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Is the statement "Polish Concentration Camps" a legitimate statement?

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Started: 1/31/2018 Category: Politics
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The Polish government has come under fire recently for the attempt to introduce a legislation, which would totally forbid speaking of so-called "Polish concentration camps". You can read more about this here:

Firstly, some may argue that this is the restriction of free speech, but it is important to consider that this new legislation branches of the law, which regards holocaust denial illegal. 16 European countries and Israel have approved of and have already established the law against the holocaust denial in their nations.

Let's begin the debate, whether "Polish Concentration Camps" is indeed a legitimate claim. Please be advised, this doesn't mean that they were built on Polish land, or they were built by Polish people yet it means that allegedly, the Polish population have contributed their part to the mass extermination of the European population of Jews.

I disregard this statement completely, I believe that the Polish officials had nothing to do with the mass extermination of the Jews. I believe that it is indeed a disgrace to mention such a statement, but I am open to any contrary beliefs. "1.9 million non-Jewish Polish civilians during World War II. ". Due to this, I think that it is both the Poles and the Jews were the victims of the Holocaust, not just the Jews. Of course, there were some terrible incidents where a minority of the Polish population were turned against the Jews or were simply xenophobes. Yet these people were often executed by the Polish Home Army for treason. The Jedwabne massacres did occur: "it resulted in the death of at least 340 Polish Jews of all ages, locked in a barn later set on fire. A group of at least 40 Poles was involved, after being summoned in Jedwabne by German police battalions belonging to the Ordnungspolizei." This was indeed horrible, but again, only committed by a minority - Yet this is an argument often used by the opposition.



Antisemitism in Poland has been an undeniable factor since before both world wars, during both world wars, and after both world wars! Denying that the Polish public were not responsible for antisemitic sentiment is like denying the German public was not responsible for letting the nazis seize control of Germany. It's like denying that countries or cultures are not responsible for their own actions. Of course on an individual basis, not everyone is guilty of actually committing the crimes themselves, but on the basis of the public at large, the people of Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine and many other northwestern european countries embraced antisemitic policy and therefore were guilty of the holocaust ethier by association or complacency! Even in France there was antisemitic sentiment (not to say antisemitism didn't exist in allied countries) but even under the Vichy government, the French public at large were very intolerant of antisemitic policy so most Jewish citizens of French dissent were murdered outside of France. Although nazi Germany was an unwelcome occupying force in Poland, it was the Polish acceptance of antisemitic policy that allowed the naziis to set up many death camps in Poland (even more than in Germany itself), however the Vichy government in France didn't find it logical to have a vast web of death camps across France because of public attitudes toward antisemitic policy and a rejection of German occupation from top to bottom!!! YES, the term "Polish concentration camp" is legitimate!!!
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Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
I forgot to thank You for bringing up such a controversial topic, this is still a fluid situation and needs to be speculated under the scope of the public. Good luck!!!
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