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Is water wet?

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Started: 2/28/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The definition of "Wet" is "covered or saturated with water or another liquid". If i have a glass of water and I accidentally spill it, the surface I spilled it on is now wet. If i tripped on my furry costume while going for a bath and I had a glass of water in my hand, and when I the water in the glass went into the bath, does that mean that that water made the bath water wet. Yes water is wet when you touch it, but for water to make water wet is just insane. I added to the bath water I didn't make the water wet. Water being wet is only a property.


I joined this debate because
1. this debate looks very much like a troll (it probably is)
2. you are not incorrect, the definition of the word wet does not show that water itself is wet.
3. talk about something that has more substance, not this, this is something you ask a friend or at a party, not on a website for debates that actually have something to base out of.
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Posted by Cenc 3 years ago
Actually, it isn't wet. Liquid itself cannot be wet - only the surface or material it comes into contact with can be.
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