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Is the American Dream dead?

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Started: 5/8/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am here to argue that the American Dream is dead.
Con will argue that it is not.

First Post will be Acceptance.
2nd will be arguments
3rd will be counter-arguments and support.

I hope for a good debate..
Debate Round No. 1


The American Dream : " the traditional social ideals of the US, such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity. "

Why do I believe the American Dream is dead?

1 : Wealth Inequality
The Inequality of wealth is destroying Equality, Democracy, and Opportunity.
40% Of the US Population has .2% of the wealth.
1% of the Population has 34.6% of the wealth.

How does this destroy Democracy?
The Average person does not donate thousands of dollars in contributions, they simply vote.

The Recent uncapping to the amount people can donate to candidates is a sign of a dying Democracy. Allowing anyone to give as much as they want will oppress the lower classes, who cannot and do not give political Donations. The richer classes, who have money to spend can now " Donate " as much as they please.
This increases the effect of Lobbying.

Wealth Inequality worsens this. The poorer, who make up the majority do not have as strong as a voice as the Richer Classes, who have simple ways of getting their opinion heard. Ways such as Bri- Donations*, and business deals.

2: Equality
People still are not Equal in the United States.
-Gay Marriage, most of the reasons against it is Religious. It is still not yet Legalized in all states.
- Racism, against such groups like immigrants and Minorities. For this Segments I will refer to the Black Population.

As soon here, the black population does not receive the same opportunity as White people do. Poorer Neighborhoods have worse schools then richer neighborhoods. The people born in the Richer Neighborhoods have much more opportunity than the people born into the poorer ones, thanks to Education, Crime, and the effect of Drugs.

3: In General
Also to mention that Stress is a major problem.;
76% of Americans are living Paycheck to Paycheck, a nice amount of people do not have emergency money, so if a working member of the family gets injured it can be disastrous.
People are stressed, people need change. Money is one of the biggest stress causes in our country. People will break, and I am not sure if that will be good or bad..

We live in a Dream. The American Dream is just a hopeless vision. What we need is a dream we can act on together so we can solve our problems. We dream that people are equal, even though that is not the truth. The Younger generation needs to take control of their future again, so they can build the best future they can for their children.

Thank you.

Complete List of Sources;;

Side note: If the links above are broken, I apologize. They where acting weird during editing.


The American Dream : " the traditional social ideals of the US, such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity. "
The laws of America give everyone an equal chance to earn money. Whether or not they take it is their issue. If we paid everyone the same, we would be descending into communism, which worked SO well for Stalin. Also, Wikipedia is only reliable to a point, so I bet that isn't totally accurate. That graph is outdated, at 2007, seven years ago. Things change.
People are equal. Everyone is stepping up an fighting for rights. Just because not every state has legalized gay marriage doesn't mean we aren't on our way. If you wish to use the gay marriage argument, I may point out that laws don't happen overnight. Not every state will legalize at the same time. 17 states allow gay marriage, ( Six states allow civil unions (
Racism is not a problem in the USA. In fact, they, under the law, are completely equal. ( 13th and 14th amendments). The American dream deals more with the law aspect of things than individual cases. If one person says something racist it does not mean the entire country is racist.
Money is not something you get by lying on your back and having it spoon fed to you. You need to work for it. If you didn't go to college and end up working at McDonalds, then that just tells me you weren't willing to work for it.
We have come a long way as a country. We have abolished slavery, made everyone equal under the law and given everyone the same chance to run for office. Your arguments are minor road blocks, which as we speak are being removed.
Vote con!
Debate Round No. 2


( Side note, Stalin had his own form of " Communism ", called Stalinism. Hard to even call it Communism. )
( Also, 3rd time I had to re-type this one, it kept deleting itself when I left the page )

Also, the 2nd round was to post your arguments, not to counter mine. The 3rd round is the one for the counter.

Wealth Inequality
My point still stands here. Considering the growing differences of wealth between the lower classes and the richer classes. It is only getting worse. How is it reasonable that 40% of our population to have .2% of the wealth, while 1% of our population has over 34% of the wealth? This is a massive difference, one side works hard to just eat, the other could feed everyone on Earth and still live comfortably.

Civil Rights
Gay Marriage should of been legalized by the Federal Government, not State by State. Why should ones religious views oppress other peoples? But my point still stands that if this is a country for the free, then why are most states not offering a right?

Education makes a massive difference on a persons life.
There are over 1 trillion dollars of student loan debt, people just trying to get an education so they can make a better future for their families. But instead are ridden with debt for many years to come.

How are we supposed to live lives of opportunity and equality when a large chunk of our population cannot afford education.
Even the basic education we receive through paying taxes isn't the best. Poorer neighborhoods have worse education than richer ones.

This problem with education also links up with the unemployment problem.
Since the black population is generally more poor than the white population, they live in poorer neighborhoods. Where they receive worse education then the rest of us.

We do not have equal opportunity to earn money. The poorer classes receive a lower grade of education, have less funds to support going to college, and less starting assets such as stocks.

Is still around, the black minority has double that of white unemployment. Due to above education, and mistreatment.

Vote Pro, if you wish to.
Thank you.

Complete List of Sources;;
( Sorry, no pretty pictures this turn. )


Why should ones religious views...
The bill of rights guarantees Americans the right to practice their religion. This makes legalizing certain things tricky, as you can't completely disregard an entire people group, which will happen either way.

Many people cannot afford a education...
If they work hard, and pay attention in high school, they can earn scholarships and grants. You make it sound SO impossible to go to collage, but if one plays their cards right and works hard, they can get federal or college aid. The US can't afford to send every kid to college for free. Sometimes you just have to work for it.
Getting tired of this argument. It isn't because they're African American that they have less education and more unemployment. As I mentioned above, you have to work sometimes. Money doesn't just get handed to you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Crescendo 7 years ago
Not to mention America is steadily growing more Liberal, so consider yourself on the winning side. You've got nothing to worry about; at worst, the "progress" that you strive for will be delayed or stalled.
Posted by Crescendo 7 years ago
i was thinking of accepting this debate, but then I realized something:
You're a Liberal and I'm a Conservative. We would have very different definitions of the American Dream.
Posted by Disquisition 7 years ago
You need to define the american dream for this debate
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Reasons for voting decision: A tough one. I almost left everything equal. Pro argued that the dream had not been universally realized. Con made the points that it was still possible to achieve the American Dream for individuals, and it's individuals that the so-called "Dream" was generally in reference to, so by a narrow margin I give the points to Con. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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