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Is sports needed for all the people?

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Started: 12/23/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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According to my opinion sports is needed for each and every person in the world.
If sports is not there, then no can become an athlete or a sports person.
We can have an opportunity to prove ourselves in sports also.


Sports is not really needed for everybody. Not everyone likes competition or being physical. That's why we have things like exercise, so people don't have to deal with competition. Also it should be a choice whether or not to play a sport. The government shouldn't be able to make us do something like play a sport. If this was passed then it would most likely make a healthier world, but it would also make many people miserable. And personally I don't want to be miserable. So it's for these reasons that I urge a neg vote in this debate.
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