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Islam is not a religion of war and terror

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Started: 7/11/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Islam is not a religion of terror, if anyone thinks so then he can join the debate...


First of all it's not racist. Racist is discriminating someone on race. Religionist is not a word it's called religious discrimination. I don't care about their race, gender, but I do care about looks. I do in fact have "something"against the religion of Islam and muslims. My main problem is that more than 50% of Muslims are radical Muslims. This includes about 2.2 million radical muslims in America. These people include people who believe ISIS is okay, 9/11 was okay, honor killings of women are okay, and sharia law should be the law of the land. Now into the actual religion. In Surah (3:151) it states all people who don't subject to Islam are not innocent. Surah (9:123) says that anyone who isn't muslim shall be killed. Muhammed was also a very bad guy. He hung two girls for singing satirical songs about him Hisham (819). He also married a 12 year old and sexually abused her. He also married 3 times. In Quran (8:39) it says again to kill all non believers. And finally about looks. I don't think women should wear hijabs, burkas, etc. because it was made to oppress women by Muhammed. I hope you see where I'm coming from.
Debate Round No. 1


I am happy that you have joined this debate my friend... Firstly, less than 50% of Muslims are radical, in fact only 7% of all Muslims are "Jihadis" who kill in the name of Islam. Of course there are between 3-5% that believe that the actions of ISIS and Taliban are rightful. Let me ask a question... why is it that these terrorists kill more Muslims than any other religion around the world? 97% of fatalities related to terrorism are Muslims.
Why is the Egyptian army fighting ISIS soldiers in Sinai? The answer to this question is because ISIS doesn't want to kill Christians, Jews, or Atheists..... Muslims are the target. There are many Muslim families who want to send their kids to school and live a happy life.
about the verse (3:151) god talks about what will occur in Judgement day... and by terror he did not mean terrorism, he meant fear (In judgement day).
the (9:123) verse talks about when Muslims are in a state of war.. they have to fight aggressively against their enemies.

[2:191] "You may kill those who wage war against you, and you may evict them whence they evicted you. Oppression is worse than murder. Do not fight them at the Sacred Masjid, unless they attack you therein. If they attack you, you may kill them. This is the just retribution for those disbelievers." as you can see in this verse, if the enemy did not wage a war on you, don't you dare fight them.

Now lets talk about the prophet Muhammad "peace be upon him", the prophet never hanged any girls and if you may type your source in the next round.

There is also a hadith by the prophet (or a quote by him) --> "there will be people near the end times who create violence and have a corrupted Islamic clergy, with their own "state". Doesn't that sound like ISIS to you?


Yeah only 7% actually kill, but it"s disturbing to find that you think Islam is a peaceful religion when over 50% of its followers believe in those things. If they don"t want to kill Christians then why are they burning them at the stake, and in cages?
My source for he hanging girls is Hisham 819. Now here"s the thing, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. By the way Muhammad is a horrible man for making women wear hijabs. It"s hilarious how people at feminist rallies put on hijabs, as it"s he most feminine oppressing thing in the world.
Debate Round No. 2


Its wrong to think that women that wear hijabs look funny and stupid. A hijab is worn to help keep the privacy of a woman. According to statistics less women are raped in the Muslim world than anywhere else...

As i said only 3-5% of Muslims believe that what ISIS and these organizations do is correct.

You said that all terrorists are Muslim.... let me give you a few examples of christian terrorists....
1) The lords resistance army --> this organization maimed raped and killed over 100,000 people to establish a christian state.
2) The KKK --> christian terrorists
3) In a place called Quebec in 2017 --> a white supremacist killed 6 muslim men while praying
4) In 2015 in south Carolina ---> a white supremacist killed 9 black people to start a race war (isnt that terrorism)
5)1996 Olympics ---> a christian man bombed the olympics in Atlanta
6) and the USA --> attacking Iraq and killing thousands of people to find weapons of mass destruction... and when non are found all they say is sorry and steal all the oil.

As you can see not all terrorists are muslim...


If they were it for privacy, then why don't men wear a hijab type thing too.

How can 3 - 5% be correct. If you paid attention to my links in RD1 you would have seen Ben Shapiro clearly outline just a few Muslim countries. The number of Muslims who believe those terrorist organizations and other things is over 50%.

The lord's resistance army - OK, I agree

The KKK - How are they, terrorists?

How do you know that white supremacist was Christian?

South Carolina, how do you know he was Christian?

Olympics bombing - Ok, I agree.

Iraq war - They did have/developing weapons of mass destruction. NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!

Okay, here's the problem.

I would say less than 1%, probably even less in Catholics (which is me) kill illegally. Sure some f*cked up groups in Africa do some weird sh*t. But the number of Christians who do that type of stuff is way under 50%. A lot of yours made no sense like the KKK and the two shooters. They didn't belong to a terrorist organization. Just because two random guys killed some people doesn't mean the whole religion is bad. This is untrue for Islam as more than 50%...
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago
Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
Will join in the next 10 hours after arriving back from my trip to Reno.
Posted by canis 3 years ago
Well..And that is where is you will get "stuck"...
Posted by canis 3 years ago
Any one god religion, only exist because of terror...
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro won this debate on all accounts. They used better information, logic, arguments, reasoning, sentence structure, and conducted themselves more maturely. I don't think AKMath has a reliable source for any of the numbers they throw out and definitely has not demonstrated a proper understanding of this topic. Saying "all terrorists are Muslims" definitely is not helping his/her cause.

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