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Is time travel possible

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Started: 7/6/2016 Category: Science
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"Time" is the label word we put to reaction, thus time is reaction. There is NO action, only reaction! Time travel forward is only a perspectives' point of view. Time travel back is not possible! One must first stop time to travel back, since time is reaction, stopped time has no movement through it or in it. The equations say it is possible, but there are no physical properties for absolute "0". Worm hole or black holes are still reactions and time just moves at a different speed within them. Time still moves forward per the perspectives' point of view or the traveler. Nothing un-reacts or can!


Relatively recently, whilst"exploring"the mathematics of string theory,"Theoretical Physicist James Gates and his researcher discovered something rather interesting buried deep"within the mathematical equations of super symmetry.

They found computer code.

And it isn"t just random 1"s and 0"s either. Bizarrely, the code they found is code which is used in computer browser operating system software.

Specifically; Block Linear Self Dual Error Correcting Code.


If our reality is a computer simulation as evidence suggests, time is a meaningless concept. All one would have to is manipulate the code to travel back in time or forward in time.


Within the construct of space and time we can bend both dependant on the mass of the object. The "fabric" of space can be manipulated. This concept was used in the movie "Intersteller".

Here's a clip from the movie demonstrating this concept if interested.


In the movie, Cooper did age, but his time ran way slower than the time of earth. That is due to relativity.

According to Einstein's theory of relativity, time runs slower with respect to Earth on planets whose gravitational pull is greater than that of Earth. So, according to the film, Cooper landed on Miller's planet, which runs very close to Gargantua, a spinning black hole.

Nothing escapes the gravitational pull of a black hole, even light. So, a planet which is running dangerously close to a Black hole will also have gravitational pull way more than earth. So much more, that 45 minutes on that planet was equivalent to 23 years in earth time.

When Cooper returns, he feels like he has been gone a few hours. His young daughter is now an elderly woman.


If one could get enough mass, speed, or energy to manipulate space time, time travel would be possible.

Debate Round No. 1


As per the equations, all reactions stop including gravity, electron movement, no fields, no movement at all. Its a barrier that cannot be moved through. No reaction! None! Stopped time is "0"! +1 is forward movement, -1 is reverse movement. There is no going around that fact. Mathematics is on a 2 dimensional surface and not in a 4 dimensional space. Reaction is the start of the first singularity, which is when time started in this universe. Its been proven with a NASA experiment that gravity has an effect on time. But from the perspectives' point of view. Forward time can be manipulated. Going back or reverse is not possible. Mathematics treats "0" as just another number. When there are different physical laws for that point in time. Sighting other arguments or debates for that which does not include the concept of non movement at "0" does not belong within this debate. Their explanations only include movement forward or backwards per their equations. I, even believe that to approach or enter "0" is to implode or expand to infinity. Even if you manipulate time, you do not get younger or older, other than the normal progression of point of view time. Only an outside observer would see you from his changed appearance as his normal progression point of view time. Time is relative only to the individual.


Seeing there is strong evidence that this is a simulation, time travel is most certainly possible forwards and backwards.

All one would need to do is mathematically manipulate the equations that are used to describe the universe. By manipulating the physical variables in mathematical increments by bending space-time at these increments, you would change the forward speed by making the funnel bigger or smaller. In order to go back in time you would need to reverse the bend. So if a funnel shaped bending changes forward time, bend spacetime inside out. In other words bend it so far forward that it doubles back on itself. Now you are headed backwards and the bending manipulates space-time only going backwards in time.


-Temporal Mechanics
This is the study of time, its processes, and consequences of its change. It is an extremely complex idea because of the infinite interrelationships between each object in a temporal continuum.

-Chronometric Particles
These particles exist in the fourth dimension, time, and are the most common means of time travel.

-Temporal Distortion
This is a term for any change in the normal fabric of space-time.

A wormhole being a connection between two points in the space-time continuum. A wormhole could connect any two points in any two times. The transit time and distance between those points is 0, as though two points were folded until they were touching. However, this requires an unsermountable amount of energy, so there is always some distance between the points, though this value varies between particular examples.

-Temporal Rift
This is a spatial formation similar to a wormhole. Like a wormhole, it connects two points in space-time. However, these two points are in constant flux, while wormholes maintain their positions for definite periods of time. Because of this, rifts have no clear event horizon.

-Temporal Psychosis
This would be a condition physically similar to nitrogen narcosis. When one has been exposed to a temporal distortion or an anomaly, the individual"s cerebral cortex may be affected by the drastic changes in space-time.

So I will build your setup.

We are going to use a massive amount of energy with the Bronto5000 which sucks up and launches energy from the sun. We will use it to bend spacetime then use the Raptor5000 to create a massive wormhole. Once the massive wormhole is created to satisfaction, we will enter its cusp, and we will bend the space-time within it. We will then create another wormhole outside of the original wormhole. We will enter the cusp of Wormhole 2 with another Bronto5000. We will bend spacetime within Wormhole 2 with another Raptor5000. We will then use "Brontoraptor10,000 Deluxe with a cherry on top" and merge the 2 wormholes. We will use one wormhole to manipulate direction in time by manipulating spacetime into a 4th dimensioned space. We will use the other wormhole to manipulate speed. We will then use Craptor1000 to suck up the galaxy and hurl it into a third wormhole, then use Craptor 2000 to bend space time within it. Wormhole 3 will be merged with Wormholes 1 and 2. Wormhole 3 will be used to contain and hold action of the Milky Way. Thus we can manipulate the entire space-time fabric of the Milky Way searching out its entire space-time history through Brontorynbeiosisgenesis.
Debate Round No. 2


