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Is the american dream fact or fiction?

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Started: 3/17/2011 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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The American dream is based off of a faulty assumtion that all people can suceed through hard work .


I thank my opponent for challenging me to this debate!

So first off for maximum clarity, I will refute my opponent's claim, then I will proceed to present the Pro stance on the matter.

My opponent begins the debate by claiming that the American dream is based on the fallacious idea that one can succeed through hard work. To this I have two arguments;

First, there is the issue on warranting this claim, My opponent only has one third of a proper argument. That being the claim. She however gives us no reason to believe it is true or why it is true, knowing this there is not warrant, and without a warrant there can be no possible Impact.

Second, the American Dream is not an assumption, but just that a dream. Therefore there can be no assumption made about a dream because something like that is completely dependent upon the person.

Now with this in mind, we see that the Con is wrong, the American dream is not fiction. But with that you have no reason to vote either way; so I will now preset my constructive on the American Dream being fact.

Now first off, in order to best understand this debate, there are a few key terms we must define.

First, American [1]- A native, or inhabitant of the United states (meaning natural born, or immigrant)
Second, Dream [2]- A cherished desire (In the context of this debate, a goal or something of the sort)
Finally, American Dream[3]- The widespread aspiration of Americans to live better than their parents did (meaning to advance and become greater)

My opponent is of course welcome to redefine any terms they disagree with, thee are simply for clarity of my own constructive.

Now this in mind, I offer a few reasons which I will expand on as necessary later on in this debate

First, Americans still dream to become great;

What this means in the scope of this debate, is that since that aspiration; (that dream); still exists, the American dream is very much so a fact and not fiction.

Second, Dreams are relative to each person;

Now I already touched on this a bit while attacking my opponent's case, but I will now expand on it; and clarify it. It is my dream to become a high school debate teacher, and in doing so I will outdo my parents. This meets the criteria of the american dream, thus we see it is very much so a fact.

And so in closing with my constructive, we can see no other vote than for the Pro in this debate.
I thank you and now hand the debate back over to my opponent!

Debate Round No. 1


My opponent is correct with no warrant there can be no impact. Althought in my opponents closing of his argument he states that he would like to become a high school debate teacher and by doing so he will out do his parents as a result the American dream is fact . In my introduction of what the American Dream is based off of i stated that not all American's can suceed .My opponent is not 6,775,235,741[ ]
people but merely one . My opponent also fails to adress that the American dream is not accesable to everyone because of cultural bias. If my opponent is not one who has had to face cultural bias in the strive for acheivement through hard work than how can he be one to deny this claim?


I thank my opponent for her response!
Now before I begin on my own rebuttal, I would like to clarify something for the voters. My opponent is new to this site, and this is her first debate. She set the time limit to be only three hours to post each speech; however she will have to get off the internet very soon.

Therefore, if for some-reason she forfeits her next round I ask that it not be a voting issue, and instead the debate only be weighed according to the first and second round.

So now onto the clash-

So it would seem that this debate will come down to whether or not the American Dream is accessible to every one. To which I reply, "Yes" It absolutely is.
To truly and completely grasp this, we need again look back to the definitions I provided for clarification in my last speech. The dream in and of itself is something that anybody and every-body can obtain. You see through the declaration of independence we are guaranteed three unalienable rights. The one we can see in the most direct correlation with this resolution, is that Pursuit of Happiness. While the promise to "dream" and "Pursue" is definitely guaranteed to every person. However that does not guarantee the dream or pursuit it will actually be fulfilled.

therefore here we still see the American dream as a fact.

Going on to my opponent's claims that I fail to address the "cultural bias" this is stoutly untrue. I will have to answer this question on two levels.

On the first level it was not mentioned.
One, I did not fail to Address this, as it was not brought up. I can have no way of knowing that this was an issue my opponent wanted me to address because she did not include this in her constructive speech. Two, Even if she had I would of course have touched on it, but because of the massive time constraint I doubt my opponent would have been satisfied with my answer.

On the second level this is not true.
One, Martin Luther King J.R. once gave an very important speech regarding this topic [4] Where he spoke of equality among people. Where there would not be segregation based on nationality or gender. This led to massive social and political reforms where we eventually ended up with the world e have today. The world in which any-one can succeed and prosper with just a tad bit of hard work, and intentional effort. Two, and even earlier example would be Thomas Jefferson's anthem [5] that all men are created created equal. How they are endowed by their created with such unalienable rights.

I know the truth behind this as one who was persecuted for my parent's monetary status growing up. Which actually leads me to my next argument and my opponents fallacious claim regarding cultural bias.

I have indeed suffered from cultural bias, as well as having struggled with the debilitating learning disability dysgraphia [6] (Which I had to give up my fun periods all through-out elementary school to overcome), and having religious persecution for speaking out (frequently) against the things I feel are contrary to the nature of Christ. This is a stark and untrue argument which my opponent advocates, and we must not look to it, if for no other reason than there is no warrant behind it, and that I have given multiple pieces of evidence (albeit they are personal) showing the contrary nature of these claims.

Also in regards to my opponent's supplied evidence, the link doesn't work. It just took me to that Google Application's home page. Therefore we can't accept it.

Now with that said, I would also like to point out that my opponent has not covered any arguments I made in my last speech, therefore they're going to flow across for the decision of today's debate unimpeded.

I accordingly ask for a Pro vote in this debate today :3

Debate Round No. 2


hunter.0819 forfeited this round.


It would appear my opponent ended up having to forfeit.
As I said before, this is now a two round debate.

Round three is null and void.
Debate Round No. 3
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