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It"s possible to romantically love more than one person at once

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Started: 2/14/2015 Category: People
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1. Love is to be infused with or feeling deep affection or passion for another human being
2. Love makes you care about someone else well-being

3. To be in love you don't necessarily have to be in a relationship or have the title of it

4. Humans are naturally wired to be with multiple partners, especially men since they want to naturally spread their seed to guarantee a wide variety of offspring

5. Polygamy is accepted for Muslims in India, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and etc

6. Relationship last longer when you have conjoint marriage

7. Women also have open marriages which are called polyandry so it's not only men.

8. We don't choose who we love, it just happens

9. You can be in love with your current boyfriend, but also still be in love with your ex.

10. Falling in love with someone else that's not your partner because of their traits ( personality,etc)

C. It is possible to love more than one person romantically at a time.

Premises 1,2,3, and 8 are non-controversial because my opponent would most likely agree because it truly represents what love is between two people or more.

Premises 5,7, are controversial.
5&7. Some people in a polygamy relationship because they cant choose between the two people they are involved with. This is like any other relationship, its about supporting each other like any kind of relationship.
6&9. It is a rhetoric analogy.


1. I partially agree with that statement. However, love is much more than just passion or affection. Affection is usually found in the love between a mother and a child and passion is usually just between sexual partners.
2. I agree with your statement.
3. I agree with that statement.
4. Humans are not naturally wired this way, animals are. Also, men do not necessarily want to spread their sperm, they just want to have sexual intercourse. However, females are also like this so it is not just males.
6. That is not true in all occasions, it depends.
8. I agree with that statement.
9. You might have feeling for your ex but these feelings are not necessarily love, they can be lust or platonic love.
10. If you love someone for their traits, you are not in love with them, but in love with their traits. R03;
11. Therefore, it is not possible to love more than one person at the same time.

Controversial Premises:
1: Your definition of passion and affection is unclear.
4: This premise is only based on certain stereotypes . All humans aren't sex craved creatures. Also all men aren't sex craved creatures.
6: Even if this is the case, it does not prove your conclusion.
9: This premise is just a possible scenario.
10: If you fall in love with someone who is not your partner, then it is because you have fallen out of love with your partner.

Non-Controversial Premises:
Premises 2,3, and 8 are points that I can agree with about the simple concepts of love.

Premise 5 and 7 : What do you mean by polygamy and polyandry? What are the definitions of each?
Debate Round No. 1


1. I don't necessarily agree with your statement. You can show your partner affection and build the relationship with them. Learn to know them such as there interest, desires, and goals. Isn't always sexual or desire for there touch and sexual feeling such as passion.

4. Agree

5. If they are with two people it's because they can't choose between both of them. Because what if that one person is your soul mate and the person you believe you will end up with, but the other person is the one that makes you look forward in life and gives you excitement and happiness and also makes you wonder what the future is between of you. So clearly they have strong feelings for them.

9. I disagree because what if the person still not over there ex its not necessarily lust it's because the feelings are still there. They believe that they had a future with that person, the white picket fence,the kids, and dog. They put everything they had into that relationship, but they also learn to grow together.

10. I disagree because their traits can make you fall in love with them. For example, the way they look, his interest, goals, the way he reacts to certain situations,and the way he acts with you and only you. Hence, making that person more attractive to you.

Premise 5&7 Polygyny is where a man has multiple simultaneous wives

Polyandry is where a women has multiple simultaneous husbands


1. I am a bit confused as to which part of my premise you don't agree with. I agree that you can always build on your relationship with your partner. You can build on a relationship with anyone by showing them affection. However, you still have not clarified what you meant by passion and affection. I do agree that love isn't all about sexual pleasure, which proves my point clearly. Love has such a deep and passionate meaning behind it, that it can only be shared between two people. Sexual intercourse is just an added pleasure to the already beautiful,romantic relationship.
2. I have already agreed with this premise in round 1. You did not need to restate it.R03;
5. I agree with your definition of polygyny and polyandry. If we consider this scenario, in a culture where polygamy is accepted, it does not prove that the man with two wives loves both of them. thinly proves that he is confused as to which one to choose. So he is taking the easy way out, and keeping both of the women as his wives. We cannot define "strong feelings" as love. We have already defined love in premise 2. If the man has strong feelings for both of his wives, this does not prove that he loves both of them. In fact, it doesn't even prove that e loves either of them.
6. You have forgotten to clarify on this premise.
9. If an individual has such strong feelings for his/her partner as to imagining the American dream with him/her, then why would the individual leave that partner? A smart individual wouldn't. One who was in love wouldn't leave the partner or even let his/her partner leave. However, let's consider that a person with such strong feelings left his or her partner, but then why would that person jump into another relationship? It wouldn't make sense. If you have feelings for one person, that are so strong, then you cannot fall for another one. You wouldn't even notice anyone else in that way. If they have such strong feelings for their ex, then it is not possible for them to fall in love with their current boyfriend.
10. If you fall for someone for their traits, while you are in a relationship, then this would be considered infidelity. We can define infidelity as not being faithful to your romantic partner. If you are not faithful to your partner, then you never loved your partner at all. Well, it's also possible for you to cheat on your partner, and fall out of love with that partner. Whilst, you are falling in love with with your partner on the side.
Debate Round No. 2


gonzaleza74 forfeited this round.


chowdhuryn7 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


gonzaleza74 forfeited this round.


chowdhuryn7 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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