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JEW GOD? Is he JESUS daddy? Is he ALLAH?

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Started: 8/24/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 weeks ago Status: Post Voting Period
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JEW GOD? Moses met with this Comic Book Character 3500 years ago to save the JEWS
from EGYPT SLAVERY. . . . SO? Really SO WHAT. . . . There are to many SLAVE stories to count
or list since HUMANS have walked the EARTH. . . Were the JEWS the only SLAVES of EGYPT?

and the JEW TRIBES themselves. . . They NEVER HAD SLAVES to toil for them?

SLAVERY has been going on long before the JEW GOD helped Moses with the
ten plagues:
Lice or gnats
Death of firstborn

What other GOD has helped his people like the JEW GOD did for Moses?

Oh, There IS no there GOD says the JEW GOD. . . He even wrote it down as one of the 10

REALLY? Ok great. . . So why the FCK did JESUS pop out of some illiterate JEWISH TRIBE girl and proclaim himself MESSIAH? And the JEWS responded by having him EXECUTED for LYING and DECEIVING!

This occurred 1500 years after Moses chatted with HIS GOD? Where has this PUPPET
BOZO of a GOD been for 1500 years? And of all things did he send his retarded SON
as a BABY to save his pathetic human creation? And WHY show up as a BABY? And
worse 30 years go by and finally the JEWS and ROME decide: enough of this FOOL's
"i am the Messiah" JOKE. . So they beat him up and nailed him to a cross to ROT!

HUH? Like REALLY? Baby GOD? Or SON of some idiot DADDY GOD gets beat up and
nailed to a cross? HOW RETARDED IS THIS CRAP? Really. . . This is the stuff of truly
mentally disturbed human IDIOTS. . . Real Comic Book GARBAGE of the time!

Why not attack ROME with FROGS and LOCUSTS again? How about butterfly's. . This

Where is the JEW GOD during all this insanity to KILL his kid? Oh, He was playing GOLF
with ALLAH on the MOON. . . .

ALLAH? This Comic Book BOZO has a chat with illiterate MUHAMMAD. . . 600 years after JEW GOD DADDY's Son was beat up and MURDERED by ROME! 600 years. . .
HELLO? HELLO STUPID PEOPLE? Dah. . . 600 years after JESUS and 2100 years after
Moses chats with his JEW GOD BOZO for help with the EGYPT / JEW slavery problem. .

HELLO? Anyone home? STUPID RETARDS. . . . ALLAH? Where the HELL does this GOD
BOZO come from? And why is HE connected to the JEW GOD? The JEWS don't accept
ALLAH and his KORAN Comic Book GARBAGE. . . Or JESUS and his New Testament TRASH. . . So what the HELL is going on in this little piece of land in the Middle East now
known as the State of ISRAEL? 3 totally retarded GOD puppet BOZO inventions. . .
NONE are around. . EVER. . Yet there is no shortage of HUMAN VAMPIRE PARASITES who
use these 3 puppet GOD hoaxes as scapegoats for DEATH and DESTRUCTION of all who do not accept them and the totally INSANE DOGMA attached to them. . . ?

JEW GOD? Never existed. . . A total old man made HOAX. . . JESUS? Another JOKE humans invented the JEWS don't believe, The Muslims don't believe,

THE TRUTH? All 3 GODS are WORTHLESS PUPPET HOAXES invented by psychotic humans desperate for IDENTITY - POWER - PROFITEERING - CONTROL of the masses

All 3 are utterly USELESS as GODS. . . They are puppet GHOST toys. . . . WORTHLESS. . . As are
the humans who invented them and worship them using FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE


Debate Round No. 1


DEBATE? What debate. . . HONKLER? Some kind of BOZO that can't get beyond a few meaningless words accepted the
challenge of the JEW GOD puppet clown is WHAT? Exactly. . . . Nothing. . . Just some pathetic knock off GOD hoax stolen from
the storybooks of other civilizations long before this psychotic Old testament VAMPIRE hoax had his idiotic conversation with
MORON MOSES. . . A lot of good that did! The jews have been on the run from persecution and annihilation to this day!

Without the backup from USA Israel would not exist. . . But these FACTS are not the issue. . . The retard HONKLER is obviously
incompetent and most likely some angry abandoned teenager seeking some kind of? Who knows. . . He / she is obviously
anti LGBT and an enemy of OPEN MINDED HUMANS who do not need some retarded PUPPET JEW - JESUS - ALLAH clown GOD to worship and drown in the DOGMA VOMIT attached to each GOD HOAX. . .

So is the JEW GOD Moses spoke with JESUS Daddy? Is he also ALLAH? How can HE? Be all 3 at the same time? And have followers that MURDER and DESTROY each other over his different incarnations? How RETARDED is that?

VERY RETARDED. . . Very psychotic. . . . And that is what the inventors of the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH puppet GOD hoax truly are
PSYCHOTIC PARASITE VAMPIRES who hypnotize and brainwash weak minded FOOLS into slavery and servitude using
the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH Gods as pathetic PUPPET SCAPEGOATS. . .

WHO actually does all the MURDER and DESTRUCTION. . . The JEW GOD himself? JESUS? ALLAH? When was the last time
any of these retarded PUPPET GOD CLOWNS themselves MURDER and DESTROY those who do not accept them?

The last time was when the PUPPET JEW GOD BOZO unleashed the 10 idiotic plagues on EGYPT 3500 years ago!


ONLY the retarded followers who obey the HUMAN VAMPIRE PREACHERS that play GOD and order the MURDER and DESTRUCTION. . . .

CONCLUSION: the JEW GOD is a worthless COMIC BOOK HOAX as is JESUS and ALLAH. . . . 3 useless no show GHOST GODS
who do NOTHING. . Only the HUMAN PARASITE FOLLOWERS are determined to destroy the planet for their idiot GOD hoax


Low iq confirmed. Clearly negro.

Vote for me trolls
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by trevorw2539 3 weeks ago
Why would anyone want to debate on myths and mythical people
Posted by WisdomOfAges 3 weeks ago
WHY NOT? The statement of FACT needs to be DEBATED or else it is a Statement of FACT. . .

Which of course it is. . . . Perhaps you are one of the brainwashed slave drones of a JEW - JESUS - ALLAH
hoax GOD CULT? And YOU are not capable of thinking and reasoning on your own which most JEW - JESUS - ALLAH contaminated humans are. INEPT - STUPID and need to be led around like sheep in an herd of
FOOLS monitored by Church clowns. . . If this is the case. . . Then you can return to your TOILET and PRAY
for a miracle. . . When it comes don't forget to FLUSH. . . . VOILA your GOD has arrived!
Posted by FuzzySquid 3 weeks ago
What happened here? I'm not going to debate but this should be mildly entertaining.
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