 3 years ago
What I mean is that what if everything around us was stimulated by other biological organisms. (aka, Lifeforms are putting us in a stimulation). This falls under the philosophical category due to the fact that its more of a thought experiment.
Posted by Debate0ts 3 years ago
Its showing some kind of error

Profanity r not allowed

But i rather not use such word in my post

Then why, The post is not accepting?
Posted by Debate0ts 3 years ago
I m here bit questions in mind?

U r talking about science stuff.
And ur such logical guy
But u choose philosophy category for this?
@Joshua Yoon
Posted by Debate0ts 3 years ago
I m here bit questions in mind?

U r talking about science stuff.
And ur such logical guy
But u choose philosophy category for this?
@Joshua Yoon
Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago

Reality is reality and therefore cannot be artificial.

Your proposition is too contradictory and therefore not debateable.

And what do you mean by stimulated?
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