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Is there any evidence for creation?

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Started: 5/3/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I know I already did one that was basically the same topic as this but now that I know my away around the site better I want to try again.
No insults
Provide evidence for your claim ( links )
Address any fallacies that are called out throughout the debate.
And provide concrete evidence ... " because god!" is not concrete evidence, you'll need to provide world accepted scientific articles.

Let the games begin


Today we live in a world of fantasy, illusion. The greatest minds of Science readily admit this yet fail to understand by reason and lack of understanding the immense truth of their statement.

Science through experimentation now knows that animal and Human Life should not exist on Earth at all! Through their attempts to prove some form or method of natural formation of creature Life. The Failure of each method tested to actually produce a real air-breathing creature Life at all, dramatically demonstrated in real-time that there was nor is a method oe way for REAL living walking, talking animal life to form through any natural process! This failure unwittingly proved beyond all doubt, that Real Living animal and Human life did not form naturally.

Science realizing that the theory of the primordial ooze didn"t happen in reality. In short SCIENCE ABANDONED attempts to PROVE the Origin of Life all together!

This is why Science no longer mentions the origin of Life at all. Unable to provide the evidence of natural formation of Creature life, destroys in totality the Theory's of evolution in its entirety.

to prove this: The Challenge that has been unanswered for 2 years already is:

PROVIDE one Scientific evidence of fact revealing the creation of a Living/air breathing/ procreation animal created under evolutionary experimentation proving the Origin of actual Real Living creature life in OUR Reality and realm.

It cannot be microscopic, because animal Life/Human Life is in THIS realm. Babies are born of all creatures in THIS realm, and it is THIS realm that is in the truest sense TRUE LIFE! as demonstrated by gnats, ants, to elephants and whales! Each animal exists in THIS reality not in the unseen realm.

their distinction in Animal/Human Life have babies that are not microscopic and produce offspring that are:

a. uniquely individual, not the same.

b. chemically different in DNA meaning distinguishable from others of their kind.

c. Are birthed by OVA production from ADULT individual.

where as organsims are:

a. completely and chemically the SAME.

b. differentiation is considered abnormal as MUTATION?

c. NOT born as babies but divided cells of itself, with identical attributes and chemical composition!

If you cannot show this then debate IS done. Creation by supernatural means IS PROVED! More than that requires research on your part, as the rest of the 2.2 Billion Souls on earth (identified as Christians) already KNOW. We can develop it for you? yes, but only you can research it from your own PERSONAL standpoint!

Reasonable and logical human reasoning dictates- further research to ascertain Human existence, since Science has failed to produce a reasoned response!

Thus we must look beyond the scientific and the Natural neither of which was capable of providing an answer!

Here is the available evidence:

Animal and Human Life is here?

it has been proven scientifically that we cannot FORM through any natural means nor methods?

We we PLACED HERE is obvious?
Debate Round No. 1


There is no other realm, Bacteria and other microorganisms inhabit the same space we do and if there is so much evidence for creation why are you so quick to say what examples I can and can't use? Further more what makes your story right, and not the Muslim, Hindu, Viking, and Scientologist story of creation true? And this is a debate about whether creation has evidence which means you'll need to provide for mentioned evidence. So please try to stay on topic and really try to be scientific like I said in the rules, widely accepted scientific articles are needed for your evidence. Like I said please give evidence and links, our opinion is not included in those accepted articles. Oh and everything starts off microscopic, and grows by cell division. So I'll let you think on that until next time.



Couldn't answer the question RIGHT? Don't feel bad junior ... not even Dawkins or Stephen Hawking CAN answer it! Course is this Debate design to FIND the TRUTH, or just opinions? I mean, Opinions are like rear ends, everyone HAS one and their ALL full of ... well, you know.

The DIFFERENCE between me and you? I HAVE the REAL TRUTH, while you have lies, imagination and opinions which 100% of cannot be proven. While Science itself proved mine!

which is why you can't anwer the question and just came back whining?

As Grandma used to say, ONLY a smacked Dog Howls.

S.M.A.C.K. O.W.W.W.W.W.W.W hehehe

so your going with imagination and NO PROOF huh?

