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Is the God of the Bible Real?

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Started: 2/10/2017 Category: Religion
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Is it Possible to Determine Whether the God of the Bible is True or Not?
I would argue that it is completely possible. Does the Bible match the supposed "history of the universe"? Does it make sense? If you think so, lets debate about it and let the people decide!
1.) No personal attacks
2.) No logical fallacies. If any are found, the opponent may completely dismiss whatever argument the other side is using that included said fallacy.
3.) State all sources on the closing statement
4.) Do not put your argument on an external document with a link to it in your post.

The rounds will be structured as such:
1.) Acceptance and clarification of your position
2.) Main Argument
3.) Rebuttal
4.) Closing Statement
Good luck!


I think that the god of the Bible is real. First of all there have been things found from bible story's . They have found chariots in the jorden river. They have even found parts of the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on. Second people of all religions believe that Jesus was real and a great person. So people of all faiths agree that Jesus was a real person. I think that the god of the Bible is real
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Drcho666 for joining this debate, and I hope that we will both be able to come out of this as more enlightened people.

As stated in my opening statement, this round is for main arguments only. Next round will be for rebuttals. So, let us begin.

In this debate, I will be attacking a couple areas that I think are necessary to be proven or disproven in order to know if the God of the Bible is real.

First Contention: Jesus' Resurrection

Historically, we can determine that Jesus was indeed a real person. I will gladly admit that we have writings from multiple different secular authors talking about Jesus and his death. There is some contention about how he died, being that the Babylonian Talmud claimed he was hanged, whereas Tacitus claims that Jesus suffered the "extreme penalty" which was guessed by some historians to be crucifixion being that it was considered at the time to be the worst possible punishment one could suffer by Roman Law. However, beyond such writings, there is absolutely no historical proof whatsoever from non-Christian authors that Jesus was resurrected. The only proof we currently have is many blatant Christian authors claiming he did. Now, one may argue that this could very well be since this is because secular authors would not write about such an isolated miracle being that during that time m It would seem a much more rational explanation to claim that Christianity was nothing more than another tribe centered religion created in the Middle East by men. Any people claimed to be able to commit miracles. We can sort this out by looking at other miracles that happened during the resurrection and cross reference that with the writings of secular authors. For example, according to Matthew 27:52, after Jesus death the graves of holy men and women of God were broken open and the inhabitants came out from their tombs and walked once again among there people. Is there any historical evidence that such a huge miracle ever happened? Absolutely none; there is not even a shred of historical evidence or even a mention in any secular authors writings that such an event ever happened.

Second Contention: The Account of Genesis

Probably the most convincing argument against the existence of the God of the Bible is the book of Genesis. Looking at science, we can conclusively say that the entire creation story is completely false.

The Bible claims that the universe is around ten to seven thousand years old. It also states that all creatures on earth were created instantaneously by God in their current state. Both of these assertions are completely false when compared to what we know about the universe with modern science. First of all, science has allowed us to calculate the age of the earth and the universe. The earth has existed for around 4 billion years, and the universe itself is calculated at about 13 billion. Even the most conservative estimates about the age of the universe come nowhere close to being around only a couple thousand. Secondly, science has also helped us to conclude that humans evolved from ape-like creatures over the course of millions of years of evolution through natural selection, along with all other forms of life. If my opponent wishes to argue that either of these scientific claims are wrong, I will gladly respond to them in my rebuttal.

Final Contention: The Bible Makes No Sense

While the Bible claims to be the infallible word of God, the story in it does not make any sense whatsoever. To start off, we must understand that the Bible claims that God is omniscient and omnipotent. This is going to be important to show just how the Bible makes no sense.

The Bible follows the story of the Israelites, a small people in a tiny corner of the Middle East. Throughout the entire Bible, God seems to only really care about revealing himself to the Israelite people. He helps them out of bondage multiple times, helps them conquer neighboring tribes and kingdoms, etc. This story continues on for a couple thousand years until finally, Jesus comes to earth and reveals himself to the Jews during the period of time in which the Roman Empire rules the majority of the world. This story is absolutely absurd once you realize the fact that the entire rest of the world had their own tribes, kingdoms, and general population which had never had any contact whatsoever with Judaism until thousands of years later after the entirety of America, Asia, Northern Europe, Africa, Australia, etc. had finally been discovered. Such a belief system makes the most rational sense only if all of humanity had only lived and spread out from the Middle East. The story of the Bible would at least make more sense if when Jesus appeared, he would be born the the largest tribes and kingdoms everywhere on earth simultaneously, spreading the same doctrine. But such a thing never occured. It would seem a much more rational explanation to claim that Christianity was nothing more than another tribe centered religion created in the Middle East by men.

I would like to ask my opponent to not bother using the cosmological, teleological or morality arguments in this debate. Reason being that these arguments do not in ANY WAY prove the existence of the God of Christianity, nor the possibility of the existence of a God like the one presented in the Bible. The best that argument could hope to prove is the possibility of the existence of a Deistic type God.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Confucius1 1 year ago
Where does it say the age of the universe in the Bible? When you make these claims please post verse and chapter
Posted by LughHeim 1 year ago
I guess Pro forgot to reply?
Posted by LughHeim 1 year ago
Sidex: I hear that argument wayyyy too often. You are saying that not even a single person out of around 8 billion people on this planet do not have enough faith to commit even a single documented miracle? I hate hearing that argument, as it seems to me to be just a cop out. However, i will read over that debate you posted being it seemed to gather quite a bit of attention.
Posted by Sidex 1 year ago
I would put forth this argument:

But only makes sense if you can accept the logic of the Bible. This also can explain why we don't see miracles today, no one is faithful enough to do them. The only other possibility of why the Bible can still be true in this current day of proof by sight is that everyone could be wrong. But you need to objectify religion throughout time.
Posted by LughHeim 1 year ago
In response to SavageWalrus: I think it is important being it claims to be a book that has knowledge of the supernatural and the purpose of our very existence. Of course it would be important to make sure if it is true or not. If for nothing else than the fact that many people believe it would be best to live under a theocracy based on this book, would could potentially change the world for much worse if it would be false.
Posted by LughHeim 1 year ago
I am sorry about the wording guys, I had changed the title of this post after I made the body, and I forgot to reword the body correctly. To be specific, I am arguing that it is possible to disprove the God of the bible
Posted by SavageWalrus 1 year ago
Why would you be reading the bible if you didn't believe in God?
Posted by Confucius1 1 year ago
You are saying that its possible to prove the existence of God or it is not possible?
Posted by AmericanDeist 1 year ago
I am confused. You said "I would argue that it is completely possible." yet you chose the Con side?!
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