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It is Preferable to be a Vampire than a non-Vampire

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Started: 11/14/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
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Con will be argue that it is not preferable to be a vampire, and that the preferred form of existence is simply that of being a normal human being.


1.) Preferable

a.) more worthy than another

b.) more desirable

2.) Vampire

a.) a corpse supposed to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth

b.) in popular folklore, an undead being in human form that survives by sucking the blood of living people, especially at night

Note: I will be arguing in favour the old variety of vampire; I.e those illustrated in 18th-19th century gothic fiction (Bram Stoker's Dracula, the Vampyre, La Morte Amoureuse, the Family of the Vourdalak, the Vampire Countess, the Blood of a Vampire, the House of the Vampire, Dracula's Guest, etc.)

Debate Structure:

-First round acceptance, second round opening arguments, third round rebuttals and closing arguments.

Debate rules:

-No forfeits.

-No claiming that vampires are not real, if you do, you lose by default.

-Trolling is permitted.

My opponent for this debate will be Masterful, good luck to him.


I accept.

I know this round is acceptance, but let’s quickly rationalise the situation, I think that’s a good start considering we only have three rounds.
I will begin by saying, you do not magically turn into a vampire. If that sh*t’s ever going to happen to you, then it’s because some weird Dracula looking son-of-a-bitch has turned up on your door step and asked whether you’ve ever thought about joining a vampiric cult. Any self-respecting individual would treat him like they do Mormons and do one of two things-

[A] Shut and lock the door, then phone the police.
[B] Begin violently beating him with whatever blunt instrument you have on hand.

However, my opponent, apparently, would jump at this opportunity and allow herself to be lured by this old man into whatever dungeon/grave-yard he has in mind, she would then allow him to get creepily close to her neck, and then BITE INTO HER! Does she even know this guy’s a real vampire? He might just be a serial rapist or a killer! CLEARLY MY OPPONENT IS UNAWARE OF THE DANGERS OF ALLOWING STRANGE MEN BITE INTO YOUR NECK.
Anyone making such decisions is making poor life choices and needs to re-evaluate.

Pro has defined vampires as a corpse that leaves its grave at night to drink people’s blood. Look. When people are young children, they aspire to be things like a police officer, an astronaut or even a milk man. No one ever says “I want to become a fvcking corpse and I want to drink blood.” WHAT THE FVCK? Get this b*tch some milk! She wants to drink your blood!? Hell no.

*Takes a deep breath*

B*tches be weird these days, I know, but no guy would want to fvck a woman with creepily pale skin, sharp fangs and red damned eyes! No sir. Consider the implication this will have on your sex life BEFORE, you decide to become a walking corpse resembling a drug addict with a blood-fetish.
Poor life choice, man.
Debate Round No. 1


As this round is dedicated to opening arguments only, I will address Cons previous contentions in the next one.

Resolved: It is Preferable to be a Vampire than a non-Vampire

Now, I'm aware that there's some readers (and so it would appear, Con himself) that have some negative preconceptions of vampires. They may believe that vampires are insidious, and that they are dark, murderous creatures-but this is only partly correct, for in the heart of a vampire, lies a wondrous past; and a mountain of mystery.

'There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights'.

~Eternal Life~

One of the most pronounced elements to being a vampire is the grant to eternal life, and whom, may I ask, does not want to live forever? For the greatest human fear is death; it is something that only a deeply suicidal person could truly wish for. The day when our heart no longer pursues its function of pumping blood around our body, is a day that no sane person wants to arrive at. And sadly, there are very few ways to attack this frightful reality-one can eat healthy and take much exercise, which is of course highly recommended, however, they will still eventually meet their inevitable demise at some point; whether it be through accidental death, old age, or ill-health. There is not one normal human being on this earth that is exempt from the biological promise that the gift of life has bestowed upon them; that being death.

'Yes, I have loved as none in the world ever loved-with an insensate and furious passion-so violent that I am astonished it did not cause my heart to burst asunder. Ah, what nights-what nights!'

