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Is social media a positive thing?

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Started: 2/26/2014 Category: Society
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As being the 22 year old that I am, every one I know is either on Facebook or Instagram (and other websites like the sorts), or both, at least once a day. They check their status to see if they have any likes or if there are any comments on it at least once, but more likely, serval times a day. People 'stalk' other's pages to see what they're up to, maybe to see if their boyfriend or girlfriend is dating someone new, and a lot of people are obsessed. If you ask any of your friends to delete their Facebook they would refuse to do so, as if the mere though of being "disconnected" from the world would kill them. They'd be lost without it. I agree that social media is just simply taking over people's lives and they rely far too much on being liked on Facebook, having people comment on their photos, and reading up on someone before they date or be friends with them, rather than just living in the real world. I personally see a lot more negatively when it comes to social media rather than positive. If you need to get in contact with someone either call or text them. Technology is wonderful that way.


I will gladly accept this debate.

Social media definitely is the norm in modern society, and I will agree that the reliance on social media is definitely changing the way we interact with others. Along with that, it seems that the job hiring process relies on social media and breaching privacy.

The thing about it though, social media is a positive thing because it has allowed for easier, convenient, faster, and more efficient communication between friends, co-workers, business leaders, companies, artists, and politicians. Social media has allowed for expression and outreach to be used on numerous platforms that people use, and with technology advancing, social media has been able to keep up with it. Social,media has helped start/build businesses, it's allowed people to find jobs, it's been able to have people showcase their work in a portfolio-type manner without being too extreme.

Without social media, our society will likely collapse, though I think the Amish definitely are prepared for that either way.
Debate Round No. 1


While you have many valid points, I don"t believe that the majority of users today are using social media in a way that is truly beneficial. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter could be used to help promote businesses and communication, but they have quickly turned into a device that is crippling social behavior. Technology should be about making the most use out of what you are given, and social media does not quite fit into that description with how it is being used today.

A positive impact of social media would be a group of people going to see a movie and then posting their reviews about it after to their Facebook, Twitter, etc. Unfortunately, that is not what"s happening. When people leave a theater I see them instantly go to their phone to see if there are new status updates or if someone commented on that post they"ve been watching before a conversation about the film even takes place. They forget who they"re with because the world at their fingertips becomes more important to them. The amount of "likes" on a post about going to the movies is just as important as the movie itself. People are becoming so hooked on their social media life that they"re forgetting to live in their own. It teaches people to seek constant approval of others, which can become crippling if taken too far.

Social media could be a way to connect with others, but not at the expense of the people standing in front of you. While it does help people work on their businesses online, our society does not seem to know how to balance. People are great with websites and building online networks, but struggle with job interviews and being able to hold a mature and intelligent conversation while face-to-face with someone.

Social media could have been a tool, but unfortunately it has become a part of our society that many people cannot seem to function without.


"While you have many valid points, I don"t believe that the majority of users today are using social media in a way that is truly beneficial."

Well, that is your honest belief, and not something that can be truly predicted or measured. People use social media for different reasons, whether it be for contact with friends or family, or to promote an event or business. I would like you to define "a way that is truly beneficial".

Technology is there for a reason. It allows cars to move, it allows computers to process, and it allows water to come out of drinking fountains. People wiill have their own views on what it means to make the most out of it, and that"s what makes it great.

I think you have a great point about social interaction outside of social media, but the matter is, not everyone is like that. Some people have the courtesy to be engaged with their group, and some of them don"t. We cannot control that because that is based on their own personal reasons and choices. Not everyone fishes for approval or feedback, and for those who do, they either have low self esteem or just shouldn"t socialize. It"s the same thing as saying "Guns don"t kill people, people kill people" because you cannot blame one specific thing when human involvement is what makes a system, object, or piece of equipment work.

"Social media could be a way to connect with others, but not at the expense of the people standing in front of you."

Welcome to the world of introverts and extroverts, that"s just two different personalities, and that is not the fault of technology, but their own comfort. If a person has happy with a great hobby but not great social skills, that"s their own choice.

"Social media could have been a tool, but unfortunately it has become a part of our society that many people cannot seem to function without."

For a good amount of people, yes, but not everyone uses social media. Again, it"s all because of choice and not because of technology.
Debate Round No. 2


I have seen plenty of people promote events or businesses, but overall it seems that most people are using it for other purposes. Even without social media, there are other ways of promoting, some of them just as effective if not more. I have seen events on Facebook go unnoticed no matter how often the event is shared by the promoter and I have seen businesses booming because people go out there and offer discounts, promotions, and samples. Really, it just depends on the person doing the promoting, not the tool they are using.

To me, a way of using social media in a beneficial way would be to enhance social interactions, not replace it. People should be able to use Facebook to connect with old friends and meet new people, but in many ways it is just a way to avoid situations. It is one thing to message people online and have a conversation. That"s positive, but people are instead using social media while with other friends and forgetting their real world existence. There is a time for social media and a time for talking to the person in front of you, and I think that balance has yet to be found for many people.

I think your point about introverts and extroverts could definitely be valid if the people constantly posting and using social media in a negative way were introverts. From what I have seen, it is the extroverts who seek attention and constantly need to be attached to their phone. The extroverts who are the ones who are constantly out with their friends, but with their hands and eyes attached to their phones so they can check in on Facebook or Twitter.

Not everyone uses social media. I agree with you there. I"m not sure that proves your point that social media is positive. It just shows that social media is there and people can make the choice to use it or not. I"m not saying social media needs to be taken away completely. I don"t think that social media is some evil online medium. But overall I don"t see it as something to be labeled as simply positive.


To your first paragraph, yes it is true that people will use social media platforms outside of business/event promotion, and yes, we have gone years and years without social media to have businesses and events be launched with no issue. With that in mind, modern society relies on a quick, easy, and efficient way of reaching out to others compared to a one-by-one, slow process. It's sad that people seem to be more impatient nowadays because of these advances in technology and the physical human interaction in many cases seems to be lost, it doesn't mean that the aspect of social media is a positive or negative thing. It really falls on those who use social media and how they use it. That doesn't make it a good or bad thing though, because there are positives and negatives to every technological advancement.

Second paragraph, I will agree that reliance on online technology seems to interfere with outside human interaction. However, that's not everyone, and I'm sure there are people who have found a balance. Heck, some people don't even use social media at all, and that's just a choice, and the choice to take oneself away from physical interaction is not the responsibility of social media platforms, but of human choice and freedom of expression.

Third, yes it goes back to my response above. I think the label of positivity falls on those who do and don't use it. There are great things about social media, and there are bad ones. However, excluding negativity out of the question, it leaves positive things, which have already been mentioned. I think what you are looking at debating is whether or not social media is a bad influence on physical, human interaction.

I would like to thank my opponent for their time to debate, and I think we've come to a relatively neutral conclusion. Social media can be a good and bad thing, and one should not focus on a few bad apples when there's an entire system out there that can bring both pleasure and advancement.

Debate Round No. 3
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