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Is the potato of Lord Singard of the Sixth divine found in the caves of Tomato-land?

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Started: 6/8/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that the potato of Lord Singard of the Sixth divine, is in fact found in the caves of Tomato-land.

While I haven't traveled yet to the distant lands of the Tomatoes, I do know from the Elder Scrolls and Scholars of Saerig that it is found there. My trusted Lofinaugausughaiona, has studied far and wide to find this holy and divinitaion potato lord.

Lord Singard of the Sixth divine himself stated that it is found in the Caves of Soraband, which are located in Tomato Town Island, A remote island in the Fortnite wild lands in Tomato-lands.
Of course, you wouldn't know much about THIS!
Because, you are the one who rambles about the scholars of Azhammsbar...
I am the 109 year old adventurer and scholar and gulag survivor who found out the meaning to the founding of Potato Port. But of course you cant see the light that shines through the heavenly gates of Asousman, for you are blinded by the evil Eggplantian warlords of the distant tribes of Oias.

I am and quite dearly sorry for bothering the distant lands, but this debate is much needed as Lord Singard of the Sixth divine needs to find it when he, himself, has passed the gates of telepathy and the gates of telepathy lay soft around the outer crorners of Kookan.

Goodbye now, for you are the scholar and MUST debate me, the 109 year old adventurrer of the Kookan lands, to find out the true answer to the story of Kookan tribal potato.


white people should shoot and eat black people
Debate Round No. 1


Well, of course your topic would be about the babblings and ramblings of Sir Sargsau the Great, because of the Ones who eat the Black Ones. You see, you don't understand the Rich Whites of the South Seas, but they invaded the Black lands, hosting the Parasitical Man Boy, but of course, an awesome scholar like me would, of course, find these ramblings absurd, for you are a ice bear, and the awesome, so why should we trust the findings of Ramboral and Singard? Of course, your argument doesn't seem to dissaude me that the meanings to find It are not found in the caves of Singard.

Antwan the Forthcoming has seen the new ones, and the Eggplantian warlords still rule over Oias... Quite and dearly sad as we reclaim the Old, and we colonize the New. But news of the Potato of Lord Singard of the Sixth Divine are indeed found in the deep tribal caves in Tomato-land. The word we are looking for is
Find for we must FIND the potato in the deep tribal caves. Of course, your argument states the fact that: "white people should shoot and eat black people". Of course, I find this deeply hearty and, at the same time, racist like a bucket of the Joirhn crewing club.

But the Joirhn crewing club has seen rough and tough times. And as we walk along the sandy shores at the corners of Kookan, we see the Gates of Telepathy open to us. The new Age as been coming, slowly I should say, and will replace the Current Age, but we still have not found the potato, because if we don't, the New Age will halt! We must find the potato and lay it on the pedastal of Tomato Island, in the Fortnite Wild lands. Sadly... It has not been found...

Goodbye, and may the Gods of Jaush find your way because you are blinded by the gates of Blindness in the North corners of the Eggplantian warlords that lay on the soft corners and in the tribal and dirty huts where they have sex with their 10 wives everyday so we can get AIDS!
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Good games All of the Elder Scrolls until ESO died in the a#s as many knew it would. So many that where invited to give the game a try before reassessment voted and not enough voted to keep it more so a story line game much like Skyrim instead of a dog eat dog war of nations. All I can say is It would have been a much better game if there was more cause and affect for your actions throughout the quests then this grind from hell that all mmorpg,s seem to be going as to milk the proverbial white whale to keep there share holders happy as to say story line games come to an end that is a new beginning as the book of life and is but the turn of a page. Screw the book ends as there are but two too make them stand upright, does a book need a cover? Well it does need binding. But I do like the lever arch folders and foolscap paper.

As I am playing Elex at the moment in the most hardest mode and am finding it fantastic. So nostalgia is but that and the best game I think is still Fallout New Vegas.
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