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Is the bible true?

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Started: 3/4/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Now before I start this let me say
1) I do not hate Christians, I love them as anyone else
2) athiests are not bullies
3) atheism is not a faith, it is a lack of faith
4) atheists do have lives, just because I don't believe in God doesnt mean I have no life on earth

Does a God exist? A supernatural christian God that created everything. Now I'm not religion bashing or anything like that, but I'm wondering, why do you believe in God? Is there a real reason for it? In my opinion, it makes no sense at all. Especially when you have thousands of other religions out there. How do you think, that your one is the right one?

The comments I'm aware are probobly going to be things like "he is a very ignorant man".

But I'm not sure why I should restrict my freedoms for a being that has no evidence for. Where was a God when the holocaust happened? God created evil, he made satan. He coded the universe. I just don't agree with the contradictions in the bible. In my opinion after reading the bible, it should be hard to still be a christian.

There is not enough evidence to support the claim that there is a being who doesn't want me to love who I want to, who gives acme a feeling that I am not allowed to engage in. There is simply no freedom with Christianity


I my self am a Christian. I do not hate atheist or any other religions, in fact even though we are on I would like to use this to come to more of an under standing of each other.

1) I believe in God (The Christian God) because the idea of matter coming from no where bothers me.

A)What has been recorded in the Bible has been proved through archeology such as golden chariot wheals being found were it is believed the Israelites closed the Red Sea, I know nobody throws gold wheals in the water for fun.

B)I figure you can argue with my first statement saying "Where did God come from?" Which is a question I struggle with myself and hope to one day under stand.

2)On your holocaust thought before I say more I would like to say that I have not studied the holocaust as much as I should have but from a religious perspective all through the Jews history when they would fall away from God (Worshiping him) he would stop protecting them you could say, like I said earlier I know little of the holocaust.

3)God wants you to be happy, he might not want you to love someone because they might be dead wait on your walk with him (but that doesn't effect a person who does not want to walk with him).

A) With Christianity you do have freedom but God does not want the evil of the world in heaven so he had to draw a line and giving the option of sinful fun now hell later or persecution now forever paradise later.
Debate Round No. 1


Tell me why I can't masturbate. A sexual feeling that all humans get. We're designed to want sex. So God gives us this feeling, this normal sexual desire and he just says don't do it.

Religion was also misinterpreted a lot too. The golden wheels could have been something more simple them that. What makes you think your God is better then another? There are many religions with gods on golden wheels, why yours?

You say I can't love who I want to because their dead weight, you didn't even spell dead right by the way. But what does that mean.

How about instead of changing the subject, give me more evidence then atheists provide.


Well it is not my business what you do with your pennies, and sex is good but God wants it to be only with your spouse.

My note on the golden wheals was talking about when God opened (divided) up the dead sea and allowed Moses to take his people through, when the Egyptians tried to come through God closed the sea. As crazy as this sounds golden chariot wheals from the Egyptians have been discovered in the red sea.

Click the link for more detail.

To answer your love question I will give an example. A high school Christian boy is dating a nonreligious girl, if he can get her to believe in god he can maintain a relationship with god, if he can't she will pull him further from god. So god has to say that you should be careful who you make your spouse basically. Understand? Kind of like how a father will want his daughter to Mary someone who won't make her hate him.

You have been asking me questions a lot I would like to ask a few.

1.Why have we stopped evolving?

2.Millions of monkeys and millions of humans, where's everything in between?
Debate Round No. 2


1) your claim, why have we stopped evolving? Really? Again, you know what evolution is? The change is over MILLIONS OF YEARS.

2) The biggest joke about this is two-fold. First, there's no proof any chariot wheel was found, since none can be found anywhere, they supposedly "disappeared". Second, even if you did find a chariot wheel... So what?? It's baffling how idiotic supporters of this say a chariot wheel would be "proof". Let's see, someone parks their chariot at the edge of the sea, camps out for the night, tide comes in, and "whoosh", the chariot is washed out to sea. A makes sense explanation if a wheel was found, NOT a magical one.

Here are quite a few reasons why I don't believe, a lot actually

1. Decide to arrange for something other than yourself to exist

2. Create a being by the name of Lucifer with full knowledge that this being will betray you and ultimately cause an infinite amount of suffering unnecessarily.

3. Allow an unfathomably horrific dimension of existence known as "hell" to emerge created by yourself or perhaps Lucifer and allow that dimension to continue existing. Do not override or prevent such a thing. It will come into play later

4. Create objective unchanging moral prescriptions and base them upon whatever your nature happens to be and then label any action or thought contrary to these standards "sin".

5. Be sure to include in these moral prescriptions edits for social and psychological health such as encouragement to beat ones children with a rod, permission to buy and sell slaves and will them as property to ones children for life, requirement that women not be allowed to teach or have authority over men and of course the instruction to kill anyone who expresses interest in worshiping other gods.

6. Design a physical universe, planets, animals and vegetation all with the appearance of age be sure to include in your creation biological flaws redundancies and over-complications that appear as if they were the product of blind cumulative processes, perhaps a urinary tract that runs straight through the prostate gland or a unnecessary appendix prone to inflation and rupturing, or maybe a respiratory and digestive system forced to share the same plumbing, (these are just a few working ideas).

