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It's about time we get rid of Christmas!

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Started: 12/11/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Yes, I am saying that Christmas, also known as "Money down the drain day" in some areas of the world, should be gotten rid of for the following reasons:

1. Father Christmas doesn't even give adults coal
This discrimination has lasted for years. Good children get presents, naughty children get coal. Good adults get nothing, naughty adults get nothing. Discrimination based on age is sick, twisted and very immoral. With a ban on Christmas, perhaps father christmas wouldn't even exist! I know that seems ridiculous, but it is true!

2. Father Christmas encourages naughtier children to smoke
Naughty children, also known as the more annoying lunatics (i.e: The sort of person who would start smoking), are given coal. One of coal's only uses is smoking it.

3. Tragedies happen at Christmas
This is true [1], as confirmed in the Daily Mail, also known as the Poopoo paper, a nickname based on the poor quality and accuracy of its articles.

4. It gives the tinsel industry a successful few days
My friend, Adam Tinsel-Seller, works in the tinsel industry and in the good non-Christmas seasons, I tease him about how he's having trouble getting sales, but in the Christmas month(s?), he says something along the lines of "HAHA! Told you so, Ebenezer! HAHAHAHA!".

5. If we got rid of Christmas, Everyone's Birthdays would come quicker
Yes! With one less day in December, everybody's birthdays would come quicker! This is a bonus to normal people because their birthday comes quicker and to people preparing for the birthday as they still have 364 days to do it[2] [3] (rounded to the nearest whole day)! You may encounter the problem of People born on Christmas not having a birthday, but that doesn't matter because everyone knows that people born on Christmas are freaks.



Let me address each of your arguments first:

First I believe that you're doing a tongue in cheek argument. I don't think you want to end Christmas.

1. Father Christmas doesn't even give adults coal.
Yes but he doesn't give adults presents either. Christmas is a holiday for children.

2. Father Christmas encourages naughtier children to smoke
I've never heard of anyone smoking coal. It's used for heating not smoking. Anyone whose used a coal stove knows the fumes are not enjoyable.

3. Tragedies happen at Christmas
Tragedies happen all the time. Christmas is the one time of the year where even Scrooge might bend and be nice.

4. It gives the tinsel industry a successful few days
Why shouldn't the tinsel industry have success. Are you anti business? ;-}

5. If we got rid of Christmas, Everyone's Birthdays would come quicker
Even if you got rid of Christmas you'd still have December 25th! So this argument is mute.

I wanted to thank you for this entertaining bit of fluff. It brought a smile to my face. Your arguments were entertaining. I believe Christmas is what we make it. I enjoy Christmas as it's one of the few times during the year when smiles are quick to appear and forgiveness is easily given. One of the things about getting older is that time seems to pass faster. I'm 60 and it seems like yesterday that I was waiting for Christmas to come and it took forever. My parents encouraged us to do good deeds to bring joy to others. I hope everyone will think about donating some time to a good cause as your present to yourself and the universe! Thank you again for the lovely post. I hope Santa brings you joy in the coming year.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Con for accepting this debate.

1. Father Christmas doesn't even give adults coal

Exactly, adults don't get anything! What kind of deal is that? Age discrimination, that's what it is!

2. Father Christmas encourages naughtier children to smoke
Look it up [4]. It's so easy a child could do it (Searching on the internet and smoking coal)!

3. Tragedies happen at Christmas
More tragedies happen at Christmas than at any time of year [5]. This is probably because of all the stress of decorating a Christmas tree!

Christmas tree is an anagram of Cram hit stress, which sounds like a severe form of stress. This is proof!

4. It gives the tinsel industry a successful few days
I'm not anti-business, I'm just against people not having proper jobs! Working in the tinsel industry is just a more impressive-sounding way of saying "Tree Accessory Salesman", and that sounds really not impressive, perhaps even unimpressive! It's just about the worst excuse of an occupation I have ever heard! Plus, that is really saying something, as I have heard of:

- Recycling Bin Attendant's assistant
- Floor manager (?)
- Telemarketer
- Aspiring Well-known Rubbish Tip co-owner
- TV Chef
- Unemployed mother

So as you can see, I've heard of a lot of pathetic occupations, but tree accessory salesman tops that list by far. Also, I don't like someone with that pathetic an occupation mocking me!

"Look at me," he says "In December, I made £5 more than in all the other months. So, my wages this year comes to a total of £5 pre-tax!".

5. If we got rid of Christmas, Everyone's Birthdays would come quicker
Even if we move the post-Christmas days in that year back one, we still have no December 31st, so we have one day less. Getting rid of Christmas (a day!) is making the year one day shorter.




USvet forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by KingDebater 5 years ago
Take cover because we have a votebomb in the house!
Posted by Ratsybear 5 years ago
I think both opposition and proposition have somewhat valid points, but proposition has the favor in this debate because people can celebrate whatever they want (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Birthdays, New Year, etc.) Saying to get rid of a holiday that some people might not even celebrate is ridiculous. What if you wanted to get rid of birthdays? Some people don't celebrate their birthday. Just because a holiday exists in which you don't celebrate, or enjoy celebrating, doesn't mean you have to ruin it for other people. There are just certain things in which we have no control and the holidays just happen to be one of them.
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