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It is Immoral to Force Pink Fluffly Unicorns to Dance on Rainbows

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Started: 4/26/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello. I think that it is immoral to force pink fluffy unicorns to dance on rainbows.
Force: "persuasive power; power to convince" based on In this case, the power to convince the PFU to dance on rainbows, whether it's bribery or torture.

Immoral: "violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or
consistent with principles of personal and social
ethics.", as said by
Round one is for acceptance only.
You will have to argue it is moral to force PFU to dance on rainbows. Moral: the opposite of immoral.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Why it is immoral to force PFU to dance on rainbows
1. They will fall to their doom
As claimed by, rainbows are formed by light sources, and because such, they are non-physical and the physical PFU will fall right through, dying a bloddy and horrid death.

2. They will be video recorded and gone viral within seconds
Since PFU are so rare, obviously somebody would notice them dancing on rainbows, and video record this scene and put it online. Because the PFU will die for reasons shown above, they cannot stop the horrid man releasing the video in order to become famous and viral within seconds of the video's release.

3. Evil PFUs Will die before falling to their doom
Evil PFUs have a peculiar weakness--rainbow. They are immune to every weapon in the universe--except the rainbow gun. No man can destroy them--except Chuck Norris and his Rainbow Round-House Kick. No object is capable of destroying evil PFUs--except the rainbow. However, evil PFUs are extremely stupid, and will be easily bribed onto dancing on their only weakness. They will die and the legion will have its revenge on whoever forced that PFU to dance on rainbows.

4. Spongebob Will Not Exist Anymore in Bikini Bottom

As shown in this photo, Spongebob cannot resist the PFU. He will be hyptonized, follow the PFU, leave Bikini Bottom, dying, leaving the show with no main character, and a tragic cast sobbing with great somber. Except squidward. Who didn't matter in the first place anyways.
Onto you, con!


Why it is moral to force PFU to dance on rainbows

1. Pink fluffy unicorns like dancing on rainbows.
Unicorns are magical creatures (1) who can obviously survive dancing on rainbows and even enjoy the dancing. They will happily dance around and have a great time. Sometimes they will even gather more PFUs so that they can dance around and be very happy.

2. Pink fluffy unicorns will become world famous
PFUs will become viral and famous. Interviewers will want to interview the PFUs to find out more about them. In fact, PFUs will become very rich and wealthy! Most unicorns enjoy fame and fortune, so they will have a great time being famous. People all over the world will gather fan clubs and new friends and be sponsored all over the universe! How fabulous!

3. My opponent is a troll (2)
As you can see, all of my opponent's reasons are completely unreasonable. His reasons are only a matter of opinion and he does not understand PFUs like I do. You see, I have gone overseas to visit the PFUs and I have become a dear friend with them. My opponent, on the other hand, is an enemy of the PFUs. He has gone to war on them on a number of occasions.

1. They will fall to their doom
This is very unrealistic because, like I said, unicorns are powerful immortal beings with magical powers. Of course they will survive and thrive on the rainbows! Unicorns have a magical horn, which they can use to make the rainbows also magical.

2. They will be video recorded and gone viral within seconds
This is actually a good thing, because unicorns enjoy fame. They will thank the man releasing the video and shower him with gifts. There are many good things about being famous. I even would like to become famous myself.

3. Evil PFUs Will die before falling to their doom
Rainbows are actually the unicorn's most favorite thing ever. PFUs absolutely love rainbows. They even would dance on rainbows voluntarily. Chuck Norris' Rainbow Round-House Kick is very friendly and PFUs love rainbows. The PFUs are not evil; they are kind creatures, and they are also very smart. How dare you call them stupid! PFUs are highly intelligent.

4. Spongebob Will Not Exist Anymore in Bikini Bottom
This is actually a good thing, because Spongebob is a horribly annoying little creature. He deserves to die. Squidward and Mr. Krabs and everyone else will be very happy about his death and thank the PFUs for hypnotizing him.

(3) Google Images

So, in the name of cute ponies, vote con!

