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Is your favorite video game actually good?

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Started: 3/8/2021 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm making this debate because I want to debate with someone if their favorite video game is actually good as they think it is please state what you like about it and why you love it so much in your debate


My favorite video game is chess. What I like about chess is that I am playing against people from random areas of the world, Each using a variety of strategies in order to counteract each advancement of their opponent. I can always face some one new, Who uses a new strategy or a variation of it from my previous opponent.

I love chess so much because of entertainment reasons and education/development reasons.

Firstly I'll address the entertainment reasons. When playing, It feels really entertaining how I using a variety of tactics to slowly whittle down my opponents pieces to win the "war" as the "commander" of my "troops" when I am winning. It is also applicable in the opposite situation. When I am losing, I feel the rush of excitement when I am under time constraints from the need to figure a way out from the desperate situation I am currently in to turn the tides of "war" or to cut my losses so I could sustain longer. When I lose the match, I also feel somewhat gratified, As I had discovered some of my shortcomings I had during the match and strive to improve myself to be a better "commander" in the next match.

Now I'll address the education/development reasons. Although these reasons are just for me personally and that I can't really bring out the data or studies to support my claim, I feel that it may apply to other people. I feel that the more I play chess, The faster and sharper my thought process becomes. It feels like my brain is actually alive now and the state of my brain previously, Was clouded and muddled. This may be due to my brain being more active as I use various tactics to advance or respond to my opponents advances, Especially when under time constraints. One more education/development reason is that I feel I can think deeper into certain matters arbitrarily, Unlike before where it depended on my environment, Circumstances, And mood.

Although chess sounds like a simple game, It consists of countless tactics and requires one to pay high attention to the board and I feel that it is extremely hard to bore players, Even to people of high caliber.
Debate Round No. 1


chess huh? Well, That's actually pretty cool but besides that, There are many downsides to chess I will tell you right now:
Chess serves no real purpose outside itself.
Chess uses time and effort and displaces other activities which might be better than it in some ways.
Chess is inherently unconstructive. . . .
Very few chess players can earn money from chess, Especially with the large number of GMs in the world these days. While some types of chess are cheap, Playing infrequent OTB tournaments is expensive and takes a lot of time, With a large impact on the rest of ones' life.
Chess can be obsessive, Which can be damaging to other areas of life.
This is my argument
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Posted by UnknownDebateGuy 4 months ago
I guess he forfeited
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