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Is town of salem a fun game?

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Started: 3/7/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Town of Salem is a game that you can use your best poker face to fool others. It is a serious game of guess. who where you have to try to live long enough to complete your objective. It teaches good improvisation, has many funny stimulating moments, and uses extreme tactical geniusness to complete


To be successful in playing a game of Town of Salem, a player must have intricate knowledge of the following:
-How their role works
-How others' roles work
-What roles can be and are present

And even with this knowledge, there is no sure shot at winning. Various other factors affect how one can win a game of Town of Salem:
-Which alignment the player has
-Experience of the player
-Experience of other players
-Intelligence of any given player
-When any given player is killed

New players will often be confused by the community and gameplay. This can result in a difficult learning curve and leaving before truly understanding how to play, which is decidedly not a fun experience.

In the game, neutral roles, especially the Arsonist, Werewolf, Executioner, and Jester are at a serious disadvantage. Town and Mafia wins are most common, with neutrals barely having any chances. If you get a neutral role assigned to you, you will most likely lose and therefore have less fun.

Moreover, the game has a major flaw that hurts town, mafia, and neutral alike: death. Any player is subject to dying in-game, even roles with certain immunities. Typically there will be deaths each night within the game. Once a player is dead, they can have no impact on the game, unless there is a medium. Then, if the medium dies, they get one chance to communicate with the living. This results in boredom and many players who have died in-game will either leave or be AFK.

In conclusion, while Town of Salem can be somewhat fun at times, it has many disadvantages that would render it, overall, not a fun game.
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Posted by Sensorfire 3 years ago
Yale, reply as a debate argument, not as a comment.
Posted by YaleGriffin 3 years ago
There are often ways to win though. If you play with others with you, who have experience. You can often team up and create a strategy together.
Posted by YaleGriffin 3 years ago
Town of Salem is a fun and intriguing game that is good if you have about a half an hour of time on your hands. It is often humorous and involves intertwining roles of people pretending to be people they aren't and those who are trying to decipher these roles.
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