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Islam is the true religion

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Started: 8/15/2012 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello everyone. I welcome any one to challenge me and my knowledge about my religion. First of all I am a Muslim and believe Allah is the only god worthy of worship and Prophet Muhammad(SAWS) is Allah's slave and messenger and friend just like Ibrahim(Abraham) may Allah be pleased with them. Secondly I am here to prove that Islam is the one and only true religion and the holy Quran has a complete way of life for EVERYONE. 1400 years ago Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said that human body has 360 joints. In 1995, they found out that it actually does have 360 joints lol we don't need proof. We(Muslims) follow and obey. When a woman gets pregnant, she goes through different stages. Guess what the Quran and one Hadith( saying of the prophet Muhammad) has the exact stages the baby goes through in description 1400 years before the "science" found out the stages. Alhamdulillah(all thanks be to Allah). The Quran mentions many prophets including those mentioned in the Torah and Injeel(Jesus,Muhammad,Moses,Soloman,David,Adam,Noah,Lot,Abraham,Jacob,etc). Just to let you know the Quran, the final book of Allah after Torah and Injeel, has never been changed in it's history nor will it change until the day of judgement. By the way double or triple or 4x or even 5x check your holy book which mentioned of the last prophet(Muhammad) and gave details how he will look like and he was. Next, for the christisns how can Jesus be the son of god?? So you are saying that Jesus is the son of god which has to be a god?? How can Jesus be god when he USED THE BATHROOM?? How can he be god when he was in Mary's womb?? So you say he crucified for the sins, if so then can I rob a bank and not get a sin?? If so then what about people before Jesus?? Are they free of sin?? As for the Jews who say Allah(god...) created the earth and the heavens in six days and rested the seventh...:O?? So who TOOK CARE of the earth then??? Allah doesnt need sleep nor does he eat nor does he use bathroom nor marry nor does he have any partners( no father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle NOTHING. He is ALL just, ALL knowing, ALL seeing, ALL hearing. He can see a black ant on a black stone on a black night and hear it's footsteps and know it's destination. So all I ask you is to listen to this call and become Muslims. Allah says (in the Quran) to not be like the people that have gone astray(Christians) neither be like the ones who have earned his anger(Jews who have killed many prophets). This is in the Quran first chapter first surah seventh verse. I ask you for the sake of Allah to submit yourselves to his might. I ask Allah to guide you you all to the straight path. Please leave your thoughts and questions down below for I have the answers. Btw Islam doesn't permit killing innocent people whoever did 9/11 was not a Muslim. May peace be upon you all.


Howdy Khuza (can I call you Khuza?). I'll accept your debate. I'm not a Christian, or any kind of theist for that matter, but you said this debate was welcome to anyone so here I am.

Since this debate is only three rounds I'd better get down to business right now.

1. Burden of Proof

Given the resolution "Islam is the true religion" I assume that Pro intends to argue both for God's existence and for Islam's validity over all other religions. Why must pro argue for God's existence? Consider that there are non-theistic religions [1]. For Islam to be proven as being more "true" than all other religions, Pro must establish that God exists and then show that the Islamic God is the only possible God. If both these things are not done by the end of round 3, then Pro has not fulfilled his BOP.

2. Rebuttals to Pro's Arguments

- Evidence 1: 360 Joints

Pro has not sourced this claim and so it doesn't technically require debunking, but assuming it is true it is not evidence for anything. Anybody who can count to 360 and has access to a complete skeleton can deduce how many joints the human body has. No divine intervention is needed.

- Evidence 2: Pregnancy Stages

Once again, no source is given, so this claim doesn't mean anything right now. I ask Pro to source his claims in the next round as well as any new claims made in the future. Without a source, it is impossible to verify whether or not the Quran actually does or does not match the modern day medical science understanding of pregnancy and the development stages of the fetus.

- Evidence 3: Never Been Changed

This is a non-sequitur. Even if the existence of God had been established by Pro, the consistency of the Quran isn't actually evidence of anything. Divine intervention is not needed to keep a story straight. Besides, other religions claim to have done this too. For example, Christian's claim that the bible has gone unchanged and some even use the Quran as evidence for this [2].

- Argument 1: Christian Stuff

I'm not a Christian, so I can't answer these questions nor do they apply to me.

3. My Arguments

- Argument 1: Way of Life for Everyone?

