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Is the white mind superior to the black mind?

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Started: 2/15/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The white man has invented way more than the black man has, does this say anything about the white man superiority? Is there an explanation for the vast difference in the way which the white mind works? Did something happen in history that led to this disparity? Is there a scientific explanation for this difference in mindset? Or is it all just a mere coincidence?


This is because most of the population isn't black. Whites outnumber the African-Americans by 1 to 11 Plus, everyone is part African-American even if it is just .001%. This would mean we have a part of another race's mind in ours.
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We are well aware of the political and economical history of countries of different races, How some developed faster than others for different reasons. The question is not based on this. The question is not also based on African-Americans leaving in the united states,(as i am currently writing from Nigeria,Africa) . It is based on the much larger African continent as a whole. It will be helpful if people base their arguments on science or any tangible statistics.
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Posted by canis 2 years ago
Think there is no "white mind"..But "white culture".. And that culture is superior if you think it is.
Posted by shawnmccaul22 2 years ago
I agreed with you, BernardIsosceles. No one is superior to another race. Sorry if it was a little bit confusing.
Posted by BernardIsosceles 2 years ago
I disagree with both people here. They're equal. Africans may have succeeded just as much as any other group had they started living on good land, but instead they were given the Sahara Desert and the Congo Jungle. There are not many natural resources. They scarcely advanced technologically, likely because of the geographic conditions, and to this day are mostly defined by colonial borders. When many countries got their independence, they were chaotic and terrible at best, and hellholes at worst. For the most part they're fake republics with no hope for their common people to create anything technologically. The thing is, two of the smartest people who went to the middle school I attended were black and Indian.
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