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Is the feminist movement progressive in anyway?

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Started: 5/9/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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(I put a age limit because I want to get the view or side of people around my age group) So by definition I support feminism, but the movement as a whole I can't agree with. I am a male and I don't have anything against women, I was raised by one and everything I have I can thank to her. And I do believe there is a difference but that's human, it's simple science when there were only two jobs for humans; hunting, and carring for the next generation it makes sense to have humans adapt to there jobs, this can be seen in meny other species. But the problem is that is went on for the majority of the human races time on Earth causing some major difference. It's is proven men are more aggressive because we had to hunt and defend the tribe from others. Causing men to be in charge for a while, because like it or not normaly the person with the sharper stick becomes king putting men in a place of power for a long time. But things have gotten better it's is proven that our minds and body are becoming more alike, with more time the only difference is one side can berth a child. This is because we have so many different jobs now. Infact wemon brains are progressing faster then ours (men's), while we have had improvement but not as much. But this also makes sense the reason we had more intulects for alogn time is because men were more spret out from us constantly fighting each other, so we have more ginuses but also more idiots. So all we have to do is shift the idiots up while wemon are more sentered in the middle (This is all based on Iq) So things are getting better thanks to evolution and to speed up this progression and equality we need to treat each other as equal.. But alot of feminist aren't doing that, there degrading men. So the way I got into this is because there was a small feminist rally in my city I thought it was cool and good we are doing things like that, but when I went to go see it in the middle of the group the held a large papper sign spanning 4 people saying "Men are intolerant and ussless". They were attack men as a whole and it's hard for me to what on board when I was just attack by it. After some research this stuff is commen, rally of hundreds of people saying "I'm the one to cut off your balls". This is not helping, we should be focusing on the issue not attacking each other. Also men are half the population, you kind of need them on your side if you want to get something done.
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Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
Ahh yes, you must be the new neuroscientist I'm hearing so much about,
"wemon brains are progressing faster then ours"

The average weight of a human brain is about 1370g in men and about 1200g in women. This shows that women, on average have smaller brains.

If men do have more idiots, then this could be due to societal reasons or hormonal reasons, for example, men may have more testosterone, making it harder for them to focus. This by no means diminishes their intellectual potential, they simply don't care for boring subject. We should blame the education system.

We can't go around saying men or women are more intelligent on average, when intelligence is such a broad trait.
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