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Is science it's own form of religion?

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Started: 10/15/2017 Category: Philosophy
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I know that the question seems a bit strange, however, religion, much like science is based upon a number of beliefs. For example, when the question of how the universe was created comes up science states that by theory the big bang created the universe. Religion in itself is a theory much like science. Furthermore, one year I had a science teacher and not once during the entire unit did he say the word theory in relation to the big bang suggesting that he believed that the big bang did in fact happen; from experience, I know that religious people treat their beliefs much the same. While I understand that science is built upon facts it is also full of theories; which leads to experiments being conducted and the increase of our knowledge about the world as a result.

In simpler terms, much of science is based around theories that have not been proven yet or cannot be proven yet like religion.


The fact of the matter is, nothing can be proven true, but many things can be proven false. Don't get me wrong, I'm very religious, but I know they are different. Science deals with the observable. It has evidence that perhaps is not conclusive, should lead us to certain conclusions rather than others. Science can BECOME a religion when people begin to attribute to it what it does not say, but it is not in and of itself a religion, because the theories it puts forward can be proven wrong. Because they can be proven wrong, it is good to rely on them because it is possible to imagine a future development which changes that perspective..
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