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Is the Godfather the best movie in cinema history

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Started: 3/14/2014 Category: Movies
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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If You want to be the Con you must have knowledge of the godfather and prove it to me in saying 4 important characters and 1 famous quote


Don aka The Godfather
Richard S. Castellano- old friend of the Godfather
Kay, she becomes major after she marries Michael

"I'm gonna make him an offer he won't refuse."
-The Godfather

I am wondering which of the these movies you have seen:
Star Wars (All Episodes)
Lord of the Rings Extended Edition
The Gladiator
300 : Both movies
Les Miserables (the newest version with Russell Crowe)
Debate Round No. 1


You do know godfather but the godfather is the best movie. I bet that you'll say that there are other movies that are better movies like good fellas, Star wars, Breakfast club, and in the cuckoo's nest, But American Film institute ranked the godfather as best movie of all times.


The burden of the Affirmative is to prove that The Godfather is better than every other cinema movie made.

The burden of the Negative is to prove there is at least one movie better or at least equal to the The Godfather. The negative does not have to give a best movie of cinema movie, the negative just needs to prove that there are better movies than the Godfather.

My First Argument is 300: Rise of the Empire

The Godfather is quite slow and it is missing several components that 300: Rise of an Empire has:

  1. Blood and Gore: In 300 they combined real Spartan tactics with awesome spinning assassin moves. Furthermore, they have ships ramming into other ships, amazing sea tactics and water on fire burning ships. The Godfather does not have enough blood and gore. In other words, it’s missing an awesome gun fight for the movie to be better than 300: Rise of an Empire

  2. Hot Girl: Every great movie needs to have that really hot girl. In 300: Rise of the Empire, Eva Green (Artemisia) is that hot girl. Who is that hot girl in The Godfather? There is none.

  3. Sex Scene: In 300: Rise of the Empire, there was a scene between Artemisia and Themistocles which allowed for several jokes later on in the movie. The Godfather is missing a scene like this.

  4. Hot Shirtless Guys: For guys it's hot girls, for girls it's the hot shirtless guys of the aewesome spartan variety! This is severally lacking in The Godfather; they may be Italian, but not shirtless.

The Godfather is missing these elements to make it better than 300: Rise of an Empire. Therefore, The Godfather is not the greatest movie in cinema history.

Good luck to my opponent and I look forward to an interesting debate.

Debate Round No. 2


The components that you are stating don't make a movie it just makes the people wish they had the people in the movie and wish they could do what the people in the movie are doing, what makes a movie is the ability to interest audience, a good story plot, and good acting and the godfather has all of that. And since your talking about components 300 doesn't have the Transformation of a a regular citizen to a Don and I think that the god father has a good gun fight's. And the godfather has bombs. Good luck to you too!!!!!!!


My answer to his rebuttal:

The components that I stated prove why the 300: Rise of the Empire is better than The Godfather.

Now I am going to show the fact that 300: Rise of the Empire has all the components my opponent put forth:

Ability to Interest the Audience: 300: Rise of the Empire uses several ways to interest the audience, such as sex, brilliant military tactics, slow motion, and amazing computers graphics as well as great acting and good story plot.

A Good Story Plot: The movie is about the Greeks uniting to defeat the Persian armada, but there are several subplots in the movie that makes it great. These includes, but not limited to, how the God-king came to be, how Themistocles became a hero of Greece and his inner battle, and, the most interesting subplot, Artemisia rise to power, her demons, and how she placed the God-king in power.

Good Acting: Eva Green is a great actor and plays her role perfectly. Sullivan Stapleton (Themistocles) also plays his role extremely well and gives a speech not heard since Independence Day.

Transformation of Character: Artemisia was a simple Greek orphan girl until she was saved by a Persian. From there she rose through the ranks to become the most powerful woman in the Persian Empire.

Gunfights: All the gunfights in The Godfather are simple hit and runs. Yes, The Godfather has bombs, but 300: Rise of an Empire has ships ramming each other and water on fire exploding the ships.

I have proved that 300 Rise of an Empire is the better than The Godfather thus making The Godfather not the best movie in cinema history.
Debate Round No. 3


I have to admit that my opponent has made very good arguments but he forget the meaning the best movie in cinema. It means that the critics love it best not the crowd or people just the critics and seeing what the movie got on rotten tomatoes I don't think it is as good as you think. It got a 42% and the godfather got a 100%, if we were talking about which movie people liked more you could have made a better argument and it would have been a better arguments by comparing different movies to the godfather. I'd like to point out that my opponent is saying the same thing twice.


ninjafifa forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


I guess that means I won and you didn't repeat the same thing two times.


ninjafifa forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by oculus_de_logica 6 years ago
Tell me, why do you need to know the Godfather to accept the debate?

I could google 4 characters and a quote within a minute but that doesn't prove anything about how much I really know....

You can debate without having knowledge of anything regarding the godfather, I can Google enough to be able to make a convincing case without ever having seen the film
Posted by YYW 6 years ago
No. That would be sharknado.
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