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Is the mortal instruments better then the infernal devices

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Started: 4/30/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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Round one is acceptance
Round two is arguments
Round three is rebuttal and closure.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


possible spoilers ahead*
I believe the Mortal instruments are better then the infernal devices because there are more plot twists. With the whole Jace's father plot twists and Sebastian. There is also more developed romances. Have and Clary have many more rocks in their relationship then Will and Tessa.
I also think this because there are more books. We get to know the characters better and there is more story.


While the mortal instruments is a fine series, I believe the infernal devices has really been the better of the two. The Mortal Instruments, although it follows a deeper plot and has more content, it takes on a typical teenage romance genre while although the Infernal Devices is short of falling into the same genre, the idiosyncratic uniqueness that it presents, with the teenagers acting like, well, teenagers, but of a different era. Seldom has this occured in novels, and it presents a fine twist that cannot be find in most other works of literature. The personalities of these characters present more beauty than humor, though Will has enough of both. They let you appreciate the finer things in life, ex. Jem with his Violin and this antique setting lets you have historical awareness as well as an intriguing storyline.

Also, according to Goodreads, the Infernal Devices have about a 0.25 higher rating average the the Mortal Instruments.
Debate Round No. 2


While it's true that the Infernal Devices takes place in a different era, this can make it difficult for many readers to connect to. The Mortal Instruments taking place in current times helps us relate even more and make us fall a little deeper into the story. With your Goodreads stars, which specific book did you take that from again? The first books? The third books? And Jace with his piano also helps us to appreciate the "finer things in life"
The Mortal Instruments gives everything the Infernal Devices has and more. That is why I believe it is the better series.


For goodreads, I got the average of each series. The Mortal Instruments has an average of 4.24, not counting the last book since it has not come out yet. The Infernal Devices has a 4.45 rating, being .21 higher. It would be unfair to evaluate the boxed set, because by then, the book has already achieved worldwide recognition and that would recieve higher reviews influenced by the fact the book is famous.

Books taking place in the present are ubiquitous. Yes, you can relate, but so can you relate to so many other books. And the relations are minimum, with now being 2014 and the books taking place in 2006. Remember: Blockbuster was common then, which is now regarded as a prehistoric fossil site. One of the chief among the"present" day fantasies is Harry Potter. As good as the Mortal Instruments are, it cannot hope to compete with the Harry Potter series. In fact, Cassandra Clare only acquired her fanbase through HP fanfiction. While the Mortal Instruments then only places second at best in their field, the Infernal Devices, if anyone ever wanted to root for it in a "Best-series-in-the-world" debate, would have a flagship point that it was the best fantasy-romance-mystery-action book taking place during the industrial revolution, while the Mortal Instruments would have no chance of accolading itself a "best in field" award.

Present is in quotes because it is not really the present. It is relatively present, but if you were to live there after living in the real present day (now) it would be unbearable. Smart phones were not everywhere then, the internet was less notorious, and the world selfie did not even exist. Major sites just began, (ex. YouTube) and they only recieved at most a few thousand views, compared to todays millions, (and even billions). For teenagers, they were only around 7 to 13 years old then. Taking place in the "present" does not make it easier to relate. For mostly everyone, 1900 is just as for away as 1800.

And if the Mortal Instruments gives everything the Infernal Devices has, but more, then why would Cassandra Clare write the Infernal Devices to begin with? It would have to have something only a book like the Infernal Devices could offer. One such thing, is the unique settlement of a love triangle, in which both suitors get the girl. This did not happen in the Mortal Instruments, as Simon was just plainly rejected, resulting in many unhappy fans.

Vote Con : D

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Shadowhuntress 7 years ago
Don't worry, I can relate
Posted by DeeAnn 7 years ago
Should be a period between "genre while" ", I like" before idiosyncratic. It's hard to type/scroll on this phone.
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