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It Is Harder To Be A Man Than A Woman

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Started: 5/31/2014 Category: People
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Currently in this day and age, in western areas (USA, Canada, etc), it is harder to be a man, than a woman. In virtually all aspects that daily life would throw at you.


I'd like to thank Pro for instigating the debate and I will now state my arguments.

1. Pregnancy
There is nothing that naturally happens to Men that compares to this; men don't have a moment in their life where they carry another human being for 9 months. Secondly during those 9 months, women are restricted, they have to set aside the many things they enjoy such as eating junk food, drinking alcohol, & various others to keep their baby healthy. Men, on the other hand, can eat whatever they want. Sure, they may get unhealthy and fat, but that applies to everyone. Anyone can be unhealthy and fat if they eat and drink certain things. Pregnant women, though, not only put themselves in danger through not eating and drinking correctly, they also put their child in danger.

2. Periods
This is another thing that Men can't compare to, when Men hit puberty they don't develop a thing where they start losing blood at random intervals every month. Men just don't have a natural thing they have to worry about every month.

3. Child Birth
When the 9 months finally pass, the woman have to go through something even worse: child birth. For at least 8 hours, women have to go through an incomprehensible and excruciating pain that literally tears them apart. Men don't go through anything like this, they have to circumcised, but that's often done when you're a baby so its like they were never in pain at all. If you happen to not get it as a baby, well even then, it's not that bad because you only have to go through it once. Another thing men go through, that isn't as painful as birth, is getting hit in the genitalia. Many say that men's lives are worse because of this, but that's just simply not true. First of all, getting hit in the genitalia is preventable. It may not be easy, but it can be prevented just by protecting the area when necessary. If you play your cards right, you'll probably only get hit once in your lifetime and it only lasts a few seconds. When you're pregnant, though, you're going to feel pain no matter what path you choose. If you decide not to have the baby, then you'll have an abortion, it's way less painful than child birth, but the pain is still comparable to getting hit in the genitalia. If you decide to have the baby, then you'll go through
child birth, and feel pain for hours instead of seconds.

4. Rape
A woman's chance of being raped in the US is 1 to 5 while the total percentage of men raped is 3%. Also at least 300,000 women are raped per year, imagine that, 300,000 women raped, in just one year. The sad thing is that many female rape victims are accused of deserving it, tons of people have said that a certain woman deserved it because of the way she dressed. Good luck finding a story where a man is raped because of his attire. As you can see, men basically have the freedom to wear whatever they want, but women have to have to choose carefully or else they'll be raped and be blamed for it.

5. Impregnation by Rape
Both genders are traumatized as a result of rape, but men don't have to worry about being pregnant. The experience is horrifying for both genders, but there's always that chance of impregnation that just makes the experience for women just much worse. First off, there is an increase in trauma because it's as if the rapist is now a part of her since the baby has the genetics of the rapist as well. Secondly, the women will have to go through the mind shattering decision of whether to keep the baby or not. On one hand, the baby is a part of her, but on the other hand, the baby is also the child of the rapist. That's not all though, if she decides to abort the baby, then surely there will be a hand of people ridiculing her for aborting the baby even though she didn't even want it in the first place. But wait there's more, if she decides to give birth to the baby, then she'll have to go through child birth. She is going to suffer for at least 8 hours for what someone else's sins. Then when she actually has the baby, the baby will most likely remind her of the rapist thus adding even more trauma, but if she manages to muster up the courage to dismiss all that, then she won't have to deal with all that added pain. Unfortunately, the rapist can sue for custody and visitations in 31 states, so the poor girl might not even get to have the child. If the rapist manages to win, then she literally had to go through months of pain (She did have to be pregnant with the child for 9 months) for absolutely nothing.

6. Feminism
A1. If the lives of women are so much better than the lives of men, then Feminism shouldn't even be around anymore.
A2. Feminism is still a very popular thing
A3. Therefore, women have it harder than men.

7. The Military
In 2004, 71% of the female war veterans said they were raped/sexually assaulted. Now at least one in three woman get raped in the military. It's 71% vs 33% but 33% is 33% too many. Females do not go to the military just to get raped, unfortunately no actions are being taken. Well at least not against the culprits. Many of the women who have been raped in the military have been discharged for reporting their rape. As you can see, even in the military, the lives of women are so much harder than the lives of men.



Debate Round No. 1


killerinstinct forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited round 2 so extend all arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


killerinstinct forfeited this round.


Unfortunately, my opponent has forfeited round 3 as well so extend all arguments.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Charliemouse 7 years ago
we women are inferior :D its a fact. you're the first person on here to like me haha I feel accomplished. my views on everything are different than most peoples...
Posted by killerinstinct 7 years ago
charliemouse....your basically saying because woman have to do what men do now, that its harder to be a woman. Lol you're implying they're inferior, I like you.
Posted by Charliemouse 7 years ago
in todays society, women have screwed themselves over and I am a woman and I can say the following without doubt. those stupid women rights campaigns have added a hell of a lot of work to the lives of women. now that we are allowed to work and do all the things men do, we have to do them. most women have no choice but to. however men have not had to increase their toll, so women have busier lives which generally can result in emotional and mental hindrance, as well as physical issues so I think, as pathetic as we women are, we have it harder in this world
Posted by tribalwolf 7 years ago
i agree its harder to be a man in our society. i seen the argument that the person against this argument posted and i say yes those maybe hard but he said in society not personal. just like if a guy wants to buy a car insurance is more money. also when the an is having a baby assuming she has a faithful husband he has to work hard to support you and make sure u have food to eat. and if a girl needs something guys will jump at her to help her. but if a guy needs some help well he has better chances of santa clause helping him. thats just a metaphor by the way
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