Debate Round No. 2


Rebuttals to opponent's arguments

1. My opponent claim PFU likes dancing on rainbows. This is proven incorrect. Scientist studies show that 99.99% of PFUs do not like dancing on rainbows, especially if forced to. Why, they could do far better stuff than dancing on rainbows, such as skiing, mountain climbing, or simply smelling the flowers. Forcing them away from their normal activities and persuading them to dance on rainbows is immoral becuase it stops them from what they are supposed to do.

2. World Famous
How can they be interviewed if they are dead. Or rather, in my 4th point, horribly beaten-up and unable to even move an inch.

3. troll argument
You lied. PFUs exist everywhere throught the world, no need to go overseas. Clearly you have no knowledge of PFUs.

4. Fall to doom
They are immortal, which makes the fall even worse and super torturous, as they are writhing in pain yet unable to die. They are also extremely stupid, so they won't use their magic powers, espcecially in this type of stressful situation.

5. Viral within seconds
Well, there's someone called Justin Bieber. Look at what happened to him.

6. Evil PFUs
Most PFUs are kind, some are evil. And if 0 IQ means "highly intelligent", then yes, they are totally "intelligent".

5. spongebob not existing
Mr. Krabs will not be happy. There will be no other worker who works for free infinitely. And while he is annoying, he is funny too, and respects everyone, unlike Annoying Orange, who is the one that should actually be killed but unfortunately he is invulnerable to hypnotism.


Rebuttals to my opponent's rebuttals

1. Your scientist studies are inaccurate because you have no sources or evidence to show that "99.99% of PFUs do not like dancing on rainbows, especially if forced to". The other activities you suggested are terrible; skiing makes PFUs uncomfortable since PFUs do not like snow on their fur, mountain climbing is too challenging since PFUs have hooves instead of hands, and PFUs also have pollen allergies and flowers would cause them to sneeze and cough. "Forcing them away from their normal activities and persuading them to dance on rainbows is immoral because it stops them from what they are supposed to do. " PFUs do not have anything they are "supposed to do"; they do not have a list of tasks at hand or a job.

Picture below: someone sneezing furiously because of the flowers around them

picture below: someone suffering an unlucky ski crash

2. World Famous
Unicorns are immortal, so obviously they cannot die. They are also invincible to any type of harm, so they cannot be beaten up, and since they have teleporting and telekinesis powers, they can simply move around and pick up objects on their own. Their magical powers protect them from harm and torture.

picture below: a purple using her powerful magic while the other ponies stare at her in awe

3. Troll Argument
You did not understand what I meant at all. Even if unicorns do live everywhere in the universe, I can still visit different types of PFUs all over the world. I have no need to stay in one place. Clearly you have no knowledge of PFUs AND you misunderstood me. For example, there are humans everywhere in the world, but I still go overseas to visit my friends and relatives.

picture below: a ship from the medieval ages, which shows that even in olden days, people have used ships to travel overseas and visit other people

4. Falling to their doom
Did I mention that PFUs are invincible and have an awesome shield around them that prevents death? They are not stupid at all; in fact, they are the complete oppose: extremely smart. Stress does not prevent them from their powers. Although it may cause them to worry slightly, and slow down, it will not make them avoid their powers altogether.

5. Viral within seconds
Are you seriously comparing PFUs to Justin Bieber? Shame on you! Those two people are completely different. Justin Bieber is a horrible girly singer, while PFUs are adorable little pink fluffy unicorns. Justin's singing nearly broke my eardrums! Therefore, PFUs will not be treated like Justin Bieber was treated.

picture below: Justin Bieber is being arrested for being a horrible person

6. Evil PFUs
PFUs are very kind and helpful. They would never harm a soul!

pictures below: kind and loving unicorns (seriously, do you think these adoring creatures would be evil?!)

5. Spongebob's Existence
Mr. Krabs is a selfish sea creature and he deserves to be sad. Spongebob is not funny at all, unless you are talking about stupid and childish humor. Annoying Orange is completely irrelevant and is a piece of fruit. The unicorns would probably just eat him.

picture below: very annoying

In conclusion, vote for con!

Debate Round No. 3


Wow! It's the final round already!
1. no list of what to do
They will get really really bored, and when they are forced to dance on rainbows, they will be extremely shocked and stuck in a state of forever-coma. Horrible!