So, one may ask-what alternative ways are there around this? As previously specified, everyone should strive to excellence of body and mind, but what if something untoward (a violation of the zest for living) was to quickly strike? Or what if they do indeed reach the age of eighty-six and still wish to continue living? Or, to use another example: what about the young lovers that want to remain in that sweet, zestful bliss of romance for the rest of their lives?

Well, the course of action that they should so obviously take is to become vampires, for it is only this way that they be granted eternal life in this earth; not having to wait upon the promise of heaven or hell, or the inexorable and unyielding certainty of having their flesh decompose upon death, moment by moment, week by week.

Similarly to Dracula himself, they may live on forever as vampires! They only thing that their existence would be depedenant on is sunlight; no vampire should expose himself to prominent brightness, and this is why it is the preference of vampires to awaken at night, which, as I'm sure many would agree, is the best time of the day anyway.

The truth of the matter is that if one becomes a vampire at sixteen, in the year of 2017, he/she will still be that very same sixteen year old in the year of 4017-how thoroughly magnificent!

If Con is to contend that eternal life is no great thing, then I will argue that he has a very cheapened view of life indeed; for it is precious, and this is what every vampire so profoundly recognizes.

Each and every day, there is illness, there is death, and there is external sickness consuming the soul; medication may help, it may ease, for the operating table may cure a disease, but-I do so contend-these things will never permanently ease. It is only being a vampire that breathes new life into the world and into the soul; no influenza, no HIV, no erectile dysfunction, no nothing-but life itself.

I finalize this point by adding that becoming a vampire is not yielding to dying, but to living. If you love yourself, and if you love the world, then the definitive answer is to engage the attention of vampire and succumb to its fangs.

~Lavish Housing~

It's no secret that vampires, at least historically, possess a tendency towards the finer things in life. Due to the fact that so many of these find specimens are old, they often reside in castles and exquisite mansions. For centuries on, people have yearned for value and class-and, when one is a vampires, one can so easily have it. Sadly, not all people are naturally endowed with taste so this too is a very favorable element to being a vampire.

To provide an example of the type of castle I'm referring to:

This is known as 'Dracula's Castle', and is situated Bran, Romania. As of 2014, this marvelous building was valued at eighty million dollars-so, being a vampire can make you extremely rich! In addition to beholding the gift of eternal life, one can also be in possession of a home worth an extraordinary fortune. Anyone would be foolish to deny such an opportunity.

As can be seen here, the interior of the castle also exudes elegance; which truly enlivens the senses and makes one feel really quite erotic. Just imagine biting into a neck in this room:

I will complete this second point by emphasizing that it's not just this castle that is so desirable, but an array of others across the European continent:

~Sex Appeal~

It is also the sexuality of a vampires that makes them so captivating. They often speak in a subtle, soft and sensual tone; and they will look into your eyes directly as they address you-enthralling you even further with their mysterious and intense persona. They will charm you by pouring you a glass of red wine, before erotically nibbling on your neck.

Vampires naturally take a keen interest in their appearance as well; the males often dress smartly, and the females, like to wear corsets to showcase their feminine beauty; not to mention, they have beautiful, full, dark pink-to-red lips, exactly like myself! As they awaken in the evening, they place perfume upon themselves; primarily one that exudes a velvet-like, orange-flower alluring that it is sufficient to seduce even the stiffest and most loyal of men; before taking them back to ones castle, of course.

'If thou wilt be mine, I shall make thee happier than God Himself in His paradise. The angels themselves will be jealous of thee. Tear off that funeral shroud in which thou art about to wrap thyself. I am Beauty, I am Youth, I am Life. Come to me! Together we shall be Love. Can Jehovah offer thee aught in exchange? Our lives will flow on like a dream, in one eternal kiss.'

To allude some literary examples of some sexy vampires:



The Vampire Countess


Lord Ruthen


~the Ability to Fly~

Last but not least, as a vampire, you are able to fly. And I ask again, who wouldn't be attracted to this prospect? Having the ability to fly when and how you like, to wherever you wish to. Once again, this gift can only be experienced at night; which arguably makes it all the more special. While everybody else is sleeping, you can fly across their homes; hunting for your next victim and attempting to lure them back to your castle. This ability is also useful when dreadful vampire hunters try to find you and kill you; when you encounter them, you can simply fly away. There is nothing to prevent you from flying across each neighbouring nation, say if you are a vampire living in Romania, you can without effort fly to Moldova, the Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, or Germany. And if it's during the winter, you can be really adventurous and fly to Italy, Spain or France! Perhaps to stay for a few days with a fellow vampire.

