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It"s possible to romantically love more than one person at once

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Started: 2/14/2015 Category: Philosophy
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1.Love is an automatic emotional addition for one to other person which is naturally comes from every single person"s mind.
2.When a person"s imaginatively or pleasingly feeling works in his/her emotion toward for another person and it is connected with in a love this is call a romantic love.
3.If love is a natural relationship so it does not include two different people"s sex or they have to occur any of sexual activity.
4.When a person loves his mother romantically, why cannot he love his wife romantically at the same time?
5.A person can loves two girls at once because he could not forget his ex-girlfriend and currently he is in loves with another girl.
6.You can be close with two persons at once but generally not considerable relationship with each person less value with one than the other.
7.When a person feels friendship, blood relationship, sympathy etc. for more than one person at the same time, so why he would not loves be any different?
8.If a person cannot love two parsons at once, so why the polygamous are romantically loves and involves with more than one person at the same time?
9. Therefore, a person is able to loves more than one people at once.
Non-Controversial: premise 1 and 2 is the definitions of love and romantic love, it is non-controversial. Premise 3, 4 are arguments and not changeable. A stronger Premise is #7 which are an argument and a fact. Another argument is #8, but there are many people disagree with this premise because of they are believe in monogamous rule.
Controversial: Premise 4, 5 are Controversial because every single person has different opinions. Premise #6 is also an opinion but there are so many people are involve with it and people are arrive it in the public place. Premise 5 is an emotional statement, some people believe the person who loves two people at once that is the person is not a real lover.



1) I disagree, there are some people who are asexual or aromantic meaning they do not feel sexual or romantic feelings for another person. So, while I do agree Love may be a additional emotion, it does not mean everyone feels the same. Maybe most people, but not everyone.
2) Can you please reword your definition of romantic love? It is very hard to understand. Would you be able to elaborate and explain further?
3) Are you saying love can occur no matter the others gender? Or that it has to be opposite genders? Also, are you implying one needs to have a sexual relation to be in a romantic relation with another person? I don't believe gender matters when it comes to love. Love is between two people, regardless of their sex. Not only that, but I don't believe one needs to have sexual interactions to be considered in love with another person. Couples save their virginity until marriage, and others don't feel that sex is needed to prove one loves another in a romantic way.
4) A person does not love their mother romantically, they love them paternally, as in parental love. It is different from romantic love, much different.
5) Just because one can not forget their ex-girlfriend, does not mean they are still in love with them. They can miss them, miss their characteristics and the relationship, but it does not mean they still hold feelings for them.
6) Yes you can be close with two people but that does not imply love. You can be close platonically, or relatively such as siblings, but it does not mean you love them. Even if you are in a relationship with a person, it does not imply love. You can certainly have feelings for them but that does not mean those feelings are love. They can be attraction, or lust.
7) Love is more deep and intricate. It is not as easy to love someone as it is to be friends with someone. Love is much more stronger and different from friendship, and while they may hold some similar qualities like trust and honesty, love is much more. It holds a deeper sense of trust, a deeper sense of affection and loyalty to one another.
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