2. world famous
Your unicorn is not pink or fluffly. Twilight is also the grande exception, as she has epic powers and can lift up a whole cart and a whole humongous bear, while no pony else can.

3. troll argument
Okay, so you visited them. What makes you an expert?

4. Falling to their doom
The awesome shield cannot prevent death from the rainbow, which weakens their shield tremendously and is their only weakness.

5. viral within seconds
The PFU is a horrid singer too, as shown in the video below...
...Even Twilight, the smartest pony in all of Equestria, couldn't say the answer to the question concerning the texture of the PFU.

6. Evil PFUs

Above is shown an evil black unicorn. Thus it is proven that unicorns can be evil.

7. Spongebob
Spongebob is pretty funny. He makes hilarious jokes and he is oblivious to everything that goes on. His childish nature makes him well-liked, kind of like Olaf! And we don't want Olaf to melt!
In conclusion it is immoral to force PDUs to dance on rainbows.
Vote pro.


Final Round

1. No todo list
Being bored does not mean they will become shocked whenever they do things. This is a ridiculous statement! If we are bored and we try something new, this does not mean we will be stuck in a coma of any sort. It is also highly unlikely that we get "shocked". Being shocked is caused by electricity in the air from a lightning storm, not dancing on rainbows. Comas are not caused by dancing on rainbows either. Your crazy accusations are not logical at all.

picture below: a realistic example of getting shocked

2. Becoming Famous
Twilight and PFUs are nearly the exact same thing. The only difference between Twilight Sparkle and pink fluffy unicorns is that Twilight is purple, which is nearly the exact same shade of color as pink, and Twilight is less fluffy. Therefore, they are pretty much the same creatures and are very similar. You also argued that only Twilight can lift up large objects, but this is obviously false. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are equally powerful to Twilight; they also have magical powers, and so does Rarity, another unicorn.

picture below: Rarity, a unicorn, levitating a bag of feathers

3. Troll Argument
You are straying away from the topic at hand: you are a troll. I have gained knowledge, however, by traveling across the world and visiting the PFUs. I have learned from their traditions and how they act. By observing PFUs from their natural habitat, I have naturally learned from their behavior and gathered information. In this way, I have learned that they will enjoy dancing on rainbows.

4. Falling to their death
The awesome shield, as I told you, was invincible. I clearly said it was invincible to any type of weakness and cannot be weakened or harmed in any possible way. You have, once again, misunderstood what I said and turned it into a morphed version of your own words.

picture below: an example of a person falling without a shield

picture below: someone enjoying their fall with a shield

5. Viral within seconds
PFUs are excellent singers. They are singing in a very cute voice and anyone who dislikes that video are evil weirdos who have absolutely no life and/or are stupid and freakishly horrible.

6. Evil PFUs
Just because one unicorn is evil does not mean that all unicorns are evil. For example, even if one of us, like Hitler, is evil, that does not mean all of the human population is evil. Only a small amount of them are evil. Another reason why your picture is inaccurate is because we are talking about pink fluffy unicorns. Your picture is of a black smooth pegasus. Black smooth pegasi are an entirely different species from pink fluffy unicorns.

picture below: a black pegasus racing through the sunset

7. The Matter of Spongebob
Spongebob is very annoying and his jokes are not funny at all. How dare you compare Spongebob to the adorable snowman Olaf! His childish nature makes him very unpopular and disliked.

picture below: Olaf the snowman

In summary, it is moral to force PFUs to dance on rainbows.
Vote for con!

Debate Round No. 4
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Vote Placed by larztheloser 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Sources for cute ponies. Conduct for personal attacks (pro "trolling"). This debate seriously lacked moral considerations about forcing unicorns to dance endlessly and exploitatively, and instead focused on boring pragmatic considerations. I wasn't particularly convinced that the death of PFUs would even be immoral, but con implicitly accepted that. Nevertheless I still found pro failed to establish their points on balance (as did con) as ultimately the points changed from round to round and weren't based on much more than assertions anyway. Pro thus failed BOP. Neg win.

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