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Jesus likes to eat selfish

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Started: 5/16/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Jesus wanted all the selfish for himself so he figured out to misinform people that eating selfish is sin


jesus only ate bees, it says so in the bible.

"I only eat bees, said jesus to the dying jewish boy" - stinky steve: book one - a minecraft mishap (page 2)
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Posted by BaphometSgl 3 years ago
@jrardin12 Can u prove with demonstrable evidence that i am idiot?

if you cant then i am not
Posted by jrardin12 3 years ago
Your an idiot BaphometSgl
Posted by BaphometSgl 3 years ago
1: i wanted to spell selfish this way so it haves 2 meanings

2: can you prove with demonstrable evidence that Jesus never had sex with Paul?

3: if you can prove me the No2 we can talk about Jesus eating Selfish!
Posted by litliberal 3 years ago
litliberal spelled shellfish wrong.
P.S. not eating shellfish is part of kosher tradition. (jewish not Chirstian!)
what a moron :P
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