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Is there a (Christian) God?

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Started: 3/4/2016 Category: Religion
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I saw your earlier debate with PrinceDimka who forfeited the contest. I would like to continue this debate and defend the one true God.
God is real. There is proof that he exists. Do you think it is ironic that when you pray to God for someone that is sick, 90% of the time they are healed. Also, there are many religious (catholics) who have the stigmata. This is when a religious person gets the markings of Christ. If Christ was not real then this would not be happening. The visions of God and heaven. You may think that they have drugs or illusions, but this would be impossible since so many people have them. Also more non-Catholics have than Catholics. Also there has been many religious articles that were safe from an accident. One famous example is 9/11. The beams of one of the buildings is in a form of a cross. There are many other examples. There are many answered prayers and many transformed lives like myself. I once doubted the existence of God. However when I received Conformation, my life was changed for the better. I found God through the Holy Spirt.


I am sorry to say but there is no empirical evidence that God does exist. I do not know where you are getting your '90%' figure from I can only take that as a joke because it is based on no evidence or studies whatsoever.

When you mention stigmata, well the sad truth is that many of these 'markings' are self inflicted due to under lying mental illnesses, delusion or to gain favour with their oh so holy priest and congregation. Your reasoning is not clearly thought out, just because someone experiences stigmata does not mean God exists?

There is no concrete evidence for the beam of the cross that is just a bias article I am sorry to tell you. In relation to prayers well if God was just at all we wouldn't have to pray. For example take the 2000 children in Africa that die from starvation each day, lets pray for them oh wait we wouldnt have to pray for them if God didnt cause them this pain.

I just want to open up your mind with this statements

When you go to 'heaven' it is only your soul or spirit, your body is not there. How can you feel pain if you have no body to feel it? After all the pain you feel comes from nerve cells in your body

Also how can any sane person be in heaven for eternity while billions of people 'burn endlessly in hell for enternity'
How can you be a loving person while these people are suffering for maybe just not believing in the right god, maybe because they were born into a different religion.
Also one thing you might want to consider is that the books in the Bible where chosen by people to suit their agenda it was not from God himself.

Finally if you have been saved maybe you should consider opening your mind to why there may not be a god and also why was there a need for any evil and pain in the first place.
Debate Round No. 1


First off, God does care about the children in Africa. The reason why we have suffering in this world is because of Adam and Eve. Also, because we need to prove that with 'free will' we can become holy people. We deserve all of this suffering, as we caused it.
You said that the stigmata is made by people who have mental illness or self inflicted wounds. Yeah, everyone who is religious has mental illness and atheists are perfectly fine. . Well.... in the real world this is just a despite excuse made by the non-religious to shun religion.
God does not want any soul to go to hell. But he can do nothing about it. If you don't want God in your life then you can't see God. The only other place you could go to is hell. This is just like... if you don't want to run a race but want get the 1st place prize. It makes so much sense, you don't believe in God, why should you live in heaven. This is science at its best, trying to explain everything. Look you had an 'explanation' on why we can't feel anything in hell. Though what you said about the body is true, God left us many things that we can't explain. Like God is three persons in one. In a created religion, would someone want to make mysteries about certain things? No, not at all!!!
God is full of love not anger. Why did he create you if he did not love you. All the things that please you are from God. God has to allow suffering because we deserve it. In heaven, you are a spirit and you do not feel pain.
Lets talk about the cross. Everyone reading this, look up "9/11 cross" on the internet. What you see is real. I even hear the story of the cross on the History Channel's shows about 9/11. So dawkinist, make sure what you are saying is the truth.
Any sane person can be in heaven knowing that the people in hell deserve to be there. Look, Christians can try to lead people who hate God to God but it all comes down to you. If you do not want to accept God then why should you be with him in heaven. You have free will to change you religion. We and God are loving people. Look at what God gave us. He gave us Jesus, who died on the cross in order to give all of us a chance to have eternal life. It is impossible to know this and say God isn't merciful.
The Bible is written by the Holy Spirit through the apostles/disciples. In the Book of Revelation everything it is saying is true. That Russia and the Middle East are attacking Israel. That the Christians are the most hatted race. And how the world is so anti-God.
My final statement is that how can atheism work. The Big Bang could not have started for no reason. There had to be something that started it. Also a bang could not have created everything so perfectly without a God.


You cannot prove Adam and Eve actually existed so to blame the suffering of, for example, the children in Africa on two characters who we can't prove existed is ridiculous. Let me pose a question to you, why did God have to create any sin or any suffering? He has ultimate control he could have made the world perfect if he wanted with free will and sin wouldn't exist because he wouldn't have created it.

