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Is there a place for feminism in the 21st century?

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Started: 9/28/2017 Category: Society
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Feminism has no place, and I'll explain why.

Let"s get one thing straight: Modern feminism in America is completely and utterly pointless. Women in America are not, by any means, oppressed. What right does a man have that a woman does not in the 21st century? Please, enlighten me.

They are much different from the 20th century feminists who didn't have right. No voting, no jobs, not even citizens. Today, women have all of it.

Now that is a feminist movement. Women fighting for suffrage for years by protesting and doing parades all so they could vote. Nowadays, you see these modern feminists dying their armpit hair different colors and walking around topless " and all for what exactly? When did not shaving become a form of "oppression?"

"Women get paid .77 to every $1 a man makes." No. I think by this time, all rational people understand that this is a myth. Women do NOT get paid less than men for the same occupation " that is in fact illegal thanks to the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The Act clearly states: "To prohibit discrimination on account of sex in the payment of wages by employers engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce." When feminists claim this notion of women getting paid less than men, they don"t take into account that men statistically spend 14% more time at work and are in fact more likely to die there. Men accounted for 92% of work related deaths in 2012. Where is the outrage there, feminists? Also, if an employer could get away with paying women less than men, don"t you think they would hire more women?

Women also have children. Gasp. So they tend to choose occupations that are more "mommy friendly." Men choose higher paid specializations such as Petroleum Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Math & Computer Science, while women are more likely to lean towards Psychology, Early Education and Social Work " which are some of the lowest paid college majors. Now, can we please put this myth to bed? Spouting out "Equal Pay" when everything you say is factually incorrect is getting quite irritating.

First and foremost, rape is a horrendous crime and all offenders should be put in prison. It is a disgusting act of violence that no person should ever have to experience. However, feminists make it seem as if men are these misogynistic pigs who just rape women. This "rape culture" where women are "slut-shamed" and where supposedly "we"re often encouraged to feel pity for a man accused of rape rather than demand justice for the victim," is absolutely absurd.

Public Service Announcement: Men get raped too.
As a matter of fact, it is estimated that between 100,000-140,000 men get raped annually in United States prisons. This is more males than females getting raped annually, but where is the anger over this?

Does abortion kill you? No, it kills the baby inside of you. The baby inside you has a completely different genetic code than you so no, it"s not "your body" when it comes to abortion.
Elizabeth Enochs, writing on Bustle. com, stated, "The recent war on women"s reproductive rights " which includes the financialR39;attacks on Planned ParenthoodR39;" may be the biggest reason yet that we still need feminism." Wait, what? Planned Parenthood was chopping up innocent, defenseless babies and selling their body parts on the black market. That is not okay and for you to defend that in any way shape or form is absolutely disgusting. I am against abortion, however, if you believe in them, at least pay for it yourself. The government should not be funding an organization where there were actual videos of them talking about how much the body part of a baby is worth.

Third wave feminism is not a movement for equality, no matter how many times these women say it is. As a woman, you are more likely to win custody of children in a divorce case, just because you are the mom. As a woman, you receive less than half a prison sentence a man does for the exact same crime. Yet, do you see any protests about these things? The feminists in a movement that is supposed to empower women are actually the weakest among women. You are demanded to not say or show anything that might offend them, but they are not expected to adhere to the same standards. The strongest women I have met have actually been Republican women.

Feminists say that that the average working woman doesn't make enough money, and that is due to the fact that a good portion of women don't work as hard as most men! Employers have to give women workers 9 or more months of maternity leave, and still leave the position they had in that job open so they can get it back. And don't get me started on how the law greatly benefits woman, in most cases who gets custody of the children, Women. Who gets alimony when a couple gets divorced, Women. Who I ask, acts sneaky and pokes holes in condoms to get pregnant and charge the male/shemale(because they are technically dudes) of rape or makes them pay child support... Women

Women get favor in everything, everytime I turn on the TV, something being advertised for women. Look at it this way, my friend was once grabbed in the crotch by this girl, he didn't say anything (surprise, right?) When he tried to grab her breast all of a sudden all hell broke loose. After explaining the situation, she fessed up about doing it. We both wondered, why can't he touch your breast? She says because I'm a Girl. Oh, ok. What no.

How about the Girls who take advantage of the no hitting rule? Who will always get in your face, and constantly be on you like your the scum of the earth? Happens to me in algebra sometimes, I get really close, but I don't hit her. I just completely deflect her everytime she tries to hit me. What about the girl's that fool you into getting them things, and then trick you later leaving you?

I cannot believe you still think women cannot have the same opportunities as men! My mom is single, and she has been the Principle of over 4 schools, she provided well for us and I am very grateful to her. She has had the same education chance as any male! Paid less, get out with that crap, at one point in time she was making more than my Uncle who was also a Principle, IN THE SAME SCHOOL DISTRICT!

Your upset about the negative image of women in the media? Girls that get raped? Or the way women get depicted?

NEWSFLASH, women who are strippers, CHOOSE to be that. Granted, it may be a last resort, but you know that something else happened that involved that, and it IS NOT ALWAYS A MAN'S FAULT.
Women in media are PAID to do those things and act that way TV, they are actors. Those ladies, chose to be depicted that way since they are on there! If they really didn't want to be on TV that way, THEY WOULDN'T DO IT!! Take that media argument up with the actors that do it.

Rape, is something that no one can really ever stop. Its like trying to stop a 2 yr old from crying. They are always going to do it, its going to happen. What you could do is to stop yelling at all men. Even though I am not fully grown, I have never done anything like that to a girl. The worst I've done is maybe felt her hair without permission.

The abortion thing I do agree with though. Won't even argue there.

If your fighting for women's rights in other countries you take it up with them. I just don't wanna get yelled at for something that hardly ever occurs here in the States anymore.


I accept the challenge. I will be arguing there is a place for feminism in the 21st century.

I will not deny that American Feminism has now been almost rendered pointless by decades of reform in favour of women. However, the debate question was on feminism in the 21st century, not on feminism in America meaning I have full rights to discuss this on a global basis rather than a national one.

The definition of feminism is, "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes". There would be little point of feminism if women's rights had been achieved. However in many countries across the globe women's rights have not been achieved. Far from it in fact.

In Saudi Arabia despite the ruling earlier this week that women will be able to drive, there are still many things within Saudi Arabia that women are not able to do on an equal basis with men.
1) Every women in Saudi Arabia has a male Wali, an official version of a guardian. This can be the husband, brother, uncle or father etc. This system stops women from making any major decisions, getting married, travelling abroad or obtaining a passport without the permission of their Wali.
2) Amusement parks, beaches, banks and public transportation are all segregated in most of the country to ensure women do not interact with men outside their family without the permission of their Wali. Offices often have different entrances for men and women. Women are also banned from going for a swim in a public swimming pool and have to use private swimming pools.
3) Women are not allowed to change into clothes they may with to buy in a shop changing room because the thought of a women changing behind a dressing room door is apparently too much for men to handle.
4) Marital Rape is legal in Saudi Arabia.

There are hundreds of other examples like this but frankly I don't have time to type them all out. My point is that until global equality for women is achieved then there is a place for a movement that advocates the rights of women. That movement is feminism.

I now await my opponents response.
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Posted by Atheistvoice 3 years ago
My opponent forfeits, does anyone know why the debate has not moved onto my round yet?
Posted by Arganger 3 years ago
Before someone accepts and you get knocked a point or two, you many want to change the title of the debate to, Is there a place for American feminism in the 21st century?
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