You see, being a vampire also opens up new opportunities abroad and cultural experiences. Instead of paying for train tickets and airfares as a normal human, you can experience the world for free, and not have to deal with pesky delays in travel.

So, as can be seen, there exists some noteworthy reasons to become a vampire. And certainly, I have proved that it is undoubtedly (to any rational person) preferable to be one rather than a mere dull and disposable human being. One should always strive to be more in life.

'He thought, in fine, that the dreams of poets were the realities of life.'



I urge you to go grab an orange from your kitchen and without peeling it, bite into it and try to suck as much orange juice out of it as you can. I guarantee it won't be fun, I guarantee it will taste like rancid dog sperm (don't ask how I know this) and I guarantee you wouldn't want to nourish yourself through that method FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!

My opponent has forgotten that vampires can't endure sunlight, so she would become a creature of the night, unable to holiday in Spain or any other hot country she'd like to fly to.
Although, she'd never have to look at her mug in the mirror ever again (arguably a good thing)
Really though, you woudn't be able to see yourself ever again.


"Yeah, no thanks."

Just how will you acquire human blood? Will you murder people? You're telling me that you want to become a murderer, because that's what it means to become a vampiric monster.

Or will you barter with the homeless to acquire your blood addiction? Blow jobs for blood?

Becoming a murderer and a blood addict all while forgoing your humanity, then living your life like a WoW player and only comming out at night, is a sure sign of making poor life decisions.
I'm not sure you've thought this through.

and being a blood addict.

Indeed as a Vampiric beast you are doomed to eternal life, it’s certainly not something you would want for a number of reasons.

[1] As an immortal being you are doomed to watch all of your loved ones die. Sure, you'll be there to acquire their will and relish in their hard earned assets, but you're alone now. Ya dad's dead, ya mums very dead and your siblings are even deader. Well, at least you get the house all to yourself.

[2] The only guarantee is your physically body will never age, but no promise is made regarding your mental health, which of course may age. I'd rather die than live life like that senile old man across the road. You know, the one who always shouts "YARLG BARLG GARLP GARP!" and chases you with a knife....don't be that guy he's suffering from a severe case of "too damn old."

[3] As a normal human grows older, their perception of time passes far quicker. Every year of your life seems shorter than the previous one since each passing year represents smaller and smaller portions of your life. This nullifies the promotion to everlasting life and might lead to insanity.

[4] You're unable to go out in sunlight for risk of death. No holiday's in nice weather, no casual strolls down the street to acquire that mid-day bottle of jack, no sir.

[5] Life has less value: You’re in no rush to do anything. You can't go out during the day anyway. So you'd have to wait until night time till you raid the local children’s hospital. But even eating children will become repetitive after a while.
Ultimately, eternal life will cheapen life by making each moment less significant. Knowledge of fast-approaching death often provokes humans into fulfilling their dreams. That motor of motivation will no longer exist.

[6] Congratulations. You're now sterile. You have undead sperm, but hey, it probably tastes better than dog sperm.

Creepy housing
My opponent points out that vampires own fine castles, according to the fictional propaganda writings of certain authors, but why would you have a castle? You wouldn’t be given one just because you’re a vampire.

I think those pictures of castles look nice, but I’d rather have a modernised house, not a fort designed to withstand siege from the French, it’s not overly necessary to be honest.
Only really Gothic kids would want to live in a really creepy castle.
Look at her second picture, it’s a little outdated, don’t you think?

Sex appeal
Here my opponent confesses her fetish for upper class vampires who want to suck her dry. There is nothing sexy about large canine teeth. Nor is there anything sexy about weird eyes and a desire to consume your blood. Have you ever dressed up as a vampire on Halloween and used those false teeth with stupidly large fangs? If you have then you'll know vampires dribble and sound like lispy retards.

