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Jar Jar is a sith lord

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Started: 12/15/2017 Category: Entertainment
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Jar Jar is the sith lord lurking in the shadows manipulating the other sith as well as the jedi. His force powers are beyond those of any other jedi and he uses his disguise as a stupid, clumsy gungan to carry out his evil will.


Jar Jar is my favorite character in Star Wars. He is a hero and very funny and he is by no means evil.
Debate Round No. 1


Let me begin, Jar Jar conveniently placed himself in the way of the two jedi on naboo. But why? He had been banished from his home for being CLUMSY! Who is banished for being clumsy? He was obviously forced out of there by the gungans because of his sith powers. Why else would he mention that boss nass forbids the force? It is because jar jar killed many gungans and he has been waiting for his opportunity to get revenge. He finds a sith lord named darth sidious to do his biding by making the trade federation invade naboo. Once the two jedi find him, he tags along and acts like an idiot because he sees that they can possibly take him somewhere important. What place is more important than Tatooine? There, his senses tell him that there is a major concentration of the force in Mos Espa, more specifically, a slave boy named Anakin. He has even more midichlorians than master yoda and jar jar sees that e could make a powerful apprentice. Once the jedi and the others leave the desert planet and arrive at Coruscant, Jar Jar finds that he can easily infiltrate his way into the governmental system. While on the city planet, he discovers the secret plan to build a clone army for the republic. Realizing that he could use the droids and the clones for his will, he goes back to naboo to rid the trade federation off the planet.


Jar Jar is a goofy fish man, and portraying him as a villain is not just insane, it's also a grave injustice to him. I remember, as a kid, I had a little toy, it was a Jar Jar that danced, and it had some music along with it. I think it was the Cantina theme. You see, since I didn't know jack squat about star wars when I was young, I did not acquire the same biases that all Star Wars fans have. Mainly, I do not hate Jar Jar simply because others tell me to. I think he's the best character in the entire series. He's the only funny character in the series, and he provides comic relief when tensions run high.

He could not be an evil Sith lord. First, he's so dumb that he would be incapable of accomplishing such a task. Do you really think his mind is a twisted, dark chamber pot which plans to unify the galaxy under the dark side? Of course not. He can't even pronounce words. How could he try to become a ruler? I mean, a guy like Emperor Palpatine would take him as a JOKE! He's not scary, or intimidating. Compare him to Darth Vader. Which one is scarier. Can you imagine Jar Jar strangling a guy with the powers of his mind? It's very hard to imagine. he's not a freakin' Sith lord. He's just a nutty little alien.

One thing I think is dumb about you Jar Jar haters is how you despise Jar Jar for his looks. You know, the fins, the gills, and so on. You think he's too ridiculous for the Star Wars universe. But that's ridiculous. Because in the regular trilogy, the supposed "GOOD" Star Wars movies, there's a TEN FOOT GIANT APE WHO GROWLS AND AN OLD LIZARD GUY WHO LIVES IN A SWAMP! Isn't that just as weird, or weirder, than a fish guy? Of course Star Wars has weird stuff, it's sci-fi. And I get bored out of the humans after a while, so George Lucas has to add a weird alien in every now and then, just to remind us of how cool his universe is. I don't think the Star wars universe has enough cool aliens, really. Too much of those movies is devoted to Luke and Obi wan and Han and Leia, but I think it would be way cooler to have a movie that was all about Jabba the Hutt. That would be worth watching.

I actually like episodes 1-3 more than the new ones that are coming out. For one, at least the prequels were made by George Lucas instead of by geeky old J.J. Abrams. That's the main selling point for me. George was probably tired of having people ask him about the prequels, so he slapped a few things together and called it done. It's a little rushed, sure, but it still has a good storyline and neat characters. And it reveals some things about the Star Wars universe that otherwise would never have been explained.

My point is, these were the last things that George Lucas made before he shipped the whole franchise off to Disney. The prequels are the last remnants of his genius. Sure, they're not as good as the originals. Nothing could ever beat the originals, not even the new ones. But the prequels are how George wanted his universe to be, and we can't change that. We shouldn't get to decide what his visions are. His universe is his universe. He made it, and he can lower the quality or heighten the quality whenever he wants.

