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Is religion unnecessary?

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Started: 1/10/2018 Category: Religion
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I understand that this question is based merely off of opinions and personal experiences. Nevertheless, I'm curious what others think and I figure this website reaches a wider audience.

I, myself, am not a religious person. Never really have been. I just don't understand how someone needs to believe in this being to feel fulfilled in life. Plus I've just seen religion do more harm than good overall. It might help someone individually, but I look at the big picture and religion has caused quite a lot of controversy. I don't think it's worth it to have this belief when it makes the majority unhappy. Also, I'm referring to all religion here, not just like Christianity or Islam.

Anyway, please accept or comment, I'd love to hear other sides and opinions.


I can understand your point of view that maybe religion is unnecessary. This really depends on perspective in my opinion and for a non-believer to comprehend its significance to us as a species; you have to step outside the box of the understanding that life is more diverse than one singular truth.

PRO: I just don't understand how someone needs to believe in this being to feel fulfilled in life.

CON: The same way an athlete needs to participate in a sport activity to feel fulfilled in life. It may not be your way and how you choose to spend your life but that doesn"t mean it isn"t a way for someone else. The lack of tolerance for the diversity we have as people is where understanding falls short. Should we discriminate against a person who chooses a life as an athlete verse one who chooses a life spent as an artist?

PRO: Plus I've just seen religion do more harm than good overall. It might help someone individually, but I look at the big picture and religion has caused quite a lot of controversy.

CON: Yeah it has because there are (not all)people who believe that their beliefs give them superiority over others. This applies to both believers and unbelievers alike. If a religion is not for you why would you waste any time conflicting with someone who believes in that religion? Most religions teach than building bridges with someone is more valuable than burning them. If you are truly trying to understand and educate yourself about them then this is good. The problem occurs when we ask questions just so we can speak again in hopes of displaying our superiority of reasoning over there"s. Since a religion cannot fight our battles for us, we succumb to fighting over our understanding of its teachings. To me it is really a social problem and not a religious problem.

As for people within the same theocracy; the problem is similar. Two people can look at one religion and take two entirely different things away from it. Islam for example, some Muslims practice and preach peace while other Muslims practice and preach war. This is a problem with perspectives which is individual.

Is religion the problem? No in my opinion. Take Politics for example; the same issues you listed exist in this area as well and many others. You could take religion out of the world and you would still be left with people doing more harm than good and stirring controversy over Politics.

PRO: I don't think it's worth it to have this belief when it makes the majority unhappy.

CON: I can"t say this is true. Most religious people find happiness in their beliefs as religion has a lot of coping mechanisms for the trials and tribulation everyone faces in life. Some religions are focused on therapy in a sense, like Buddhist, Hindu, and Tao. Even Christianity and Islam are meditative religions in which they are taught to place their troubles in the hands of God and allow a higher power to guide their lives. This relieves a tremendous amount of burden and stress in a person"s life as it helps them let go of issues they can"t control that a lot of people tend to hold on to.
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You actually make really good points that I wouldn't have otherwise taken into consideration. I think you're right about the athlete analogy and the superiority over others. People like having power over other people, I've noticed. You see, this is why I like hearing others beliefs and opinions. I also retract my statement about making the majority unhappy. Most people I know have found peace within religion in times of tragedy. Nevertheless, I still don't necessarily understand the need for some people, or how they go about practicing their religion. I know it's individual, but that doesn't make sense to me. Like you said with Islam, how some practice peace, some practice war. It can be so misinterpreted.


Your right each person has their own reasons for practicing religion and each religion is different in their practice of it. It"s difficult to fully understand without being religious yourself but if your open to understanding other people"s views, talk to them and ask them what makes it important to them. That is more than enough for most people to reach an understanding of each other. I have found what makes sense is that even though the things we hold important in life may be different; we all have the same feelings when it comes to important subjects in our lives.

Religion isn"t being misinterpreted. Saying to someone who practices a religion that they are misinterpreting it is the same as saying, "Their entire way of looking at life is wrong and yours is right." If you want to understand a person who is religious then listen to what they take away from their religious teaching. Islam is neither war nor peace; it"s the person who studies it that is war or peace. Religions based on Abrahamic scriptures allow each person to find themselves in those scriptures so a person seeking peace will return peace, while a person seeking war will return war.

If religion is not your way then what have you replaced it with? What do you say about spirituality? What are the principles you work to uphold? What aids you to keep your principles? When you stray from your principles, how do you reconcile your vices? Where do you look to for wisdom? Who would you say is your role model for the type of person you want to be? I"m asking and hopefully you can answer. For me, all these questions are answered with the philosophy found in religion.
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Posted by ANANIGMA 2 years ago

Posted by ANANIGMA 2 years ago
I meant to hit makes changes but hit submit by accident.


There is definitely a lot of reason to not understand it or just not want to be apart of it. Some people use it to have a sense of power over other people. My biggest turn-off towards it. Also with some religions it's an "ALL - or - NOTHING" deal which I still don't support myself. The wisdom, philosophy and historical significance are imho the most beneficial lessons religion has to offer today. There isn't much desire to learn about it when you don't buy into the mythology and dogma that overshadows that. It's a shame.
Posted by SirNoodles518 2 years ago
As a Christian, in my opinion, everyone has the right to believe in any religion they want. Religion shouldn't be forced upon someone - it should be a choice.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Religion sucks.
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