Well, I HAVE shown you THE PROOF by scientific experimentation from Darwin to Dawkins ... that Animal Life cannot BE created by NATURAL MEANS. HENCE your and everyone else's inability to ANSWER the question!

and as for your whining about bacteria?

Bacteria divides and becomes an identical of itself in composition and properties.
NO ANIMAL LIFE DOES THAT. every offspring is unique to itself, each time EVERY TIME!

THAT is why you cannot claim them as LIFE. Your in school you should know this?
Offspring are created by OVA (EGG) ONLY.

Bacteria, and micro-organsims DO NOT! reason they are NOT LIFE #2.

study up before responding please!
Debate Round No. 2


Do bacteria eat? do they reproduce? Do they move?, by all means bacteria are living organism like I said scientific please, and I like how you tried to turn this debate on me you are debating creation but having given evidence for it, this debate isn't about evolution it's about creation, maybe you should put on your glasses? And If you have the proof show it give me a link, and for what defines life. The current definition is that organisms maintain homeostasis, are composed of cells, undergo metabolism, can grow, adapt to their environment, respond to stimuli, and reproduce. And what about identical twins, they are not unique from each other, so does that mean they are not true life? And yes I'm in school you may want to join me here after seeing what you just said you may need to brush up on your basic biology. And no you haven't shown me any evidence you made your opinion known without any other material to back it up. Give me a scientific article or I'll just assume you don't know how to read. And really imagination tell me which sounds more like something a child would come up with

" A magic being that no one has seen or heard in hundreds of years created the world through magical means, its origins are a mystery" in case your wondering I just got that off the back of a book I found in the library but it seems to draw some parallels doesn't it? And give me the quote on quote science that has proven your god but not the thousands other cultures have worshiped throughout history, I dare you to try ( I doubt you will though considering your previous comment had 0 links to your sources, 0 evidence to back it up. Due to your lack of reading skills, inability to provide links to your "scientific sources" and since you made up half of your argument stating you had evidence but without providing it, I'm going to assume you were home schooled by like minded individuals which would explain why you find it so hard to understand what defines a living organism, and your clear miss understanding of evidence, and why your a "former" nurse if that's true it's pretty easy to lie on the internet as you seem adapt at doing. So let's try to see some links this go around old timer, and if you don't know how I'm sure those 2 kids your home schooling could do it for you.


So basically you got nothing. I give you evidence and you dazzle us with your opinions.

Got it! Hehehe
Debate Round No. 3


You clearly lack the basic understanding of this debate, it whole point was so that YOU, could bring evidence and see how it matched up against other peoples' preferred ideas or theories, hence the name of the debate, "evidence for creation". You have yet to present anything other than I believe and that's evidence enough, so hopefully for the last time, please give a link to articles which back up your point or something cause I'm getting tired of your inability to comply to a simple rule that most debates require, maybe that's why your win ratio is so low? So please give me tangible evidence, or I'll just keep doing what I've been doing and tear apart your "theory" .


That you do not possess the ability to understand the evidence is your problem. That you presume that debates you initiate requires the accepted to hand carry obvious evidence that exist in the public domain TO YOU is your 2nd error. The rule doesn"t include me being your butler cause your lazy.

I informed you at the beginning that EVERY evolution experiment FAILED to produce life that"s evidentiary fact available In The science journals. If you think it"s my job to bring that proof to you cause your lazy, stop asking question you ain"t interested in looking for yourself. Stay stupid!

The Condition not the insult. Bet you want me to look up the definition for you too? Nope not interested!
Debate Round No. 4


Ah well this is the end, Pro stated that I am at falt for the lack of evidence in pro's argument, how that works I don't know this debate drifted from its intended purpose due to pro failure to understand that in order for someone to understand evidence you must first provide evidence as the debate stated. Pro stated there is evidence but didn't present any and then proceeded to insult me for asking evidence. So in term pro is at the end of the life cycle of the generic garden variety creationist, when your life is at an end try your hardest to make an impact which he has failed to do, so he attempts to pass on the folk tale to the other younger people.

