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Jews control America

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Started: 4/29/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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People who belong to the Jewish race have a level of control over America that exceeds all other races. To be specific, the vast majority of these Jews are of the Ashkenazi sub-group. Not only do they have so many Jews in positions of power and authority that make Jews the dominant force (or close to) in America, but the racial cohesion and benevolence of Jews mean that they can be recognised as one collective force, one which is easily able to influence consensus and install policies which benefit Jews. Therefore it is accurate to state that Jews control America. Jewish control can be broken up into three categories.

Economy - Banking and trade
Politics - Government, lobby groups and think tanks
Media - The general press, social media, Hollywood and entertainment industries including music

I will give a brief overview at first and elaborate on these later.

As the Central Bank of America, the Federal Reserve has been heavily influenced by Jews for a long time. Here are the last 7 Chairmen.

Jerome Powell (White)
Janet Yellen (Jewish)
Ben Bernanke (Jewish)
Alan Greenspan (Jewish)
Paul Volcker (Jewish)
William Miller (unknown)
Arthur Burns (Jewish)

Last 7 Vice chairmen

Randal Quarles (White)
Stanley Fischer (Jewish)
Janet Yellen (Jewish)
Donald Kohn (Jewish)
Roger Ferguson Jr (Black)
Alice Rivlin (unknown)
Alan Blinder (Jewish)

Donald Trumps only two senior advisors are both Jews, one of which (Kushner) is married to his daughter. His other daughter Tiffany is dating a Jew last I heard, and one of his sons married a Jew as well. Its almost like he is marrying into the race.
AIPAC is the most influential of all lobby groups, and as such have a huge amount of sway over presidents and congress, and thus they unconditionally support Israel.

Of the top 10 American media companies (excluding internet based), 8 are either totally, or largely contorlled by Jews. Social network giants Facebook and Google are also dominated by Ashkenazi Jews.


While Jewish people are disproportionally more likely to control large facilities and companies, this does not mean they control America.

Does the top 1% of the US population control America? No. They only contain 50% of the wealth and as they get richer, so does the bottom 99% due to increased technological development. This is because Capitalism is cool like that.
Debate Round No. 1


Does the top 1% control America? Yes. These people are LEADERS, elected by people. Political, corporate, economic and cultural leaders. They determine policies and matters that affect everybody, ranging from who to go to war with, who to teach your kids at school and how many women you should hire in your company. They influence discourse on contemporary issues. These people are elected one way or another, either directly with votes, or indirectly with money, purchasing their products whether it be magazines, an app, or a home loan.

Take congress for example. They are only about 12-15% Jewish. Considering Jews are about 2% of the American population, this is a significant over-representation, but it does not amount to anything that can be called 'control'. However, due to the influence of the Jewish lobby (not restricted to just AIPAC), all congress men and women will usually vote for whatever their financial backers want them to. Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney claims that many in congress are forced to sign a pledge in support of US policies that are beneficial to Israel.
Jewish money and Jewish networking are how you get 26 standing ovations in a 39 minute speech to congress by Netanyahu. See the works of Paul Findley (1985) and Grant F. Smith (2016) on how AIPAC "terrorizes" congress according to former congressman Pete McCloskey.

This also works at the top level too. Trumps biggest donor was his close friend and Jew Sheldon Adelson. Since being in office Trump has filled the swamp with Jews such as Goldman Sachs men Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin. He has promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and continues the war of aggression against Israel's close enemies in the middle east. He has also pardoned Jewish criminals/fraudsters Lewis Libby and Sholom Rubashkin.

My next post will discuss the influence from Jews through political think tanks as well as through a vast network of media businesses.


While the top 1% does have a lot of influence in America, there are many movements in the United States that are not influenced by the top 1%. An example is the Occupy Wall Street(OWS) movement, which hates the 1% being rich by making Iphones used by OWS. Not all people in the top 1% are CEOs. My dad is in the top 1% and he does not make decisions on who to go to war with, who to teach your kids at school and how many women you should be hired in his company. Also on the last example, the average CEO wants employees who are skilled in their job. The congressmen in office are those who had the most votes in their state/district for the position.