7. Create a garden with a tree in it bearing fruit that when eaten provides knowledge of your objective moral standards, and create two sentient cognitive beings without knowledge or awareness of these standards and instruct them not to eat from the tree which would enlighten them (in other words, arrange it so that only AFTER they eat from the tree are they capable of understanding that doing so was a violation of objective moral standards).

8. Warn these cognitive beings that they will undoubtedly die if they eat from this tree, but don"t follow through if they do, then endow a reptile with vocal cords, lips or some other means of speaking audibly to your cognitive beings enabling it to make a convincing case to one of them for eating from the tree. Do not prevent this or intervene.

9. Now by this point make sure your cognitive beings have been equipped for reproducing themselves and multiplying, and because one of them has sinned, arrange that every single one of their descendants until the end of time will be born with an inherited sinful nature, defaulting in a future of everlasting torment. Do not by any means allow each of them to be born with a clean slate and the capacity for living a sin-free life if they desire as you did with your first two prototypes.

10. Endow these cognitive beings with a "soul" which keeps their thoughts and feelings and other cognitive faculties in existence forever one way or another. And then allow the sinfulness of these beings to be incompatible with your presence and let hell be the only other place that they can go once they exit the the physical world, do not make any attempt to spare these souls the eternal torment of hell such as allowing souls to stop existing all together or creating additional realm for them to reside besides with you or in hell.

11. Over time allow these beings to populate the earth you"ve creating, knowing with infallible certainty of course that after so many generations they will disappointed you enough that you find it necessary to kill all of them in a global flood and start all over from scratch.

12. Now when this happens (again right on schedule) make an exception for one small family of cognitive beings who you deem righteous of course it goes without saying that powers of omnipotence allow you to know, again, with infallible certainty that this family to will ultimately disappointing in the same way that those who you drowned, rendering the entire endeavor futile, but for now it"s best that you pretend not to know that.

13. Instruct this small disappointment of a family to populate the entire world all over again by way of incest.

14. Declare that until further notice the only way for these cognitive beings to rectify their sinful nature while on earth is to preform ritual animal sacrifice"s and other acts of senseless violence, additionally when certain sins are committed by any one of your cognitive beings demand that the surrounding community kill that being themselves.

15. In the meantime perform many epic miracles for all to see and intervene often with your physical creations, stop the sun in the sky, part the red sea, turn rivers into blood, and women into pillars of salt, give men superhuman strength, speak to the thousands with a booming voice from heaven etc, but before these cognitive beings become advanced enough in the area"s of science and communication that they could actually document, share, playback and verify these epic miracles, make sure you stop performing them all together .

16. Decide at some point that the most pressing of your objective moral prescriptions are not as obvious to these cognitive beings as you once thought, take this opportunity to chisel your top ten moral concerns into two tablets of stone and commission one of your cognitive beings to deliver these tablets to the masses, (Note to self: Roughly half of these moral concerns should center around pleasing you, praising you and remaining loyal to you)

17. After several thousand years impregnate one of these cognitive beings so that she gives birth to your son in physical form, who also happens to be you, at the same time.

18. Allow this cognitive being who is your son but also you to grow up and make several revisions to you/your son"s original standards of morality then arrange for other cognitive beings to torture and kill you/your son, authorize this sacrifice of yourself as a means of granting all other cognitive beings immunity from the consequences of their sinful nature, which you allowed them to be born with in the first place.

19. Do not however make this sacrifice free, establish that none of these cognitive beings shall be eligible for benefits of this sacrifice unless they actively believed that it happened, in other words, despite the quality of their intentions any cognitive beings henceforth who finds themselves unconvinced these events actually took place, is unwittingly designating themselves for the endless suffering of hell.

20. With that established, be sure to refrain from making it clear and knowable to the rest of the world that these events actually took place, ensure that no cognitive being after the first century has the luxury of witnessing your son who is also you say or do anything to indicate he was a living guy. Again, make sure that all of this occurs before advancements in science and technology are available to verify for those who aren"t present.


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by themacspartan 3 years ago
Good question @Truth_Exposed!

The reason is because so many branches of the Christian church have become more interested in pleasing everyone instead of preaching how Christ acted. They do this because they fear that 'traditional' ways will turn people away. To a point this is true but some churches are more of a social club than a church. Very sad but true.

Here is an example of a preacher giving a feel good sermon.
Posted by Truth_Exposed 3 years ago
Why do Christians say they are followers of Christ, yet, they don't follow anything Christ did?
Posted by JuanM1031 3 years ago
I like the respect he gives towards Christians. I admire the con side. But I disagree. Atheism is a faith. They belive in Naturalism. Let me make something clear. We didnt create the belief of Christianity, when Jesus came to earth, he recieved followers and told those disciples to spread the gospel. Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship to God through the Bible. We dont say our belief is correct, but we want to follow the right belief, which is Christianity and that can only be deteremined by the conviction you recieve from the Holy Spirit.
Posted by donald.keller 3 years ago
Atheism isn't a lack of faith... Even a Christian can lack faith. Atheists simply put their faith in other theories.
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