My opponent has claimed the following, "Islam is the one and only true religion and the holy Quran has a complete way of life for EVERYONE." -- This statement is false. Consider the Islamic month of fasting known as 'Ramadan'. During Ramadan, the Muslim cannot eat while the sun is up. He/she can only eat before sunrise and after sunset [3]. This cannot be incorporated in every ones life because it would kill people in Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway and Northern Russia as these area's have continual sunlight and darkness for up to three months straight. In the event of continual sunlight, the Muslim will die. In the event of continual night, the whole point of Ramadan is defeated.

Given how short this debate will be I won't add anything else for now.


Pro has yet to argue for God's existence and has yet to provide a real argument for why Islam is more "true" than any other religion. The BOP has not been fulfilled.

Debate Round No. 1


First Of all I do what every Muslim should do and thank you for asking me about my religion. Con mentioned I didn't source my evidences which is true. I wanted someone to reply so I can add extra information as needed. To prove god's (Allah's) existence I present you the Quran. Who was it sent upon? Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). Why was it sent? To guide the mankind. How was it sent? Through Angel Gabriel. Now ask any historians about Muhammad. They will say he didn't know how to read, how to write. So you tell me how can a person who can't read or write come up with the Quran? Noone has completed the the challenge of Allah(god) to present anything anything similar like the Quran. For 1400 years noond has completed that challenge and never will. The source is chapter 20 surah 28 Verse 49, chapter 15 surah 17 verse 88, chapter 1 surah 2 verse 23. Now if you still don't believe me ask yourself if I throw an iPhone 3G on the floor will it become iPhone 5 ( not out yet)?? They talk about the big bang theory think how did the collision create perfect round growing beautiful planets. And how did human race start? Out of monkeys? Look in the history not ONE time s monkey turned into a human lol. Even so where did monkey come from? And his parents? And his parents? Lol Allah created them. So you may ask where did Allah come from? He was always there period. You may argue how was he always there?? This is where this limited memory stops in this world. Now I ask you a question where did the Quran and the other books came from??( to people who didn't know how to read or write? Now to source my previous arguments. Reported by Ahmad an Ibn Hibban, Sahih Al- Jami Al- Saghir (4239) and Reported in Muslim Book 5 Hadith 2199. ( hadith is the sayings of Muhammad) you said anyone can count this was 1400 years ago. Next for pregnancy stages the Hadith is in Al- Bukhari and Muslim. And my friend NO technology at that time to find these stages. Allah told Muhammad and he told us. Ask any Muslim they will say the Quran has never changed. Ask any Christian or Jew they say Torah and has been changed( at least they should if they are honest) and this is only ONE matter of the matters I mentioned above. You wanna know why Muslim women cover their hair, their beauty?? Because Jesus said so in his book. Check in 1 Corithians 11: 3- 16. We Muslims believe in all prophets including Jesus. Why did Allah create us? To serve him and worship him alone with no partners. So we can't give a single month of Ramadan to fast. And while we fast the reward is 70 years of walking distance AWAY from the hellfire. So what to lose? And after sunset eat and enjoy all that you wish up to sunrise. All thanks be to Allah who has guided me and I wish the best for you. Sorry my sources aren't real websites. My first debate. And if you want more then with the will of Allah I will give you whole lectures on Islam. May peace be upon you.


1. Rebuttals to Pro's Arguments

- Evidence 1: The Quran

Pro contends that the Quran is evidence for God. He uses the claims in the Quran as proof of the Quran's legitimacy as evidence. This is circular logic. The Quran cannot be said to be evidence for God any more than Harry Potter is evidence of Dumbledore.

- Evidence 2: Muhammad's Illiteracy

Pro contends that the Prophet Muhammad was illiterate and therefore the only possible way for the Quran to have come from him is via divine intervention. This claim of Muhammad's illiteracy must be sourced (by something other than the Quran) first and foremost, but more importantly it is not outside the realm of man's ability to form a collaborative effort to write a book. Muhammad could have sought help in writing the Quran. No divine intervention is needed.

- Argument 1: The Quran's Uniqueness

Pro contends that nothing on Earth is similar to the Quran and therefore all other Holy books fail to meet Allah's challenge to do so. This may or may not be true depending on how "alike" something must be in order to meet this criteria of similarity, but ultimately this is a non-sequitur. The uniqueness of the Quran does not validate the existence of God. Many fiction books are unique in some form or another, but they are still fiction nonetheless.

- Argument 2: iPhone 3G =/= iPhone 5

Pro points out that smashing an iPhone 3G does not cause it to transform into an iPhone 5. Pro contends that this shows the formation of planets due to the big bang is unlikely. This is dangerously close to a straw-man as I have not made the argument for the Big Bang theory in this debate, however since I am a proponent of said theory I will let this slide.

