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Is their a religion that isn't sexist toward anyone or racist or discriminating etc?

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Started: 10/22/2016 Category: Religion
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not that I can find



If the Instigator contention is there is no religion which is free from sexism, racism and discrimination then it's hard to disagree, But if one looks at religions more broadly and with more of an open mind one will find those in which core beliefs and testimonies are rooted in ideals of equality. The are others in which members of the faiths are striving to achieve goals makes their faith traditions and religions more open to an accepting of women, racial minorities and others from non-dominate groups

I will try to outline three arguments

1. Whatever bad things Instigator attributes to certain religions I will counter with argument those things aren't universally true about those practicing the religion and may be contradict by the faith's actual teachings

2. Most bad things about a religion are really more about the culture and not a religion(s). Religion is part of the culture but there are certain practices which exist outside of religion and some which predate modern religion.

3. Major religious texts must be understood as being of their times but are not confined to those times. That they are living documents containing divine truths which are continually being revealed and which are not rigidly bound to the past
Debate Round No. 1


I see your point and my agreement
seem laugh able I just had to pick a pro or a con and I couldn't pick middle

I think you already won

I was born a catholic
I'm technically a adult in the church
because I did my home work for my saint

at 3rd grade a sip of wine every Sunday
calling it the blood of Christ

but to me that never made sense
And my saint is St Maria
She is the St of forgiveness
s She was almost rape by someone name Alexander
on the stairs In Italy at age 9 or was it 8 I think but she
said I rather died then have u rape me So he stab her 14 to 11 times
She end up at the hospital he end up in jail the last thing she said was I forgive u
They believe technically everyone dies becomes a saint

But their are some people who become a well known saint that is know by people and are appointed by
the Pope or some thing this off the top of my head
Like St Nicholas or father Christmas aka the origin of Santa pay some women's dowry for marriage by putting the gold is the stocking or sock They hand the sock to dry

but when you get older and friends who atheist to whatever religion
to friend who burn the bible because it was so vulgar so much diversity
so you start what really believe in

is their a name to this belief system

believing God
is a metaphor for what happened next
The afterlife
We don't know what happens it
just happens
And what we do here on earth Or anywhere else when are alive
and all is what counts
what happens next is a mystery
so I do believe in the afterlife
I just don't know what the f**k it is

So I'm not an atheist
but I don't believe I certain religion
but I believe in God
but I don't believe God is a person
A gender a or gender less
It just the unknown
of the afterlife
So god neither
a god or a goddess
It just is The after life And
maybe their an after death
who know were not dead to find out

but I hate that a women cant be a pope why it so important that she has to be a virgin
how some quote I in the bible are pro rape and some other stuff
I hate out realign force women to cover their faces
because of realign
people have their babies Genital mutilated
not just in men but women
how pro choice is hated on
no one thinks about the true their not the one having the baby

sorry if I'm ranting
I think you won because I couldn't pick middle and I got side track a lot
and sorry my grammar and adhd and idk



I will make two general points.

One, When I was in college a boy in our dorm cluster wanted to convert to Catholicism. Because he was a minor, under 21, the child was required to have the written consent from his guardian before he could enter into the process of conversion.

He completed the conversion but after becoming an independent functioning adult he abandoned the faith. Truth is when children embrace God and religion it's either because their parents and commanding it; and in college age youth in particular it is an adolescent rebellion against and rejection of the parents' religion. In the case cited the child was allowed to carry his rebellion to its conclusion-- after which he discovered there is more to faith than an adolescent whim.

The second point is regarding religious rituals. Every church, every faith has them including those who claim they don't. But I doubt any ritual or practice is universally divine or spiritual or that not doing them makes one separated from divine or spiritual truths. What matters is how the person engaged in the rituals or exposed to them regard them
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
I was trying to inform not advertise, and i don't have any religion.
Posted by SoulUnbound 2 years ago
Also there is spelled wrong...
Posted by SoulUnbound 2 years ago
Please don't advertise or try to convert people to your own religion
Posted by Zaephou 2 years ago
Is CON writing a prose?
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture or kill any creature or living being.
Jain scripture.
The Jains show more morality in one sentence then the Christians 1050 commandments of the NT.
Check out the Jains
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