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Is physics importatn to learn in highschool?

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Started: 3/12/2014 Category: Education
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First round acceptance only. 2nd we both present out arguments. 3rd and 4th rebuttals.

I will be taking the side of physics is important for a high school student to learn. Do not take into account possible fields, unless it is very generic. Have fun, good luck, and (Hungers games has rubbed off on me) may the odds be ever in your favor.


I will accept this challenge for debate. I look forward to hearing my opponent's arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


Physics, the science concerned with nature and its properties, is the reason an apple falls from a tree, a car accelerates during a turn, and every human stays on the planet unless acted upon by an outside force. Without physics, science would be more of what it was in Greek and Roman eras. A series of stories and tales to explain things like lightning, gravity, earthquakes, and projectile motion.

These things, among other things learned in a generic physics classroom, will benefit other classes. Two of these classes are Chemistry, and, while not really a science, Introduction to engineering design, Principles of Engineering, and other engineering courses. My experience from this comes from being a Freshman at the Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math Academy, or just STEM. As a freshman, our science course is Physics. Electrostatic studies and Stress Calculation are all things that are used in all three of the Engineering electives of the STEM program. We have to be able to measure how well something withstands stress, such as how far a material can be bent without breaking.

Physics doesn't just teach these subjects, it makes you understand them. You learn to think about how things are affected by outside stimuli. Without physics, things like the scanners your grocery market uses, our trips to the moon, light bulbs, cars, cellphones, DVD players, Computers, Digital cameras, MP3 players, and flatscreen TVs would be impossible.

On a side note, Physics can put the Math you learn in your Math classes into action. Give you real world scenarios. Some people wouldn't understand their Math classes if it weren't for physics. I know this from experience, as I am one of these students. I have always had trouble with Math, but the science portion of the application of these things is what helped me understand.

Physics is also important for most college degree requiring jobs. If your flipping burgers at the local McDonalds, chances are you won't need physics. I get that. But if you want to design Prosthetics, or create video games, physics is something you need to know and understand to be good at your job. I work hard at STEM, because I plan on being a Biomedical Engineer. All sorts of engineers need to understand basic physics at the least, while some fields require a more advanced knowledge of the subject.

A bachelor's degree in physics requires at least a basic know how to blow your way through. One such example of a job that requires a degree in physics is an Actuary. An actuary designs algorithms to help their employers deal with risk. The functions they derive are not based off of a simple equation. They have to create new equations each time. One such example of a actuary is Amanda Joy McDonald*. Ms. McDonald is employed by American Fidelity, for her skills in complex problem solving, synthesizing information, mathematics, 3D and 2D modeling and simulation, and data analysis. This is one of the many jobs you can learn to appreciate, and even be qualified for.

Even if you plan on running a hotel for your whole life, learning physics teaches you to think. Solving problems can be a difficult thing to do in any career path. Physics helps you develop your complex problem solving skills. If nothing else, physics teaches you a new appreciation for the world and how it works. Knowing that a ball will fall when dropped is a good thing to know, but knowing why, and being able to calculate when it will hit the ground and what types of energy will be lost from the system can help you in so many more ways



It may seem like physics is important to teach kids in high school however I think it is more of an optional thing. I am sure many of you have sat through dozens of classes that you knew were not actually going to help you with your career or daily life. This actually bothers me a lot and for many people, Physics is one of those classes.

The biggest career that uses physics is engineering by far. Most other careers don't require any physics at all. However, there are only 2 million engineers in the workforce. So physics will not be beneficial to the majority of Americans. If you are going into careers like the medical Field, Computer Programming, Teaching, or Business, physics is not very helpful.

One problem for many engineering students is that they don't have a very strong math foundation, and many others who want to be engineers do something else because of problems with math. What is really important is focusing on those basic math skills and ensuring that everyone is capable of doing precalculus by the time they graduate. In other words it is math not physics that needs focus. This critique also applies to actuarial students.

For those students who do well in math, physics can always be an option to further their education but it should not be one of those things that is a priority for everyone.

Education should also teach students life skills. Examples of things that should be taught more is computer literacy, speech, writing, and financial management. These are a lot more important than physics for most people.

Now I will address some of my opponent's arguments.

Physics is required to understanding everyday technology?
While it does help you understand how technology works physics is actually not helpful in aiding people in using it. Knowing how to use Microsoft Excel is a lot more important than understanding the code behind the program.

You see Math at Work?
While it can be fun to see math at work but I don't see how it helps people with their careers or give them life skills.

Physics Teaches you to Think?
A lot of subject teaches you to think. A good sociology, english, speech, or math class can do the same thing and give you better life skills.

Debate Round No. 2


MacDaddy98 forfeited this round.


Extend my arguments to this round.
Debate Round No. 3


MacDaddy98 forfeited this round.


Extend my arguments to this round
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MacDaddy98 7 years ago
Due to memory access violations, I will challenge you again at a later date. This is the first time Ive logged in that I could actually do anything.
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Reasons for voting decision: While I do believe physics is a necessity for high school students, it is obvious that Con wins this debate as Pro forfeited fully (bar round 2). Conduct, and argument points to Con. Also, Pro could have used way better examples for physics studies.
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