I believe my opponent is deluded as to what a vampire would look like. Do not be fooled by my opponents propaganda. You're not going to grow a Greek God bod upon turning into a vampire and people won't suddenly want to have sex with you.


If you really want to fly that much, you can just jump on a plane and go where ever you want. You shouldn’t forgo your humanity for an ability we’ve mastered for over 100 years now.
Crossing boarders through self-flight would be illegal, so you may end up dealing with a national Air Force.

Saving money on plane tickets is not reason enough to become a cannibalistic blood drinker. Besides, warm climates means a lot of sun. You wouldn't be able to go anywere during the day anyway.

"One should always strive to be more in life. "

Vampires are technically dead, so you've managed to kill yourself. Well done.

I hope the voters can see through my opponent’s clear use of propaganda here. She promises you lavish housing, sex appeal and an ability to fly, all while forgetting to mention the heroin-like dependence on blood, a need to murder, the inability to tolerate sunlight and the unexplainable reason as to why you lose yourself in the mirror. It all seems a bit fishy to me.

Ultimately, by becoming undead, you will lose your humanity. I’m not qualified to tell you what losing your humanity entails, but I am certain it won’t be a friendly fate and I’m certain you’re taking a gamble here.

Think about your family before you do this, your mother never intended this fate for you, you were meant to become an astronaut, remember?

#Say no to dracula-looking old men offering you things that sound to good to be true.
#Say no to blood.
#Say no to dog sperm.

Debate Round No. 2



Con begins his opening argument by urging me to grab an orange from my kitchen and bite into it, but this is a silly statement on the basis of an orange being an orange; and therefore not being comparable to the blood of a human being. Moreover, oranges do absolutely not taste like dog sperm-not that I have tried the latter, as it seems Con has.

So, I ask, are we really going to take the words of a dog molester seriously? I think not.

Con asserts that I have forgotten that vampires 'can't endure sunlight', but this is incorrect. I made it clear in my 1st contention (Eternal Life) that vampires cannot tolerate 'prominent brightness', and thus have to avoid sunlight. I also stated that this should be manageable, if not even enjoyable, as the best time of the day is night. As for not being able to travel to countries during light hours, this again shouldn't matter; as countries like Spain are wonderful places during the evening! And as someone who used to live in Spain, I can say that in the summer months it is hot at night as well; so one can still swim in the pool, and sip some cocktails or make love at the beach. Italy is also a vibrant country at night, so Cons argument here is based on misinformation.

Con then asks how one would acquire human blood, but this is a fairly easy task. Essentially, one just needs to target and then hunt down their victim; they can either invite their victim to their home, or they can place a spell on and then bring their victim back to their home. As an attractive female, I have no issue doing that. I'm sure if Con has the sex appeal that he professes to have, he wouldn't either. It's not necessarily murdering someone-if anything, you are also giving that person eternal life. If you were to murder them, you'd be ending their life completely; and they'd be dead forever more. However, when you bite into their necks, though they are weary for a short while, they will rejuvenate, and live on endlessly. How can Con label this as 'murder'? Giving someone eternal life, I reiterate, is not murder; it is the exact opposite.

To answer Cons question on giving blow jobs for blood, I'm sure this method could be relied on during desperate times, but generally, finding a victim is not hard. It would only be hard if you were extremely hideous, which is not a concern on my part.

Con claims that vampires are 'blood addicts', obviously disregarding the fact that normal humans require water to drink and food to eat: should they also be called water and food addicts? If a human goes without water for 2-5 days, they will inevitably perish. [1.]

If they go without any food for not that much longer, they will also die, at best, their health will be severely affected. But once again, we do not think of ourselves as being addicted to water or food;. Rather, they are basic necessities intrinsic to our survival. In the same way, blood is intrinsic to the survival of a vampire.


Con proceeds by arguing that having eternal life is somehow a bad thing, which makes one wonder whether he enjoys his life at all. Scientists are continually trying to find the secrets to longer life, if not eternal life, so to possess such a gift is a marvellous thing! You'd be entering waters where all others have failed to enter. Regarding family members, the obvious solution to their mortality is to make them vampires as well; of course though, this should only be reserved for family members that you actually like. It may seem odd biting into the ones that you do like, but you'd be doing them a favour in the long-term, considering that you'd be enabling them to live forever.