The fact of the matter is, the smashing of an iPhone does not parallel the formation of planets. First off, the Big Bang theory is not a theory of planet formation. "The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model that explains the early development of the Universe" [1]. Now, to address the schwerpunkt of Pro's argument here, planet formation is not as complicated or precise as the formation of an iPhone. According to the Nebular hypothesis, the leading theory in planetary development, planets form as the result of gravity around a star. A star's incredible gravity pulls in "giant molecular clouds" (GMC) which in turn pull eachother together to form progressively larger and larger clumps; eventually reaching planetary size [2]. This is a very simplified explanation of this process, but even so it is clear that the formation of planets does not require much precision, at least not nearly as much as it takes to create an iPhone and therefore the natural formation of planets is logical and expected, while the spontaneous formation of an iPhone 5 from the scattered remains of an iPhone 3G is not logical or expected.

Side Note:
My opponent claims that planets are perfectly round. This is matter-of-factly false. Earth is an oblate spheroid. [3]

- Argument 3: Monkey's Don't Beget Humans

Pro attempts to discredit evolution by pointing out that there is not a single occasion where a monkey has become a human. This argument is also a straw-man to the same extent the last argument was, but once again I will continue anyway.

Evolution does not propose such rapid changes. Evolution describes the progressive changes a particular organism goes through to better suit its environment [4]. A monkey turning into a human is not what an evolutionist would expect. To the contrary, such a phenomenon would be evidence against evolution.

There doesn't seem to be any more coherent arguments laid out by Pro here (even given the standards set by his arguments thus far) So I will move on to the defence of my arguments.

2. Defence of My Arguments

No counter-argument has been made to my argument yet. I extend my argument.


Con did not defend his arguments in round 1 and instead has opted to only make new arguments. This suggests that he has surrendered those point, however he did take the effort to source those arguments (sort of), so perhaps he plans on defending them in the next round. We'll just have to wait and see. I will ask Pro to source his material in such a way that it can be immediately verified if possible and to not use the book he's arguing for as evidence of its own legitimacy. For now, Pro's arguments have been refuted and my argument on the impossibility of near-arctic Ramadan stands undressed.

I look forward to your response.

Debate Round No. 2


Khuzaimaamir forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited and since this is the last round I won't add any new arguments, I'll just post my conclusion.


My opponent has failed to fulfil his burden of proof in any way as he had abandoned his arguments made in round 1 and has forfeited round three, leaving my rebuttals to his arguments in round 2 uncontested as well. Furthermore, Pro has failed to even acknowledge my argument about Ramadan being a lethal practice in places that get sunlight for months straight.

Conduct- Pro forfeited

Spelling and grammar- Pro's "wall of text" method of presenting his arguments made finding his arguments difficult and many sentences simply made no sense.

More convincing arguments- I'm biased here, but I contend that my arguments were superior.

Most reliable sources- Pro failed to source most of his claims and the ones he did source were not up to DDO standards both in the method of sourcing and in the sources themselves.

I thank my opponent for his time and urge the voters to vote con. =)

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NobodyMove 6 years ago
I agree with con in every one of his claims. Pro did not source any of his arguments, as Quran cannot be counted for a source for the existence of imaginary things. Neither can the Quran be cited as a source for supernatural claims. What if I were to write a book on the existence of Unicorns and people were to accept it as a fact as a consequence of my writing it in an extremely coherent fashion? That book would have been exactly similar to the book pro is sourcing. Moreover, pro's grammar was extremely poor, while con's usage of words was simply astounding. Con also put forth much better arguments than pro and showcased the ignorance of pro. Well, actually pro's statement make me believe that he was simply trying to add to the adherents of Islam, and not trying to debate. His forfeit also makes it crystal clear to us that he conceded to con's arguments. I can't vote because of restrictions of this website, but if I were to, then here's how I would've voted :
Who did you agree with before the debate? : Con 0 points.
Who did you agree with after the debate? : Con 0 points.
Who had better conduct? : Tied 1 point.
Who had better spelling and grammar? : Con 1 point.
Who made more convincing arguments? : Con 3 points.
Who used the most reliable sources? : Con 2 points.
Posted by RyuuKyuzo 6 years ago
"Evolution describes the progressive changes a particular organism goes through to better suit its environment [4]"

Somehow the end part "across many generations" didn't make it in. I'm not sure what happened there, but I'm sure you all understood what I was saying nonetheless.
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