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Japan shouldn't have passed it's new bill (for SDF)

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Started: 10/30/2015 Category: Politics
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This is a speed debate, each argument only has 30 minutes. The general rules are

1, no trolling

2, no need to cite sources UNLESS told to do so in the comments section

3, just be nice, be debate-like.

I believe that 1, the self defence force should not be allowed to operate outside of it's country, 2, the current official narrative for passing the bill is not valid, and 3, Japan is eventually going to cause harm on itself due to this bill.

Please note that I am looking for a debate with more discussion than sources, more informal than formal. Please list your own thinking. Thank you!


Are you a retard, this is a step away from unneeded abortion.
Debate Round No. 1


Abortion is not the topic of debate here.

I of course wish we could still have a respectful and engaging debate.

So, the first problem is domestic.

Japan have survived for 70 years without a military that is allowed to fight overseas. In fact, the SDF is unconstitutional to begin with. The common narrative as to the reason for this bill is to battle 'potential threats' from China, Russia, and North Korea. However, if you think about it, battling 'potential threats' in these country is basically an invasion. If any of these countries are actually going to attack japan, the SDF has perfect constitutional right to defend itself. The narrative for this new law is completely invalid.

However, there is a true and reasonable reason behind this law. Japan have always received military protection from the US. The US, however, does not have as much incentive in using Japan to counter-balance China's influence of the area as before. The US, then, have continued to pressure Japan to develop it's own military. To edit Article 9.

Why so?

Japan is already a great US ally. If it has a well developed military, then it would be another powerful ally.

Then what?

Well, what US needs most right now is someone who can fight in Syria, Iran, and iraq hand in hand with the US. With a already well developed naval force, 2 (possible) aircraft carriers, and a strong infantry (regulars) unit. Japan has an unbelievably advanced military. It could also be an important force to project power in Asia.

The US policy in these countries, however, is really flawed. Look what they did in the middle east that got their own ambassador killed! Libya, Bangladesh, it's a mess. and it's tragic what have happened.

The US always finds someone to blame, and somehow our attention is always diverted from what the US is doing. Arming the rebels? The 'moderates'? The moderates get paid. They work for whoever pays them more. Now, the US is arming them, the US can't ask for the weapons back. Then what? A lot of them are already working for ISIS. ISIS already has so many US made artillery? I wonder why? If US's policy is already flawed, what will happen if Japan, currently not involved in this war, was to fight there! Hell, Japanese people will be killed. The only difference is, Japan doesn't even have a proper anti-terror unit! It doesn't even really have it's own intelligence unit! Japan is so vulnerable to terrorism. Most of the police force aren't armed, and are not trained to deal with terrorism. Japan would be doing the most unimaginable thing. Which will lead to the most unpredictable consequence. and we have been shown time and time again that Japan isn't prepared for unpredictable consequences. How did Japan respond to Fukushima?

Frankly, Japan is so much of a bureaucracy, too stubborn to take such a risk.


ilee24 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent have forfeited this round.

However, I believe that this have the potential to be a very intuitive debate.

If you wish, you could leave arguments in the comments section. I will try to respond.


ilee24 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cha-the-politician 3 years ago
ilee24, I wish we could actually have a serious debate on this topic, instead of simply insulting each other. Is that possible?
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