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Is swimming a sport

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Started: 2/23/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I have seen some other debates about wheather or not swimming was a sport or not, and I wanted to clear things up. Obviously swimming is a sport. There are some people who say it isn't because it's not competitive. The definition of competitive is competing with others towards the same goal. Just because nobody is physically trying to stop you from finishing your race, doesn't mean it isn't competitive. Second, some ignorant people think that it requires no mental or physical strength of any kind. In my opinion, and the opinion of anyone who has ever swam competitively, swimming is one of, if not THE hardest sport both mentally and physically. It is 98% mental. Unlike in basketbal, or football you don't have a team who can back you up. When you screw up, you only have yourself to blame. If your team loses, it can be hard to know who's fault it is. In swim, you either win or you don't. Physically, well, just look it up. You will find that swim is incredibly hard. Or you could go to a practice, but make sure there's a lifeguard standing by for when you really see how hard these practices are. Take your soccer, football, basketball, or whatever practice and then multiply the resistance in the air by two. After that, hold you breath the whole time. And right after, you get to do push-up, sit-ups, and burped for up to an additional two hours. Also, keep In mind that there is no off season. All year long, inside in the winter, outside in the summer. If after all this, you still don't believe me, PLEASE go to a mid-season swim practice and see for yourself.


first of all, swimming is not hard I can swim perfectly and I only took swimming lessons for a week.the second reason it"s not a sport is there is usually never any tournaments making it less popular.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay your first comment doesn't make any sense. Just because you CAN swim doesn't mean you know what competitive swimming really is. I could easily say that, since I can throw and catch a football, football is officially easy. You have to know how to run the ball, all the plays and stuff. Like in swim, knowing how to swim is the first step of hundreds. You said yourself you only took LESSONS for a week. First, I actually am not surprised you think swim is easy. You took lessons. The difference between swim lessons and swim practice is like the difference between apples and oranges. Both fruits, but otherwise completely different. They're both swimming, but practice is actually challenging, while learning how to swim is trying to stay above the surface and not drown. And for a week?? You think you know the full difficulty of a sport that you learned how to do for a WEEK? Try swimming on a team for years and we'll see if you change your mind. Your second argument just further proves that you have never swam. If you had been a on team, you would know that there are swim meets every other weekend. There's even a pro league! (The Arena Pro Series). Have you ever watched the olympics? If you have, there's a 95% chance you've seen swimming. Those happen every other week from age 6 to college. And, while is is surely less popular than football and basketball, that does not effect the fact that it is a sport. There is literally no reason that swimming COMPETITIVLY is not a sport.
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Posted by blagdon 2 years ago
Swimming is barely a sport and it definitely is not the hardest lol ping pong is harder than swimming
Posted by Liberals_Suck 2 years ago
It is obviously not a sport. I don't care what google tells you. It's no different than bowling and cheerleading
Posted by TheUnexaminedLife 2 years ago
Swimming is a sport for most people; for some, it is simple drowning.
Posted by enxi0101 2 years ago
Swimming IS a sport. Go look it up on Google. Google says that it is a sport
Posted by sboss18 2 years ago
If it's obvious then why are you debating it?
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