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Jake Paul is a Bad influence to Modern Day Children

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Started: 5/13/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As you may know, Jake Paul, YouTube star and actor is a horrible person. I don't think this is much of an argument but I would like to see other people try to give actual reasons that are reasonable to persuade me. The first thing is Jake Paul's YouTube channel. If you live under a rock Jake Paul has a huge fan-base of over 14 million people. With around 20 million views a month, the things that he does are broadcast to millions of little children across the globe. At first you may wonder how he is a bad influence, here are just some of things he done; Set fire to a mattress, bully Spanish "friends", and honk at random people throughout the streets. From first glance these things look bad... But really all of you are wrong this should be reasons to get him arrested but according to police. I am looking forward to anyone who is looking forward to have a civil debate ;)


Clearly you don't know him too well, these days 95% of modern day children are get really good vibes and good influence's off of people and famous people like Jake Paul himself, he raises good well taught confidence up for any kids, yeah his brother Logan Paul hasn't been the best but no this doesn't give you the rights and chances to say that he is a horrible person, you cant judge a book by its cover honey please learn that, in all fairness a majority of us think he is an amazingly strong person and he has had traumatic events in his life and he hasn't had the best life he is just trying to look out for other citizens and younger people who's confidence is low or who is going through a hard time please get that into your thick brain!
Debate Round No. 1


First off, thank you for bringing me a challenge. From round one, you say that 95% are getting good vibes and I know I didn't state any sources but I find it almost impossible for such a survey can be done, and be used on if twelve year old boys get good vibes from a previous actor from Disney. Secondly, my main reason I waited to use on the second or third round is that in fact, he was on Disney first. Why this is, is because if a child watches a PG show, goes on Jake Paul's channel already expecting kid-friendly content is going to see all of the things he has done and think that is suddenly okay. Third and finally, you said I can't judge a book by its cover... No one should ever go into a debate without knowledge and for the record, I haven't just started research I saw the endless broadcasts, articles, and YouTube videos hating on Jake, looking at someone random such as, Will Smith never gets that much attention, in a bad way anyways.
(Please don't take points off, my previous source is from


Well thank you, trying to prove your point goes pretty weak, you haven't got strong enough evidence to prove this, however most of why people hate Jake is because of Logan, please if your so clever then please tell me what he has done that is massively affecting your life right now..........Exactly nothing, he is more of a person teaching kids to have strength and confidence for example; all this hate he gets but he still carries on and bows over you because you are not the people who know him properly, so please try prove your point here!
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Posted by ChallengeMe 3 years ago
I didn't even think I would need to respond but now I have a loss :(
Posted by AsianTrumpSupporter 3 years ago


Jake Pau


How I Lost my virginity


point proven?
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