Not all congressmen vote for whoever their financial bankers (FB) want them too. If your FB supports Trump over Hillary, then there will be many of his employees that support Trump, and there would be many people who support Hillary, and the FB doesn't care on the ideology of his employees. He cares about how much profit they can generate for the company. This FB would rather hire a productive Clinton supporter than a non productive Trump supporter since they want profit.

I can't access the YouTube link since it's blocked on my device. However, the reason why The US helps out Israel is because a consistent solid majority of Americans support Israel, even around 50% of Democrats, who tend to be more pro Palestine ideology and they want a 2 state solution (

Trump's biggest donor (BD) was a Jew yes. However, was Hillary Clinton's BD Jewish? Cruz's BD? Bernie Sander's BD? He's Jewish, so he may have attracted more Jewish supporters, but was his biggest BD Jewish? John Kasichs BD?

If all of them didn't have a Jew as their BD, then Jews make up about 25% of the top 1% and 20% of the BDs.
Debate Round No. 2


Acording to, Hillarys biggest donor, 2nd BD and 3rd BD are all Jewish. In fact, with the possible exceptions of Shaw at 9th (who married a Jew and gave $400K to a synagogue) and Woods at 6th, 19 out of 20 of her BD are Jewish. Jewish donors were very prominent in the previous election too. Hillary's daughter also married a Jew. Also, Congressmen vote for bills, not people.

Government think tanks such as the Brookings Institution, the Trilateral Commission, Human Rights Watch, PNAC and CAP are filled with Jews and also largely funded by Jews. Simply search through their membership on their wikipedia pages.

The reason Americans support Israel is because of the favourable view the Jewish media gives it. Disney, Comcast, Viacom, CBS, Advance Publications, iHeart Media and Discovery Communications make up the majority of media in the US and much of it around the world, and are largely or totally run by Jews. Bob Iger, Brian Roberts, the Redstone and Newhouse families, Tom Liebowitz and Dave Zaslav. This article is several years old but it paints a picture.
Notice that Jews are the dominant race in presidents, CEO and chairmen.

In Hollywood Jews are even more dominant. This list of the most powerful people in entertainment contains 54 Jews, 6 partial Jews, 10 blacks, 24 whites and 29 unknowns. Interestingly THR says "And lastly, yes, we know that a lot of this list is white guys." In film, the majority of film studios (MGM, Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox, Columbia) were founded and continue to be run by Jews.

On social media, Alphabet (google and youtube) and Facebook are completely dominated by Jews. Zuckerberg, Brin and Page, Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Wojcicki, Ruth Porat etc.

My next argument will focus on Jewish economic power.


A few Jewish people donating a lot of money to left leaning candidates is not the definition of control. A few rich devout Jews and JINOs (Jews in Name Only) donated a lot but Hillary listens more to the masses; to feminists, to NARAL, and to the American left.

Hillary Clinton raised about $1.2 billion in campaign money ( Only about .06 billion of that was given by the top 20 (Jews and JINOs) in the country. After the top 100, there are more non Jewish dollars going to her campaign then Jewish and JINO dollars combined.

Any laws Jewish people and JINOs make will be overturned by the US public if the law is terrible. This also applies to bills that congressmen vote on. The congressmen vote representing the people that elect them. If there is a law that makes abortions illegal in the whole USA, the democratic representatives would vote against it since they represent abortion supporters and the Republican representatives would vote for it since they believe in life.

This is because Jews tend to be rich and they like giving money away. They don't have complete, majority, or even plurality control over America.

There is Pro Israel propaganda, but there is also Pro Palestine propaganda with it's share of supporters ( The site trashes Palestine and many Americans believe what they say. There is propaganda on both sides. One reason why America has historically supported Israel was because many Muslim states were wanting to militarily destroy and invade Israel. The US also did this with Kuwait, Iraq and Iran. Those fights ended. The Israel Palestine Conflict didn't end.

