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Is there a limit to human rights implementation?How do we choose more "important" rights?

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Started: 4/11/2017 Category: People
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It's a universal truth that all Human Rights are not privileges and they cannot be granted or revoked. They are inalienable and universal. As for the question, which is stated above, it goes without saying that there is a certain limit in HR implementation. But nowadays, when international HR law is growing and deepening, we can't just shunt smb aside and demean one's genuine accomplishments. Every person is important as well as every person's right. As for "important" rights, among this category we can consider fundamental rights, which are placed on the same footing as instincts and rights, which we acquire by our birth.
But still it's very controversial issue, because the Declaration of HR is just a declaration, it's NOT a law,so it's all kind of fiction and uncertainty. And what is more in the Declaration itself,there is not equality among rights and freedoms, so what we can demand of common people...


I am happy to be a part of this debate, even if I honestly do not fully understand what exactly it is that I am pro... I am sorry for being stupid.

As I get it the main focus of this discussion will be on the issue "is there a limit to human rights implementation?", which - as my opponent clearly states - there is (if not a limit, very limiting circumstances). But are we debating the philosophical foundation of the human rights issue (like: are some human rights more important or natural than others?) or the practical issue of implementation (like: is the UDHR a bad tool to force people to treat each other decently?). It would be lovely if my opponent could somehow clarify that in the next round... In either way I am totally up for being pro.

I think this is a wonderful and very important subject, so thank you for bringing it. Maybe your goal was to debate someone totally against the human rights phenomena, and in that case I will disappoint you... I am totally a fan of most of UDHRs content. However:
- I do find some human rights questions to be more urgent than others (I would, unlike many, put the ICESCR over the ICCPR)
- I do find the international human rights law to be arbitrary and deeply problematic, and I don't see a fully functioning implementation until it has been strongly reshaped.

I hope we can work with this somehow.
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