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JLA vs Avengers

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Started: 8/1/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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In this debate I will be Pro for the JLA and my opponent will be Con for Avengers. I believe in a fight, the JLA would destroy the Avengers and I hope someone would like to debate otherwise. I thank whoever accepts this debate and wish them luck!


Hello, I accept your challenge. But I have one question; are we counting EVERY iteration of JLA and Avengers, or the original groups?
Debate Round No. 1


Every iteration.

I would like to thank you for accepting first.

Now there are 3 reasons why JLA would win.
1. Way more people with superpowers
2. Faster people flash, superman, cpt marvel
3.Smarter people mm, batman


Starting with your first point;
Each group has had a very large amount of superpowered persons in their groups many iterations with the members changing often. Counting all members the two teams are comparably close in number of super powered individuals.

Moving on to your second point about faster heroes;
According to MARVEL's website, Thor can travel at speeds up to Mach 32 ( < 24,000 mph) using his hammer Mjolnir. Plus using Odinpower, his speed can go much greater.
Another MARVEL superhero, Sentry, has been shown to fly to the Sun and back to Earth in minutes and able to catch bullets out of midair.
Superman can only fly slightly faster than lightspeed.

Finally, rebutting your third point on smarter heroes,
A direct competitor to Batman in smarts is the Black Panther, a hero who was offered a position in the Illuminati (No joke). He is also a master of prep time, and has also studied every fighting style known to man; very comparable to Batman.

Moving on, Mister Fantastic, who was once a member of the Avengers was once said to be the 7th smartest man in the world. Other smart minds in the Avengers are Henry Pym (invented a suit that can shrink and enlarge your form, a helmet that can communicate with other life forms, and Ultron-- one of the strongest beings the Avengers ever faced.), Tony Stark (the Iron Man suits), and Bruce Banner (The Gamma Bomb).

Going even beyond these points, the Avengers have some of the strongest superheroes of all time; The Sentry, The Hulk, Thor, and Doctor Strange.
Debate Round No. 2


I admit some of your facts were surprising, so I bring up more points. The JLA also has strong characters Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Flash and more.
Now for new points.
1.Better teamwork
As seen in the Avengers movie, Civil war and world war hulk, the Avengers aren't that great at working together. But the JLA are very loyal to each other helping on many occasions(Crisis on earth).
The JLA has more and more powerful woman then the Avengers. Avengers only Black widow, Mrs Marvel and she hulk. But the JLA has hawk girl, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Vixen, Black canary and few others.
3.More members
The JLA has more members than the Avengers.


To start off my returning statements, let me remind you what this debate is arguing; Who would be the winner in a fight, the JLA or the Avengers.

Better teamwork does not necessarily mean a stronger team. Adding on to that, later on in the Avengers movie they ended up working quite well together, fending off an endless horde of Chitauri. As for Civil War and World War Hulk, Civil War's storyline primarly had Iron Man turn against the Avengers; an episode similar to the many times Superman has turned bad (Injustice, every time Superman fights Batman, Justice League #8 when they come in conflict with Martian Manhunter) and in the end, Iron Man actually did what the Hulk asked when he fired the satellites at him.

The Avengers have more female superheroes than what you outlined, The Wasp was part of the original Avengers, Scarlet Witch (Who could actually destroy all of the JLA by herself--she has the ability to change the probability of things happening; say the probability of all of the JLA dropping over dead is 1/676,348,348,595,224. She could change the probablity to 5/1, meaning they would all die. In the Ultimate universe, they change it so she must know the 'math', that is, the original probability of something happening.), Tigra, Spider-Woman, Firestar, Power Woman, Storm from the X-Men, Rogue also from X-Men, and many others. Rogue steals powers, so she could potentially kill many of the stronger DC characters.
But in all actuality, the amount of women in the respective groups don't really effect the outcome of a fight between the two.

Even if the JLA do have more members than the Avengers, a lot of them would not make much of an impact in a fight (Maxima, Vibe, Bloodwynd, Argent, Snapper Carr, Steel II, General Glory, Green Arrow, Aquaman (assuming they aren't fighting by the ocean)) Another problem is the ratio of damage one character could do to the other team. Wolverine could easily down 10-20 other superheroes before being stopped, Superman is prone to holding back against his opponents compared to the Hulk and Red Hulk, who would mercilessly wreck whoever stood in their path.
Debate Round No. 3


There are 5 people who whould take large tolls on the Avengers.
1.Flash=He is faster than all the Avengers letting him take out many in seconds. Controlling the speed force is huge advantage and hard to defeat.
2.John Stewart=Being a green lantern would mean he could kill many. People like hulk, he could throw them in space.
3.Hal Jordan=Same as John Stewart.
4.Martian Manhunter=With no obvious weakness, the ability to phase and telepathy, he could kill many of the Avengers. Before you say he has a weakness to fire he was eventually cured of that.
5.Zatanna=She can read minds and alter a persons thoughts and actions. She can also create large-scale illusions.

