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It Is Not Necessary That Ultimately, Everybody Is Even

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Started: 7/9/2017 Category: Philosophy
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It's possible that ultimately, not everybody is even. In other words, it's possible that "overall, some people are better or worse than other people" or that "overall, some people have happier and more fulfilling, or sadder and less fulfilling lives than other people have." I contrast this debate with a debate I started and completed less than a week ago titled "Ultimately, Everybody Is Even," located at


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


You should disagree with me. That is the side of this debate you have opted to take. If you agreed with me or did not want to take the opposite side of my side, you shouldn't have accepted this challenge.

Life can be unfair. It's possible that some people die in debt, socially or financially. It's possible some people are just superior to other people. It's possible some people only live until age 3 with average lives, while others live to age 93 with good, happy lives. It's possible some people steal and get away with it in every way possible.

If some people are uneven, some people may not like that fact, but it seems there's nothing the dislikers can do about it. That would just be life.


We are socially uneven but here I'm arguing that we are "ultimately of equal happiness".
"Ultimately" comes from the topic name, equal as synonym for "even" and happiness from pro's round 1 clarifications.

I implore readers to try and relate to the following model:
An improvement like getting a bigger house makes us happier. However, with time the bigger house by defintion joins the definition of normal. On the other hand, losing a loved one hurts, but in time living without them becomes the norm. Everything ultimately becomes the norm and we ultimately live in the norm.

Further, everyone must feel the same happiness living their respective normal day. This comes from the definition of a normal day as "neither good nor bad". Then because we ultimately live in the norm and the norm feels the same, everyone must ultimately be even.

Lastly I question pro's notion of "happy life". I ask pro to explain to me the significance of having lived a happy life in the past on the present self.
Debate Round No. 2


If a person was higher than other people, the other people would be upset and may try to get even. But they could fail in their attempts.

Some people in the actual world seem to be higher than other people: kings of the past and present, Albert Einstein, and George Washington, to name some. These examples seem to provide proof that it is not necessary that ultimately, everybody is even.


Pro says "If a person was higher than other people, the other people would be upset and may try to get even. But they could fail in their attempts." . Strawman; I never made such a point; my points were:
1. We ultimately live in what feels normal to us.
2. I challenge pro on why a happy life is important to the present self? My point being a measure of happiness, and therefore fairness, is made on the present and future self. Say I came back from a holiday; I went on the holiday for the then present self, but my present self has negligible benefit from that.

In all, whether that be move to a big house, or a loss of a loved one, because every improvement and set back in our life ultimately joins our definition of a normal life; then we ultimately everyday will feel "normal". Whether that be waking up in a million dollar house of in the slums, living through a "normal" day fills us with no feeling of happiness or sadness. Yes, some have more improvements, but "Ultimately" we are even.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by onlytwin 2 years ago
I'm confused.. I debated this with you a week ago and you were on the opposing side? Now youre here on the other side? Which do you really side with?
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Nothing in the univers is "even"..What a strange idea...
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