OK! Again, you are using 2 dimensional mathematics to explain a 4 dimensional theory. You cannot reverse any time mathematics with out coming to a stop first and that is "0", stopped time. Advancing time physical laws are not the same in stopped time. Manipulating the mathematics, you can eventually create an explanation for anything in the universe. But the explanation will be for 2 dimensions. And wo is sure that these funnels will change the speed of 4 dimensional time and not instead keep time constant but create inter=dimensional travel. Without actual physical tests to prove that all these other theories hold true, it's still just a guess, an educated guess, I grant you, but still a guess. Also, to be sure you were actually going forward in time, you would have to visualize it, see it progress. Next, the exterior of the vehicle in which the traveler is placed would be subject to deterioration by the fabric of time, which would expose the traveler to that which is outside, thus destroying all of that which is trying to be sent. Dark matter, even though not physically proved yet, has some abrasive qualities which will cause the damage as well. Wormhole, mathematics state that it would be instantaneous to travel through. But in reality will still take very small amounts of time, normal time. Another theory, that has yet to be proven that you can travel through, as a fact. Each of the reference you sight, have the words "may" or "should" or "could" or "might" or "must". All without actual proof that it will happen. Einstein, even envisioned 4 dimensional concepts to use in his mathematical explanations. Keep in mind though, some he didn't. Seeing or experiencing in 4 dimensions and then trying to explain them on and in 2 dimensions is almost impossible. So, if any of you reading this experience 4 dimensional time travel forward, remember my words and yo cannot return to our time and when you try to explain to others, many even n this time period, only think in 2 dimensions, so it's going to be very difficult to do. Truly, I do not think forward time travel is possible and traveling back is impossible!!!


I didn't want to have to do this, but now I must reveal the time travelling secrets.

I actually have video proof that time travel is possible. (Video proof)


Con did not realise I had this evidence, so it is a mild sneak attack on my part, and rather shameful of me. I digress.


Flux capacitor-
This is what makes time travel possible.

The idea came to me in a vision I had after being knocked out by hitting my head on a toilet. I drew an inverted Y-shape with wires and stated "flux compression". I also performed some mild calculations on a piece of paper.

Since coming up with the idea, I spent many years and most of my family fortune trying to get it to work. "By"1962, I had invented the temporal field capacitor. It was a prototype time machine that was able to send objects through time, but only during the lifespan of the device. It could only send objects forward through time, as sending objects even a few minutes into the past would cause a buildup of flux energy. If an object was sent any further back than that, the arrival of the object would overheat the capacitor and start an electrical fire. The problem with the build-up of flux energy was solved by the flux capacitor, allowing time travel to the future, as well as the past.

The flux capacitor consisted of a box with three small, flashing incandescent lamps arranged as a "Y", located above and behind the passenger's seat of the time machine. As the car neared 88 miles per hour, the light of the flux capacitor pulsed faster until it had a steady stream of light, which one was not supposed to look at as indicated by the Dymo warning label placed across the glass panel. The stainless steel body of the time machine also had a beneficial effect on the "flux dispersal" as the capacitor activated, although I was interrupted before I could finish explaining it fully. Accessing the flux capacitor safely required disconnection of the capacitor drive, as the Dymo warning label at the top of the unit pointed out.
In order to travel through time, the vehicle integrated with the flux capacitor needed to be traveling at 88 mph, and required 1.21 gigawatts of power or 1,210,000,000 watts, originally supplied by a plutonium-powered nuclear reactor. However, for the time machine's return trip from 1955 back to 1985, plutonium was not available, so a lightning rod was connected directly into the flux capacitor and was used while the vehicle sustained 88 mph. Plutonium was used once again for a trip forward in time at least 30 years, and at some point thereafter the plutonium reactor was replaced by a "Mr. Fusion" home energy generator from the future that was fueled by extracting hydrogen atoms from garbage.

The time machine once again came back to 1985 and proceeded to travel to 2015, where it was stolen and taken back to 1955 and returned back to 2015 without my knowledge. When I returned in 1985, I found it was a different present, so I traveled back to 1955 to fix the space-time continuum. The time machine was again struck by lightning in the year 1955, this time by accident. The lightning created an overload and caused a malfunction in the time circuits sending the time machine back to January 1, 1885. Earlier, the 1885 date was already displayed before the lightning hit, after the LED read-outs flashed.

It was then hidden in the Delgado Mine for 70 years because suitable replacement parts were not invented until 1947. It was recovered from the mine in 1955 and repaired by my 1955 counterpart, thus restoring it to working order. Since both gasoline and garbage were available, the next trip back to 1885 was performed under the time machine's own power.

Due to a broken fuel line, the time machine's final trip from 1885 to 1985 was partially powered by a steam locomotive pushing the vehicle up to 88 mph while using Mr. Fusion to generate the 1.21 gigawatts required to activate the flux capacitor and break the time barrier. I returned to 1985 in a time machine made from a locomotive. This used a flux capacitor that I was able to power using steam (at least with the propulsion requirement for time travel), located on the front of the train, in place of the lamp.

I have said too much already...

(Bronto scampers off into the weeds)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: RonaldTrumpkin// Mod action: Removed<

5 points to Con (Arguments, Sources).. Reasons for voting decision: Last round Pro decided to troll and infer that he had conceded. Pro's sources were fictional in content and offered no scientific value.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) Arguments are insufficiently explained. An inferred concession is not reason enough to award these points, nor is a single round of trolling. The voter is required to specifically assess arguments made by both sides and come to a decision based on those arguments. (2) Sources are insufficiently explained. Assessing one side's sources is not enough " the voter has to explain why Con's sources were reliable.
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