Here, Con states that the only guarantee is that your body will never age, as if this is actually unimpressive-but really, not aging physically is something we'd all want. He argues that the mental health of a vampire may still be fragile/susceptible to change, though this is not true. Vampires are immune to all illnesses, including mental illnesses (many of which are physical in nature anyway). Senility, for example, can be considered a physical illness. [2.]

Another error in Cons argument here is that it assumes vampires age and thus can be vulnerable to issues such as dementia, which is ridiculous, as we've already established that vampires remain the age that they were when they were bitten, and most vampires, were bitten at a young age. After all, no one craves really old blood, and there are usually sexual motivations for finding and nibbling on your victim. Who would want to nibble on an eighty-year old? At least, there would not be any romantic reasoning there.

C3.] Con again makes an erroneous statement by asserting that as time goes on, it will get more boring and repetitive for a vampire, but the only things that change in a vampires life are its external surroundings; I.e, the world will change around it, but the vampire itself will not change; and who, I ask, gets bored of themselves? If you were bitten at age 20, you will never get bored of being age 20.

C4.] Con argues that not being able to holiday in the sunlight is a negative thing, but as I have said, the night is always exciting. And, if you visit a warm enough country, it will still be nice during dark hours.

C5.] The contention that 'life has no value' if you're a vampire is a poor one indeed. As a vampire, you still have your daily activities-the only difference is that they will occur at night. As humans do most things in the day, you will do most things when it's dark; so what we're referring to is merely a mathematical difference.

C6.] It would seem that from this contention, Con has a preoccupation with sperm.

Lavish Housing, or as Con wrongly states: 'Creepy Housing'

Con claims that this form of housing is antiquated, but anyone with taste would find it perfectly appeasing. For, castles are not only the houses of vampires, but the houses of writers, poets, artists and royalty. Just imagine the kind of fun you could engage in.

Sex Appeal

Firstly, I would like to note that the vampire Con has displayed in the above picture is fake and one from a movie. He has been heavily exaggerated and made to appear ugly. The real 'Nosferatu' is actually a handsome man, and one who has seduced many a female victim. Being a vampire does make you sexy, as it makes you more in tune with your sexuality; and more sensitive to the senses. It has to be said that vampires are attracted to good looking humans, so the chances of encountering an ugly vampire (because of the attracted to the attractive cycle) is very slim. The vampires outlined in classic literature are prime examples of this.


Once again, Con undermines the ability to fly and gives it much less value than it deserves. Everyone who travels would like to save money on air trips, given how expensive they can be. As for the illegality of self-flight, because you're a vampire and can thus take the form of a bat, nobody would actually be alarmed or take notice. You would fly with privacy and complete freedom. If you wanted to go and find new, foreign victims during the night, you easily could! And you can enjoy the country's other nightly offerings while you are at it. Before returning home the next day or week, and contemplating the thought that you had a magnificent time, and saved money in the process. Con is a fool to not recognize this opportunity.

Closing Statements

I thank Con for accepting this debate, but will add that I believe my arguments have been superior. From highlighting eternal life, to lavish housing, to sex appeal, to having the ability to fly. Moreover, I have successfully rebutted Cons points-which at best, were weak ones.

Due to this, I ask that prospective voters vote Pro. *leans in to kiss Con, on the neck.


The orange analogy
I asked Pro to grab an orange, bite into it and try to suck out the juice within. Of course Pro did not bite into any orange.
So now we’re left with the all-important question. Considering Pro lacks the testicular fortitude to suck an orange, why then, would pro be able to bite into the neck of a living human?
Pro finds the idea of sucking an orange to sustain herself to be a “silly” idea. Yet she suggests she’s perfectly happy with sucking on necks. Pro would be urging you to bite into necks, but this is a silly idea, on the basis of a neck being a neck.

My opponent then accuses me of molesting dogs. This is a baseless claim and I’ve never admitted to molesting dogs. I think dogs are cute, but not like, nice cute. I’ve never intentionally molested any dog ever.

