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It is better if we have one day for only halaqa time.

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Started: 2/23/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I know it"s long but it"ll be worth the reading of it. Also, we would like to know your thoughts. Thank you!

I believe that we should have a day at TAMKEEN for doing only a halaqa. I believe that we should do this at least once and in that day we should answer the Open Your Heart Questions. I have many reasons to support my argument.
(Note: I can expand on my reasons but this is just the basic of it. )
Reason 1: if we do one whole day of answering Open Your Heart Questions then this way we have a bigger chance of getting through them and answering people"s questions that they wanted to know the answers to. Not only that, but people will actually be interested in what we are talking about so there wouldn"t be a need to complain about how "boring or uninteresting" the halaqa was because at that point, you"re the one telling us what we"re going to discuss in the halaqa.
Reason 2: this will show us who the true TAMKEENERS are. Some people come only for the activity or only to chat with their friends. But is that was TAMKEEN is really for? What we should all be here for is the learning of our deen and the education that we are receiving to better ourselves.
Rebuttle 1: you may say that "oh it"s going to be a long time of sitting and focusing and doing all of that which will make our bodies sore etc..." but keep your excuses to yourselves because, you"re not going to be sitting all the time. Don"t we have to get up for prayer? Uhh yes you do. So it"ll be five minutes or prayer which will get you moving but we don"t want people to exercise while prayer so we will do stretches before we pray. Also, every hour or two, we will do something to get people moving around and then we will come back to focus. (This "something" will either be decided by Sheikh Mohamed Ali, or the parent volunteers I"m hesitant on that thought)
Rebuttle 2: others may think, "Who said I even wanted to discuss the Open Your Heart Questions?" What I"m going to say to that is you"re the one who asked questions so... we"re assumint you want to talk about them. However, for those who didn"t ask anything on the Open Your Heart, then again you can"t have an excuse, cause in this you will decide what you would rather talk about. This was only my opinion.


Abu Zaid (viz. Amr b. Akhtab) reported:

Allah's Messenger (A018;) led us in the dawn prayer and then mounted the pulpit and addressed us until it was (time for the) noon prayer. He then came down the pulpit and observed prayer and then again mounted the pulpit and again addressed us until it was time for the 'Asr prayer. He then again came down and observed the prayer and again mounted the pulpit and addressed us until the sun was set and he informed (about) everything (pertaining to turmoil) that lay hidden in the past and what lies in (the womb) of) the future and the most learned amongst us is one who remembers them well. Sahih Muslim 2892
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