Here's some fact for the pro, studies have shown that more and more young people are leaving churches, we are the next generation, it is pointless to try and argue with us you'll be gone before us anyway, so go on and keep believing and I'll keep up my studies to get into college and maybe even close the gaps so important to the evolution deniers and if or when I do I'll think of you.

I won't be able to read your response until Monday so see you then.

Oh and pro your first flaw is thinking I'd do your job and try to convince myself of your weak argument this proves the lack of evidence if you couldn't even muster up 1 single real point to argue.


people can read junior, they don't need to be narrated by one who CANNOT read.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago

Hey just a little warning that I want to give you:
Atheists don't believe in the Bible. They will laugh at you if you use Bible verses against them.
It will never be effective to a non-believer.
Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago
"THAT is why you cannot claim them as LIFE. Your in school you should know this?
Offspring are created by OVA (EGG) ONLY."

You obviously didn't pay attention in school old man
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
Folks my duty is to God ... not to you!
I am to TELL you the truth, not appease your ego, or stoke your hand. It's to tell you what you NEED TO HEAR not what you WANT to hear!
If you want that there's phone numbers you can call.

Want to get saved and NOT go to Hell, I can tell you how? I am not gonna do it FOR YOU! I am not gonna prove a thing for you? I already KNOW. You want to KNOW? LOOK! it isn't difficult, you just have to do the legwork. He's God, He isn't going to kneel to YOU!

He's REAL, He can spare you from the Hell Adam's SIN forced upon you! BUT ... YOU got to want it, enough to seek Him! Period!

Jeremiah 20:13
"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

I can personally attest to the truth of that statement!!!!!!
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
darkwolf ;
Good question I'll answer it?

IF the only thing holding you back is a god complex, that YOU are important enough to feel somebody is obligated to answer questions for you that are actually not your concern nor business, as a human being.

let me see if I can put this in a way that the simplest minds can understand this?

Now we (Me and 2.2 Billion other souls) KNOW your going to Hell right? right?

Now WE spend months days years attempting to answer your questions .... you die and go to HELL because ... you know, you never accepted Christ as your savior? Right?

Okay ... my question to YOU is of WHAT USE was the information gonna do YOU IN HELL?
Nothing right? Soooo, am I smart wasting MY TIME attempting to PROVE something to YOU your NOT WILLING to look for yourself? Or isn't it just better for me to move on to someone .... say less likely to HAVE a God complex?

Like .... well why does bad happen to good people? Well why is there evil in the World, Well why does God allow babies to die? Why does God allow accidents ... well, why, well why ... well why ...

and the answer to THESE and others will serve WHAT PURPOSE to you while you sizzle like a sausage in HELL?

You SHOULD be asking, HOW do I GET SAVED. How did you First meet God, How does God help you Know? How can I get God to help me?

See ... THOSE questions can GET YOU OUT of Hell. But nope? Just ain't smart enough to ask those are you?

you want to know the useless, pointless. And your doing it SOLELY out of SPITE for God AND His people.
but you want to make THEM believe they are the bad guys for calling you stupid ... when they're just calling a Cow a Cow!

go figure!
Posted by darkwolf 3 years ago
But if nothing can come from nothing then where did the creator come from?
Posted by unknown777 3 years ago
There's probably a signs of creation because truly we can't create ourselves.
Posted by darkwolf 3 years ago
There have the link for the cut stories.
Posted by darkwolf 3 years ago
And Follower, thanks for the threats, but your words mean nothing to me. its like threating someone in a different language your mouth is moving but the only thing I heard in inaudible gibberish. So please sirs take your ideals and keep them in your heads preach them on Sunday, and I'll go back to my life of seeking answers.
Posted by darkwolf 3 years ago
Tried to out a link but after 2 attempts and it not pasting I gave up, so.......... my bad.
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Vote Placed by Wizofoz 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: At no time did Pro present any evidence for their point of view. There entire argument consisted of presenting a challenge they claimed proved that life was created. It made several assertions- such that "science knows life should not exist" without si]sufficient explanation or citation This in itself would be a fallacy, but when Con pointed to bacteria as an example that met Pros challenge, Pro simply mover=d the criteria. Conduct point to Con as pros "only a smacked dog howls" remark was an unnecessary insult.

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