Pro seems to think that she wouldn’t have to murder as a vampire. Oh how utterly delightful, we have an ethical vampire.
If you are going around spreading your vampirism, what you’re doing is creating more blood thirsty monsters, who in turn will either murder, or create even more blood thirsty monsters until the whole world is a vampire population, at which point there will be no food left for vampires and there will be a GLOBAL SUPER FAMINE!
So what you’re doing is creating murders and dooming the world to a global famine.
My opponent has clearly not thought this through.

Pro does admit that vampires would not be able to function in the sunlight. However, attempt to create an argument that never seeing the sun again would be alright.
Has pro even considered just how much Joseph Fritzl’s dungeon babies yearned for the sun light after he imprisoned them in his basement to be molested for decades? Of course she hasn’t. She takes the sun for granted.
Not being able to withstand the sunlight means you can only go to work at night. This limits your job opportunities and you would ultimately be living an impoverished life.
Stealing vast amounts of wealth isn’t viable, as you wouldn’t be able to work as a bartender and drive around in your newly bought Ferrari, as people will become suspicious.
Risking being wanted by the police, especially when you’re living for eternity, is generally a bad idea.
Particularly on week days, normal people have to sleep at night. This means you will be alone during your awake hours, your only social contact will be at a bar with strange drunken men.

My opponent dislikes me calling vampires “blood addicts” she states that it’s similar to humans requiring food to live, "are humans addicted to food?"
Vampires certainly have a blood dependency, similar to how heroin addicts have a heroin dependency. Attacking me for referring to vampires as blood addicts is unnecessary and petty.

Eternal life
Being a vampire has its own con’s, but these cons are worsened when you have to live with them for eternity

The issue of never being able to be out during the day, is now eternal.
The necessity of having to murder or create murderers, is now eternal.

My opponent attempts to refute my reasons against eternal life, in doing so she implies that I can’t value life if I don’t want to live forever. This is hypocritical because she’s the one who will be either murdering lives or creating new murderers.
My opponent even goes so far as to suggest that turning your own family would be a way around watching them die. This of course, will only doom them to the same fate you’d have.

True Immortality will completely destroy your mental state. Dementia may not be the concern.
The issue with immortality and your mental health, is that mental health doesn’t always concern the physical degradation of brain cells, rather, the issue here is the brains limited capacity to remember. Every bad experience you have in your memory will last far longer than good experiences. [A] This means, the longer you live, the more of an overabundance of bad memories compared to good ones you will have. In this instance, the memories will primarily consist of all that bloody murder you’re committing and your now darkened, sunless existence.

Sex appeal
My opponent attempts to use an increase in sex appeal as an argument. Turning into a vampire doesn’t make you more physically attractive, you remain somewhat the same, only a few changes take place.
As I explained in my previous round, which wasn’t touched upon by my opponent in her rebuttal. If anything, a large set of canine teeth will give you a lisp and make you dribble, I can only assume she finds a dribbley lisp to be sexy.
I certainly am not interested in a lispy, dangerously pale woman with large canine teeth and red eyes. In what culture is that sexy?

Lavish housing
My opponent did not explain how turning into a vampire grants you lavish housing. Due to her dropping that important aspect, I will assume my opponent has conceded this argument.

No one is saying flight is a bad thing. What’s been said is, that flight at the expense of your humanity, blood addiction, the inability to step into sunlight and the constant need to murder or create more murders, is not a good trade off when your argument is you’ll save money on flights. No way.
If you have a desire to go to another country, then you can just get on a plane, this way you’ll be able to experience that country during the day AND night.

To those that are religious, you need to keep in mind that vampires don’t go to heaven, as you forfeit your soul, this is what losing your humanity entails.

To those of you that are of sane mind and moral. You know full well that daytime is important, you know that murdering is wrong. You know leaving your victims alive to turn into vampires will eventually lead to the entire world turning into vampires until there are no humans left to feed upon.

And finally, to those of you that are not satisfied with this clear fetish induced sexual fantasy that my opponent has conjured up, that is nothing short of insane. I urge you not to forgo your sterility, humanity and current life, for unrealistic and obviously false promises, such as being awarded a castle. This promises will not and cannot be met.

