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Is there a god(s) or not?

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Started: 5/22/2020 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Debating Period
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I've tried this debate twice, And the first time a troll accepted my challenge and the second time the other debater did not finish the debate. However, As the saying goes, "the third time is the charm. "

Is there a god(s) or not? The answer to this question sets the scene for reality. It gives man a basis in which to make sense of the world. Therefore it is, Arguably, The most important question to ask--when thinking about reality. This question is in the realm of philosophy and therefore this debate will consist of philosophical arguments that are for and against the existence of a god(s).

I believe that there is a God and therefore, Whoever I debate will be against the existence of a God.

First off, In this specific debate, I define God as the creator of the universe. While that is vague, This debate will show that God is a personal being (a being that is cable of reason and free choices).

For this debate, I will keep it simple and go for an easy argument that shows that there must be a God. This argument was made famous by William Lane Craig. It is called: The Kalam Cosmological Argument. It must be noted that while this argument points to a singular God, It does not drive that idea home. So, This debate will merely show that there is a god(s) or not (I'll have following debates that will, Together, Lead to the Christian God).

Here it is in its basic form:
1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
2. The universe began to exist.
3. Therefore, The universe has a cause.

This is a logical syllogism; meaning, If the first two premises are true, Then the conclusion logically follows. Before I rush into defending the first two premises and why the conclusion confirms that there is a God(s), I will let my fellow debater state his/her position and then provide defeaters to the basic form of this argument.


GOD? A 3 letter word invented during 400 AD by some Catholic Church CLOWN

GOD. . . The word is derived from an EXTINCT GERMANIC LANGUAGE which was
used to translate a HEBREW / GREEK Bible Comic Book ino a GOTHIC VERSION.

GOD is a human INVENTION. . . There are so many versions of GOD both male and
female. . . . Where have they all GONE?

over 5000 years ago. . . Much of there STORY CRAFT was STOLEN and TWISTED
into NEW GOD and Comic Book Bible / Dogma versions. . . The JEWS fabricated
the MOSES meets his GOD hoax, Then 1500 years later the BABY JESUS CLOWN
arrived and 600 years after JESUS was beat up and nailed to a cross ALLAH
shows up and ISLAM flourishes!

What about ZEUS- ODIN- SETH - +++ to many GODS to list? Where are they

is contaminated with utterly retarded COMIC BOOK GOD INVENTED GARBAGE.

Your BRAIN is drowning in JESUS / CHURCH / BIBLE vomit. . . All of which was
INVENTED by HUMAN psychopaths desperate for POWER and CONTROL
over weak miinded humans conditioned to OBEY the HUMANS who played GOD

YOU have NEVER met a GOD or communicated with one. . . . YOU are a HYPNOTIZED
FOOL falling for the IDIOTIC stagecraft by HUMANS who playing GOD and
hide behind some absurd CHURCH CULT ORGANIZATION HOAX.

The BRAIN is capable of IMAGINING ANYTHING without restriction. . . CLEVER CON
ARTIST SCUM who use some GOD as a scapegoat TOOL are responsible for
thousands of years of OPPRESSION and SUPPRESSION of humanity. . . These
pathetic creatures are TRULY the HELL on this EARTH. . .

NO HUMAN EVER NEEDS some puppet GHOST GOD invented HOAX to surrender
their MIND and LIFE to. . . . EVER. . . Those disguting HUMANS who use their idiot GOD HOAX
as a TOOL to enslave and rob weak minded humans are the greatest THEIVES and

Until some IDIOT GOD actually reveals itself to all HUMANITY then all of the GODS
are nothing more than human fabricated COMIC GOOK GARBAGE. . . And absolutely
NONE of the GOD and Bible/Torah/Quran Comic Book GARBAGE should EVER
be taken as anything but idiotic stories from a long gone age. . . .

The JEW-JESUS-ALLAH trio of GOD CLOWNS are PROOF that the IDIOTS who worship
and MURDER in the name of their GOD HOAX are truly CRIMANAL PSYCHOPATHS. . .
Debate Round No. 1


Seriously? If you are going to accept an debate, Then DEBATE. Your opinion is worthless if you do not support it. There is literally an opinion section, On this website, That you can go to. Do not waste mine or anyone else's time by posting in the wrong section.

I think your worldview is wrong and you think mine is wrong, Who is right (if any)? Well, That question can be solved or at least explored through debate. However, Unsupported opinions gets you nowhere. If you truly think your worldview is correct, Then prove it--or at least show the logical probability of it. I have given you a chance to defend your view that there is no God, Take it. We still have two more sections in which you can use wisely, Or you can squander them.

If you choose to debate, I suggest you provide some defeaters to my two premises. To reiterate my argument, Here it is:

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
2. The universe began to exist.
3. Therefore, The universe has a cause.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by WisdomOfAges 11 hours ago
Regardless of whether a "GOD" exists or not the REAL ISSUE

. . . . . . IS. . . . Why some Comic Book GOD invention is used as a
scapegoat to MURDER and DESTROY humans who do not
agree or accept the idiotic STORY CRAFT of long gone
tribal lunatics in a remote desert region of EARTH. . .

against the EVIL FORCE. . . But neither is WORSHIPPED
and used as a TOOL to brainwash and enslave weak

many civilizations passes. . . NONE of these 3 puppet GODS
were ever noted. . . . All 3 are human fabricated GARBAGE. . .

OK go worship, Pray, Confess, Fall on the floor and beg
for SALVATION from some retarded GHOST GOD.

Every HUMAN has the right to THINK and REASON as they
wish. . . BUT. . When a BELIEF is deemed to be an ABSOLUTE
TRUTH all humans must ACCEPT or be PUNISHED. . . And
some retarded brainwashed HUMAN carries out acts
of TORTURE and MURDER in the name of somr puppet
GHOST GOD. . . . This person is a MURDERER. . . And BELIEVES
NOTHING. . . Except that they can get away with MURDER
using some pupprt GOD hoax as a scapegoat. . . .

MYTHOLOGY for entertainment ONLY.
Posted by Akhenaten 1 week ago
The debate appears to be about how did the universe begin and who or what started it. The problem here is that you are asking the wrong questions. The first question you need to ask is what is the universe. The second question you need to ask is did it begin or has it been in existence for eternity. The answers can be found on my previous debate. - The universe is made from only one particle in 3 states.
Posted by Leaning 1 week ago
Well, Seems third times, 'not the charm, Eh.
Posted by missmedic 1 week ago
Without belief, I can question a proposition before arriving at a conclusion.
According to quantum mechanics the universe could have come into existence and then caused itself to exist. The KCA relies entirely on current science, And science can change.
There is some problem of infinite regress of a first cause.
Since science is not itself a metaphysical enterprise, The arguer cannot apply science to a metaphysical argument.
Posted by Micheal1 1 week ago
Sorry I didn't finish last debate, I got too much homework.
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