Also we do not deserve suffering for the actions of two individuals what sort of logic is that?

A quote from Cecil Adams responds to your stigmata claims quite well:
"Stigmatics are often tormented souls. Many of the religious ones deny themselves to the point of masochism...the fact that many stigmatics are emotionally unbalanced means you can't rule out the possibility that they're simply hurting themselves when no one's looking."

What exactly is heaven? eternal life yes, being with God yes, but what else? you have no body, you have no feelings. If the soul does exist it is impossible for you to be able to be harmed in hell, these places are simply used to scare people into subscribing to the religion.

You say God is three in one (Trinity) but where is your proof for this? you cannot prove this at all, you cannot make a claim and not support it with any evidence. God did not create me in fact it was millions upon millions of years of evolution.

God is full of anger not love.For example in 2 Kings 2:23-24 God literally sends bears to maul and dismember 42 children. How loving is that?
The big bang didn't necessarily need to start from anything, our brains are wired to think that there must always be a beginning and something cant come from nothing but in face it actually may be able to. There are many theories on how we got here, multi-verse theory, inflation theory, or just read Lawrence krauss's book 'A universe from nothing'.

In other words just because we don't know the answer (yet) does not mean we should fill it with God only because we don't know this was seen centuries ago when humans didn't understand lightening, so to understand it they created Zeus who was supposedly the source but science eventually caught up and disproved the existence of Zeus.
Debate Round No. 2


God did not create any suffering. The devil did. God does not want any one to suffer, but he can do nothing about it. You can say how impossible this is but you are thinking out of a human mind, which does not have the capability to think of this. God could have made the world perfect, but we would not be worthy to be with him since we did not prove to God that we would not disobey him. So it is useless to make the world perfect.

You think that we don't deserve this suffering. We deserve more than this. Look at how anti-God this world is. It is so bad, words can not explain it. Abortion, legalizing Gay marriage, making Christians have no rights. Taking our right to practice our religion in public illegal. I know you will say, Catholics force their religion on others, however you have a choice to follow it. If other religions have rights can't we Christians have them too. There are more than this.

So all Christians are tormented souls. That is silly. You have no evidence that the stigmata does not exist.

You do have feelings in heaven/hell. The reason why you are suffering in hell is because you are separated from God. A soul does not feel physical pain, it feels a separation of God. You can say all you want that this shows God being anger, but the nicest person would still throw these people in hell. They had their chance on Earth to be followers of Christ but if they do not except him, you can not be accepted into heaven, no questions about it. Anything opposed to this are lies.

No one can prove evolution. The reason why, it is not true. So you are doing the same thing that I am.

You read the Bible! That is amazing. The children were disobeying God and Elisha knew this. God could be more full of anger but he is not. Look at are the things that go your way, all the blessings God has put in our lives. He could just kill us all and make us all go to hell. God has infant love. Here is my God loves you, an atheist (and all humans), and wants you to come home to him. I do to. I want to see you in heaven and not go to hell. Though we are in a debate, I still love you.

I don't know how atheists think that nothing made everything. Can you tell me how you think the universe was create? I am very interested to see how you think. It is impossible for a bang to make everything so precisely right.

You can not disprove that God does not exist though. God does exist and the prove is how the world is going. Also scientists all agree that Jesus was alive. You could say he is a 'idiot', but how can the Christian faith keep going. If you look at our history no other religion could withstand it.

I am 14 years old and am in Middle School. All that I have learned is from the Holy Spirit and my mothers teaching.

I can explain more about the Christian faith, but there is not enough rounds. So may God bless you all of you. I hope you go to heaven and not to hell. I will pray for you. Go Donald Trump!!!! Trump will make America great again.

May God bless you. Amen.


Abortion and legalizing gay marriage are not anti-god in fact they have nothing to do with God. Religion has no place in politics and one religion shouldn't dominate. Also Christians are treated very well in America and they make up most of the government unfortunately.

There is no evidence that stigmata exists but the evidence that does exist shows that it is usually self inflicted by someone who has an actual mental health problem which is again sad and unfortunate.

Oh okay so if I go to hell which appears to be whats going to happen I feel only separation from God? no physical pain? that seems like a good deal to me since I am not close with 'him' in the slightest I don't even regard his existence. I do not know why anyone would want to go to heaven anyway, there is no pleasure in that life, you don't need to eat, you can't have sex, you have none of your pets because animals do not have souls, you wont be able to drink or smoke or watch movies or listen to music. What sort of existence is that my friend?

Bottom line is we cannot prove if God (Yahweh) exists or not. But the evidence against his existence is much more against the religion that it is for.
Debate Round No. 3
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