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Is the Universe Infinitely Large

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Started: 2/18/2021 Category: Science
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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The universe is finite. Prove me wrong.


Not quite. It seems like the universe is infinite but we don't know that, All we can currently see is the observable universe, And we can't speculatively conclude that it is finite as we have not reached the "end".

What do you base that on? Because to me is seems like a conjecture.
Debate Round No. 1


Isn't anything more than obvious a conjecture. This argument is simply based on thought and reason. There is no proof to back up my argument, Only thought.

If the universe is expanding, How could it ever be infinitely large. That is a non-sensical argument which collapses on itself.


Don't mistake the universe for space-time. Space-time is the one that is expanding within the universe, Not the universe itself.
Check your notes.
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Posted by MichaelLN 1 year ago
Speak first, I consider the universe is infinite large.
Think it hard, Is Universe the Accurate description with "The Universe"? I don"t think so. It"s just a definition from scientist want us to understand. If we just think that way, We can easily get into restrictions.
The characteristic of universe made me though another concept"`0; whose can't be calculated completely.
It"s likely the universe to mortals. Maybe we can explore, Generation after generation inexhaustible. It's an absolute concept for us (One that doesn't need proof)
In this way, The universe is a concept that exists in itself. It"s like nihility. All kinds of celestial bodies is just Stellar dust product of accumulation.
The universe that the natural coordinate system. Whose one is infinite, But because our needs have been measured. How small and great we mortals are!
(its just my review above, Grammar may be wrong, There may be some nonsense, Please forgive me)
Posted by Hezikiah 1 year ago
CharkieBC plans to return of CharlieAC
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