We don't get to erase the prequels from history. They're essential to the Star Wars storyline and they're what George saw. George Lucas might have been planning something different from how J.J. Abrams is taking it. I don't think the new ones are that good. I especially hate the ending of the first one. Mark Hamill is credited as an actor, but he's only in the last 5 seconds. That's just dumb, right there.

Anyway, I like Jar Jar. I think he's a funny character, and a neat alien, and he helps out a lot of people through the movies, and he's way funnier than anyone else in the movies. There's got to be some funny stuff in Star Wars. Jar Jar is a great character, and he's not evil. Your theory about him being evil is nothing more than an insane conspiracy theory. He's dumb, and Qui Gon Jinn or whatever hates him, but he is in no way evil. He's a very nice character. And funny. He's a big Rasta fish person, and you can't blame him for, say, the destruction of Tattoine.

Judges, please vote wisely. Consider grammar, and emotion, and don't give in to your biases, and all that kind of stuff. I'm outta here.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, considering that we still have more arguments, you probably shouldn't be outta here.
Into episode II, we find that Jar Jar has been placed into a position of the Galactic Senate. Who in their right mind would place the stupidest character in the galaxy on a seat of leadership and let him have a say in the affairs of the Galaxy? But here is the real focus: Jar Jar is the main proponent in the movement to give Chancellor Palpatine (Darth Sidious in disguise) supreme emergency powers. This pretty much gives him the power to do whatever he wants until the separatists have been defeated. And the first act of the chancellor's status is to create an army of the republic using the secret clone army that was discovered by Jar Jar. If the jedi did not know about the clone army, then how could Palpatine without the help of Jar Jar.


Oh, sorry. I thought there were only 2 rounds, it was an optical illusion or something. Don't worry, I'm into the whole five round thing. I'm glad you're willing to do that. Some people only put three rounds. That sucks. Anyway, let's go on with it.

I've never actually seen episodes two or three, because I don't want to see Anakin turn into Darth Vader and all that, I'm sure it would be traumatic even at my age, but I know a few things about them, what with the clone army and whatever, so I'll plunge into that.

Jar jar is dumb, sure, and he probably is incapable of being the Star wars president or whatever. Still, he's a bold leader with a courageous heart of gold and I'm sure that, when he took the position, he was ready to do whatever was best for the galaxy, even if he's a stupid fish guy. He's inept, is all. Still, much more competent than the orange carrot man who's our real president, but that's a story for another time.

I think that, perhaps, George Lucas is trying to give us a political allegory here. Let's say that, before Jar Jar was elected, the senate was mostly controlled by humans. Now, a gungan is elected. SEE? Instead of those boring, dumb, humans, we finally get a weird alien running for office! It's progress! George Lucas predicted Obama winning ten years ahead! Cool, right? I don't think Gungans should be excluded from being president. Or voting. Or living like equal beings even if they are fish people with annoying, high pitched voices.

He might have made a mistake, but, again, that's not because he wants to kill everyone, it's just because he's dumb. They probably shouldn't have elected him, but they did, so he can do whatever he wants to do. If he sees Old Palpatine or whatnot, he doesn't have rational thinking skills, he can't distinguish good from evil. Palpatine might see that the president is a dope and try to sway him over to his side. He hands Jar Jar a few martinis, they talk about stuff like good buds, the next thing you know, Jar Jar is drunk stiff and Palpatine convinces him to sign a contract that makes him the maniacal dictator or whatever. Again, not because Jar Jar is evil. He's just mentally handicapped.

And, again, we shouldn't pick on people with disabilities. It's not nice. There might be an Autistic guy in the white house some day, so we should be ready for that.

Again, you're using nothing but insane conspiracy theories that I don't think George Lucas ever even tried to show. Jar Jar is not a villain, he's a goofy fish guy with the Intelligence Quotient of a stalk of celery. He is in no way a threat to anyone.

Jar Jar doesn't kill people. People who take advantage of Jar Jar do.
Debate Round No. 3


I do recommend that you see episodes II and III, they really show how the empire unfolds and comes about.

Jar Jar was not elected president, but senator for the Gungans. And I'm pretty sure the senate had many unique species from their own planets, humans were not the majority.

Onto the force power section: In episode I, Jar Jar can constantly be seen behind the crowd in many key conversations. He uses the force to manipulate what others are saying with an occasional wave of the hand. He also mouths out the words that are said by the ones he is controlling. CGI mistake? I think not.

