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Jake Paul=Worthless Pile of my crap

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Started: 1/15/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First round is acceptance

Rounds 2,3,4 are arguments

Let's see who was gonna pick up today


That's where you're wrong, pal. Jake Paul is actually very educational and is a very good role model as well, he is PG and great for children to watch. Sure, he drops a few swear words on videos, and he's made a few mistakes, but who doesn't make mistakes?

He does not mean any harm and is just trying to influence kids and show them the right way to live, the savage life. My russian, starving children love Jake Paul, they all look up to him and would like to be rich like him one day, it's funny.

But no, Jake Paul is not a "worthless pile of crap", he's a very great content creator and all the kids really have now-a-days as a role model, better than any of those pop stars these kids look up to now.
Debate Round No. 1


Jake Paul is the farthest thing from PG. Swearing is not PG so you can not say that. His video got taken down once for his thumbnail being "I lost my virginity" with him half-naked in the bed. He said n*gger countless times in a rap. He has spray-painted walls, burned mattresses, caused havoc, started drama on abuse. He has done nothing educational as his videos are not educational. His videos are not education and cause YouTube to have a bad name.

Here are the mistakes he's made

During Hurricane Harvey, he took away resources from first responders because his fans jumped on cars because guess who they learned it from. Oh yeah, Jakey himself.

He is someone that turns of people in the blink of an eye. He made a video kissing RiceGum's arse just for views because he was the big thing in 2016 when he wasn't noticed. Now, look what he's doing. He's using other people and clickbait for views.

He constantly says other YouTubers are manipulative, yet he tells people to buy his merch and says to subscribe, in his serious videos.

He says n*gga in videos of him at parties, which we know is bad.

He made false accusations of abuse just so people can see him as the hero. Abuse is nothing to joke about he says, yet he goes on and makes a false abuse claim backed up by evidence and he doesn't own up to it.

He doxxed a rapper named Post Malone after he said one thing bad about him. He can't take criticism.

He gets 10% of his teammate's money that they make. They stopped the Martinez Twins from sending money to their parents in need.

He forced them to kiss, kicked them out their room, forced them to do sexual acts (proof he is not PG)

He does not need any more chances as we gave him the chances. I let the abuse case go, but he committed two more bad acts that prove he is not PG

He doesn't listen to his neighbour's complaints and causes more chaos. By God! Thank god he got evicted he was ruined the neighbour's life by saying they took it too far when he took it 10x farther

The right way to live? Oh my god, he has manipulated you as well. His way of living is not the right way of living. So what if he's famous? He should use the fame for good, not for his antics that he got in trouble for and called out the good people of police. He is a villain and a pile of crap again.
His content is the basic OMG THUMBNAIL with 15min of content and then 1sec of the actual title with that one snit bit at the beginning. It's so basic and not even close to the original.

Guys!!!!!!! These pop stars are doing a lot more good than you think. More than Jake Paul has done in his life


shut up you communist
Debate Round No. 2


You dropped all of my arguments in this speech

I'll extend

He is a bad person because he uses his fans and manipulates them for doing the right thing when he does the wrong thing. Idiot sandwich

He's not living right. He's living bad

Content is basic

Also, I am not communist
I guess you forfeit.


ur a communist
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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