After you come back, I would like to hear some of your ideas so I can come back.


1. The Flash may be very fast, but Doctor Strange has the ability to stop/slow time, and has the ability to control others through telepathy. He could freeze Flash for the duration of the fight, or even make him fight against the JLA. Flash has also been seen on occasion to beat himself via tripping. Scarlet Witch could change the chances of him tripping to an amount that he would knock himself out of the fight.

2. John Stewart may have the power of the ring, but the Avengers possess an all-but-unstoppable force: the Mjolnir. Thor's hammer cannot be moved by anyone other than Thor (and few exceptions i.e Odin) and John Stewart would be powerless to stop himself from being pummeled by it. Also, Stewart is only human. His appendages can be cut off. If Wolverine got close enough, he could cut off his hand.

3. Hal Jordan is the same story for John Stewart.

4. You claim Martian Manhunter was cured of his weakness to fire, I find that claim invalid unless you can show a source. In the DC 'Trial By Fire' storyline (JLA #84-89), it is explained that the Guardians of the Universe placed a psychosomatic (mental disorder with physical symptoms) fear of fire into the Martian race to prevent them from devolving into a former aggressive state. An exploding arrow from Hawkeye should be enough to weaken him into a state that he could be defeated. Avenger member Moondragon has the ability to induce mental illusions, and could simply make Martian Manhunter think he was engulfed or fighting flaming entities. Moondragon is a very powerful telepath, able to control an entire planets population, communicate with Galactus, and force Thor to become her personal love slave. Doctor Druid also can manipulate fire.

5. Zatanna is simply not a strong enough sorceress compared to the magical powers some Avengers have. Doctor Strange could severely stunt the effectiveness of her abilities. The Vision, an android, would be impervious to her powers anyways and be able to dispatch her with relative ease.

The primary difficulty in defeating the JLA is Superman. While he does hold back against his opponents and generally refuses to kill, he himself is very hard to incapacitate. Theoretically, the Vision could defeat him by becoming transparent. He could phase a part of his body into Superman and then partially re-materialize. If done at the head or vital organ, Superman would be knocked out. Alternatively, Manifold could create a portal and simply oust Superman from the fight by sending him back or forward in time. Characters like The Sentry, Sunspot, Thor and Hulk (who also absorbs solar energy) could possibly defeat him in a straight match (Sentry being the most likely).
Debate Round No. 4


Martian Manhunter has the same abilities as vision and more. He can also just phase a put his arm through the hulk or sentry's head or organs. Zatanna would be able to alter anyone's thoughts and calm them down. Captain Atom could absorb any energy manipulator powers. Any characters that can't survive in space could be thrown in space by the Green Lanterns. Batman would use most of his plans to maim the JLA on Avengers similar to JLA(quicksilver=flash etc). Superman would be very powerful. Flash could rewind time before the JLA lose and continue doing so until they win. Black lightning could short circuit any electronic equipment(Ant mans helmet, Iron mans suit etc). Cyborg could use his laser cannon. Steel with his suit and hammer would be very helpful to the JLA. Firestorm would be useful too.

I thank you again for debating. I enjoyed debating with you. I can't wait for your last statement.


In the end, having Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch ensure victory for the Avengers. Doctor Strange would not be affected by Zatanna's power and would be able to stop time for all the members of the Justice League. Doctor Strange draws his power in part from the universes ambient magical energy, he could definitely do it. Scarlet Witch would then simply change the odds for various instances to end all of them (chances of spontaneous combustion, chances of becoming brain-dead, chances of becoming a cat [which she has actually done], etc). If you add Manifold to the mix, he could teleport Superman into a Red Sun, or just chuck everyone light-years away.

While the Justice League IS full of 'powerhouse' characters, the magical elements that the Avengers have on their team would nullify their efforts.

It was a good time, fun debate.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
Next time I really suggest picking a year set, or a movie, or a cartoon... Plus seeing how there's been crossovers, a few of these fights could be sourced.
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Vote Placed by brokenboy 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Avengers are insane Jla is pretty good but honestly if you get into the stories of the Characters the Hulk alone (Maybe needing a stronger form) should be enough to beat JLA
Vote Placed by Ragnar 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: A better setup would have greatly improved this debate. Con did a great job countering pro, and even accidentally revealed that pro is not farmiliar enough with the subject to properly debate consider it (better to have a certain team of them, the every member of every team left way too much consideration). The biggest point that moved things into con's favor for me, was when pro attempted to use the Avengers movie as an example against them; when such is not in their favor, but if brought up it opens the door to why the JLA doesn't have a movie? Anyway in this debate there was way too much talk of how this person or that person would murder the other team, when these are teams of superheroes, who are usually opposed to such tactics.