It’s clear the cons outweigh the pros on this one, it is because of this that I urge you to say no and vote con.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: zmikecuber// Mod action: Removed<

7 points to Pro. Reasons for voting decision: "Being a vampire does make you sexy, as it makes you more in tune with your sexuality; and more sensitive to the senses."

[*Reason for removal*] A single quote, sans any analysis, is not sufficient to award points.
Posted by Unstobbaple 2 years ago
Con posted round 1 losing conduct. Pro stated that Trolling was permitted but did not state that this was a troll debate and Pro"s over the top style met Con"s baser troll style in a wash. I"m left with a straight argument evaluation after the OP. Con made what could have been a strong point, that vampires must commit murder but it was just an assertion without evidence. There is no reason given why murder is necessary and he bit himself" in the foot conceding blood bags were an option. Pro rebutted the murder claim with the gift of eternal life and the blood claim with the easy availability of blood.

I think the eternal life was straight forward. while Con made some assertions about dementia without sourcing (ultimately conceding this point in R3) and Pro came back with sourcing that many aspects of dementia are from physical illness to which vampires are immune. The sexuality comments were basically trounced in the OP and vampire style in question. Daylight is a personal preference like the castles as Pro pointed out. How could you knock flying? Per Pro"s comments.

No comparison with a plane. The final points about sunlight are relevant but I don"t see how this detracts from the overall benefits. The blood addict comments were weak without some reference to confirm that addictive behavior which would been an easy dig and Pro countered that it was a basic necessity like food. Con was unable to quantify the mental health risks associated with more bad memories than good and this was a pop science article that did not comment on mental health over all.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
You both did a good job in arguing one a other points. I would like to have voted on this one. But my vote might be bias, and i would have to dig deeper in to both arguments. And as of right now i don't have time. But since there are 2 more days before voting ends i might. But i just might as well let this be a tied. Since both did a good job.

Kind of funny one side of me was happy i didn't get pick, because it would have been a hard one to debate one another on this subject. But the other side of me still, want revenge....
Posted by zmikecuber 2 years ago
Coveny teach me to be like you.
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
This was entertaining... Really needed more rounds.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
'Emilrose's account is no longer active.'

Posted by Mharman 2 years ago
Didn't think anyone would care to see it
Posted by Mharman 2 years ago
I deleted it after realizing I wasn't selected.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Mharman you said you had an argument ready, PM me it I wanna see what you wrote.
Posted by Mharman 2 years ago
Darn it.

Anyways, if you become a vampire you get a sparkly face and that's gay af
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Vote Placed by Unstobbaple 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: RFD in Comments.
Vote Placed by Yassine 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro makes a compelling argument in favour of being a vampire, in terms of eternal life, wealth, charms & flying, which are all very humanly desirable things. Pro concedes that this comes at the expense of sunlight allure, which is little cost to pay for eternal life. Con argues against the resolution noting that eternal life comes with a dependency on human blood, which in turn may result in tendency for murder & vampire pyramid expansion towards human doom; this was Con's strongest argument. Con also argued that eternal life comes with mental & emotional risks, to which Pro proposed practical solutions. Con's rebuttals against Pro's wealth, charms & flying points were largely appeal to emotion & composition fallacy, thus not as convincing. Overall, Con took consequential approach to the very desirable eternal life at the cost of the undesirable human blood dependency whereas Pro took the utilitarian approach, along with other compelling reasons, more so than Con's. => Pro's win.
Vote Placed by Coveny 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: The four positives were listed as Eternal life Housing Sex appeal Flying Con's point on not being given a house when you turn into a vampire, and that the only way you get that house is to outlive your family is a good one. Pro admits sex appeal isn't a positive with this comment: Being a vampire doesn't make you sexy, as it makes you more in tune with your sexuality Con brings up a good point that if you want to fly you can do so with ease. The only point left in contention is eternal life, and I think con showed the flaws of creating a bunch of vampires well, leaving murder, nevering seeing the sun, and watching everyone you love die in exchange for eternal life. As I have children and have no interested in outliving them, this was a very compelling argument for me, so I voted for Con.

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