It's Hollywood and the left and SJW media; not America. It's just like me saying China controls America because most US imports are from China. Just because there are a lot of Jewish celebrities does not mean they control America. Congress runs America on their beliefs.
Debate Round No. 3


Funny how you change tack after discovering that in fact Hillarys donors are overwhelmingly Jewish. To think that her top donors have no impact on her is naive. It shows an interest in her by the Jewish community and it shows that Jews will often attempt to influence leaders who they see as beneficial. Since ive already explained undeniably how the media is predominantly Jewish run, not to mention the huge amount of Jewish news anchors and talk show hosts, it should be no great leap to understand how the media machine can influence elections either.
35% of the USA's richest 400 are Jewish.
40% of the top 50 are Jewish. This is excluding hugely wealthy Jewish families such as the Newhouses, the Rothschilds and the Bronfmans who keep their wealth tied up in family trusts, real estate and multitudes of businesses. The only Rothschilds who show up are distant grandchildren around the 1000th richest Americans mark.

American commercial banks and particularity investment banks are controlled by Jews such as Lloyd Blankfein, Ackerman, Stumpf, Gorman etc.. Even if the Chairman or CEO is not Jewish you can be assured to find Jews on board in other roles like CFO, Vice Chairman.

Now given the level of racial cohesion Jews possess, even a 30-40% participation by Jews in high level positions and monetary lists would see an incredible amount of control be subtly seceded to them. Often we see greater than 50% participation. Jews identify as Jews more than any other race identifies with their respective race. They are always aware of how they are perceived and the awareness of others on the proliferance of Jews. They call this anti-semitism.


Her donors have an impact on her decisions. however this influence doesn't possess her. She simply takes their viewpoints more into consideration. Although she supports Israel, it is because most democrats support Israel since it's been historically anti-communist.

Most Jews don't know the top donors of Trump and Clinton. Much of the media has Jewish hosts. That is a painful truth. However, on the daily show for example, is the whole crew Jewish? You say that Hillary Clinton is influenced by her supporters, and that is true. But wouldn't the Jewish media also be influenced by their supporters? Wouldn't the Jewish media also be influenced by the non Jewish audience? If a Jewish reporter said, "Kosher foods should be mandatory" then their audience would not watch their show as much and much of the popularity of that show is lost. Just as politicians are servants of the citizens that they govern, many talk show hosts, in the same regard, are servants of the audience that watches their show.

Yes, Jews are rich. Bill Gates is also rich. Does Bill Gates control America? Do all billionaires control all of America for that matter? No. They don't even control all of the merchandise. I can buy some food from a small business if I wanted to. Billionaires are influential for many Americans, but they don't make the final say in their votes, the people do.

"Now given the level of racial cohesion Jews possess, even a 30-40% participation by Jews in high level positions and monetary lists would see an incredible amount of control be subtly seceded to them. Often we see greater than 50% participation." Can you clarify what it means?

"Jews identify as Jews more than any other race identifies with their respective race." Just because you identify as a Jew doesn't mean that your taking over the world.

Saying that Jews control the world because they call opponents antisemitic is like saying that Black Lives Matter controls the world because they deem opponents racist.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
I won in the votes but I think I also lost too. I did my best.
Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
And asta won. xD I found a new source of entertainment!
Posted by Philipoemen 3 years ago
Have a look at my new debate on a related, yet slightly different topic.
Posted by judaism 3 years ago
I don't have an interest.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
Should you try again?
Posted by judaism 3 years ago
Don't think I took it down, might have been
Posted by asta 3 years ago
The one that I thought you took down because he didn't respond.
Posted by judaism 3 years ago
Which debate? Sorry for my misunderstanding.
Posted by asta 3 years ago

Did you take down your debate?
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Referring to Jews as a Race. If an American says this he's a traitor to all the US soldiers who fought and died in the war to uproot the Nazi sub human filth from this planet.
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Reasons for voting decision: While the contender argued terribly, I mean his points were subpar and often hurt his arguments, I must vote for him considering he represents the clearly correct side of the issue.
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