Also, the jump that Jar Jar makes into the lake is obviously force-assisted. Who can jump that high? When the jedi prepare to rescue the queen in Theed, they jump down off of a bridge. But Jar Jar falls and hangs onto the bridge. What is the significance? In the next scene, Jar Jar cannot be seen, but he is fired upon by battle droids. the droids heads end up looking to the left as if he had jumped to the other side to avoid laser fire.
Obviously his Sith powers in action.


I don't wanna see episodes two or three, because I like episode one the best. I mean, I don't want to see the Empire come about, that's like watching the rise of Nazi Germany. I also like episode one because it's the earliest one, and I like all the weird oddities of Star wars, the history and stuff, way back, so seeing the first episode is better than just watching how Darth Vader comes into being. I mean, I know about Darth Vader, and how he was Anakin and all that. I don't need to see it. Anyway, like we were saying...

I use the term "president" lightly. President, senator, chancellor, whatever, all pretty much the same thing, just a guy with a lot of power. You don't have to be all nitpicky here. I don't know much about Star wars politics, so technical terms are unimportant. He's senator for the Gungans, right? I mean, evidently, he's respected by his own people. And some Gungans aren't even stupid, so for him to be elected is a pretty big indication of what a great guy he is. Maybe he doesn't win the people's admiration through intellect. Maybe he acquires their support through charisma. And that's fine.

You say he's a "senator," so I'm assuming that the Star Wars universe has a democracy, not a monarchy, or maybe sort of a mix of the two. But Jar Jar was elected by popular vote, right? By his people? He didn't take the throne as a tyrant? I mean, that's a huge step. In episode one, he goes down to his hometown beneath the lake, and it seems like they really hate him for being a big idiot. But then, they have a change of heart, and they elect him as their senator. That's what I call progress. They forgave him, and gave him some responsibility. He got elected by them, so he's not responsible for the little mistakes he makes.

I think that Jar Jar is seen behind the crowds in episode one because he's a crucial part of the plot. I mean, he has to be there, jumping around and whatever. He's a main character. He'll chat with Obi wan or whatever, tell them some stuff, then walk away. He's annoying, remember, so he usually only inserts himself into conversations to bug the other characters. And, I mean, you're bugging him because he WAVES HIS HAND AROUND? He's like a hyperactive child with candy, of course he'll make little spastic movements.

Maybe he repeats what people says because he's too dumb to say anything on his own. You know, he repeats what they're saying so that he can run it through his brain. Or maybe he just mutters stuff and you misread his lips. Or maybe, since he's in the background, behind the main characters, the guys at Industrial Light and Magic didn't take the time to animate him that well. I'm sure there could be some CGI mistakes on him. Keep in mind, this was freakin' 1999, there are bound to be some bugs every now and then.

I think that, when he jumps into the lake, he's just jumping into the lake. You say that nobody could jump that high. But, remember, he's not a human. He's a fish alien with very different anatomy. Chances are he can jump better than us. Maybe he has a special muscle in his leg or something. I mean, heck, it's a sci fi movie, they can mess around with physics a little if they want. I think, also, that maybe his jump was meant to emphasize how annoying he was, and build up suspense for the part where they're underwater. Anything can happen.

I never saw the bridge scene, I might have, It's been a long time since I watched episode 1, but I don't think it means much. If the guys look to the other side, maybe they noticed something more important than Jar jar. Maybe they saw some rebel spy or something. I mean, this sounds like a big Star wars action scene, you're talking about here, and if you know Star Wars, you should know that George likes to go all in when it comes to action scenes. People firing laser guns from all over, lots of running, lots of swinging across vast chasms, you know, the usual stuff. Chances are that, in this scene, the droids just see something interesting.

Or maybe Jar Jar DID just jump over to the other side of the bridge, TO AVOID LASER FIRE. I mean, the lake scene, as you pointed out, shows how good he is at jumping. maybe he could jump all the way across the bridge, ya know, to AVOID GETTING KILLED? Doesn't mean he's a Sith, it just means he wants to live. That makes a lot more sense than your nutty conspiracy theory.

Really, whether you like Jar Jar or not isn't even the point here. Even people who hate him know that he's just put there for comic relief, like Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show, and he's not very essential to the plot, just a goofy fish man who helps out and bugs the main characters from time to time. Nothing to make a big fuss over.
Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
I'll consider playing devil's advocate though.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
I knew it. Jar Jar all the way.
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